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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • chicagomama…..of course you can still post here, just don’t expect anyone to be interested !!


    there really is NO pressure….the only pressure will be from yourself, based on your own experience

    that you understand what and ,more importantly, why you are AIMING for these ratios and calorie amounts is important

    i’m trying to keep my overts fats low…if i eat slightly higher one day i keep it lower the next….you don’t have to avoid it alltogether

    if you want ‘raw’ cacao then have it….NOT having it will only further increase feelings of deprivation and you’ll throw in the towel completely….you can have it everyday if you want (though it’s better not to) as long as your ratio isn’t too big all the time….eventually as you become ‘cleaner’ you may find it harder to tolerate…..

    if you have read and understood the implications of too much fat in the system, then you begin to understand dougs view that some cooked foods in the diet are preferable to high fat raw gourmet….as long as you avoid grains, you could add potatoes or steamed veg to your evening salad if it stopped you craving for high fat foods

    it’s not a destination, it’s a journey

    satisfy your cravings when you need, then get back on the horse

    as far as eating 3 meals is concened…just eat as many meals as it takes to get your calories…you’re a couple of bananas and a handful of dates away from a more ideal calorie day…this will help with energy and cravings it is true that it’s better for digestion to eat more on less occasions, but that’s a stage to reach later on….grazing thoughout the day is fine when you do it with easily digesting fruit…in time you may become more sensitive to how things combine etc…but let it happen when it happens….do whatever you must to give you energy and stave off your appetite/cravings

    and try to save your fat till the last thing you eat in the day….eating fruit after is where the problems can start


    karninale….if you look at the first post and use either fitday,cronometer or nutridiary you will see that all fruits and vegs contain fat….what most people are realising is that you don’t have to add much to tip it way over 10%

    certainly have the flax crackers but save them for the last meal in the evening…if you eat them earlier or in little bits throughout the day you will compromise your digestion throughout the day

    the best way to incorperate foods like this is NOT to have a little everyday…the best way is to have what you want on one day, then allow a couple of days without them…..this will allow the ratio of fat to level out over the week…it will also allow sufficient time for your body to deal with it properly…and it will also create a clear distinction between non overt fat days and high overt fat days…after a while you will become very sensitive to the differences you feel on days with high fats an days without

    even dr.d himself has been known to have his ‘tahini’ days…but these are months ,not days apart

    this is why many long term 811’rs tend to lower or completely eliminate overt fats….NOT because the diet is so strict and says NO OVERT FATS, but because over time they have become more sensitive to how high fat compromises them on many levels

    get there in your own time….enjoy your flax crackers…..

    i also regard myself as fortunate never to have experienced the raw gourmet route….cravings for past cooked food is enough without having to crave the more unhealthy of the raw gourmet foods….

    i would urge you to get the book if you are leaning towards this way of eating


    my stats for yesterday 2074 calories 92/4/3 (don’t know what happened to the missing 1 percent)...

    enjoy day 9, y’all

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Sounds like everyone is doing great on their journey. I whole heartedly agree with el-bo about not beating yourself up about the minutia. This is probably as bad for you as the higher fat! I am doing well and feeling good. I did some emotional eating on Sat. I stayed 811 but just had too much. You know, it just doesn’t dull you like the high fat and SAD food does. So…..I faced the issue I was worried about and am thinking good thoughts about it. It will work out; things always do. I have really had no cravings. I had some minor ones on Sat due to the stress and old habits (that are slowly dying…Yeah), but all in all this lifestyle seems to be agreeing with me.. If anybody has a fav dressing, please mention it. I noticed a couple a few pages back that I can try. This is the hardest part for me as I love acidic dressings. It doesn’t have to have a lot of fat but I really the the twang of ACV &/or lemon juice. I was thinking about orange/lemon with pine nuts all blended together. Blessings to all!

  • here’s my chart for yesterday…i’m still not getting my greens….well i’ll remedy that today


    i’m actually considering mono-mealing on bananas only for the next few days…they seem to be what i crave and they are really digesting so well at the moment….so, i’ll finish up the other stuff over the next couple of days and see how i feel then

    oh…and , as of this morning, i’m down 18.5 pounds….that is INSANE !!! :o)

  • el-bo, thanks for the encouragement. Glad I can still be part of the club :)

    Thanks for posting your stats. I was looking at your initial numbers wondering how the fat content could be so low. It seems like all the veggies and fruit I eat adds quite a bit of fat, which is why I was surprised yesterday with the addition of about an oz of hazelnuts and a tbsp of sunflower seeds how dramatically my fat shot up! I know this can be an average from over a week, but it is really crazy to me how much fat is already in lettuce and simple fruits!

    A very exciting thing happened last night. My DH said, “how about you give me a raw day tomorrow.” My DH is VERY much an avid SAD eater, so I about fell off the couch. If I could get him on board just a bit more—and i think this truly is a turning point—I think I would be more successful myself. I know he is not ready for the 811rv though, so I am trying to plan a menu for today that will be scrumptuously raw. I want it to be low-fat, but that will likely be more towards 30 to 40% for his case. Coming from a mcdonalds eater, I am not going to stress that point too much.

    But maybe it is true that he is picking up on something working for me. I know I cannot force it, but it is very exciting for him to take this initiative.

  • by the way—congratulations on the 18.5 lbs!

  • good to hear about your hubby, chicagomama

    you know the best way to ‘get him’ is to suggest that he eat raw all day and eat anything he likes for his evening meal…ANYTHING…even mcdonalds…

    this is much better than less cooked/more raw at each meal…it means that for he’ll give his digestion a break throughout most of the day and the indescretions of the evening will have more impact…

    over time he would become more sensitive to the dramatic changes in energy and mood after the evening meal…if he can discover this himself, you won’t have to do a thing :o)

    you can both ‘treat’ yourselves in the evenings…him with his junk food and you with your cacao…as and when these things feel less like a treat and more of a hinderance, get rid


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    moth- i think the reason you feel fasting is well within reach is that we are basically just chewing “calorie water” with some fiber.

    i haven’t read the book yet, but i am able to meet my fat needs without any actual “fat.” that was the illuminating part about using cronometer. i saw the fat % go up and i hadn’t even eaten avocado yet! just greens and fruit. i’ve stopped counting, but i definitely see the utility until you feel comfortable gauging it for yourself.

    chicagomama- congrats!

    el-bo- also congrats!

  • elbo – wow! 18.5 lbs! amazing.

    chicagomama – that’s great about your dh trying raw. my dh is also eating SAD, but said last night he would be open to eating what i’m eating, at least when we eat together. I haven’t explained 811, but still….. He’s type 2 diabetic, so I know if he changed his diet it would really help. Right now doesn’t eat much fruit (afraid of sugar spike) and eats way too much fat. 811rv will be way too radical for him now, but i’m going to try some raw salads to start.

    I’m feeling so much better since i have been eating raw, but especially this week. I have lost weight (16 lbs in 8 weeks on raw, 3lbs this week on 811) but the the most significant change i notice is my mood. I’m much more positive and mellow.

    deborahann – i miss that vinegar too! I’ve been making a salsa for dressing: tomatoes, mango, tiny bit of avocado and lemon juice with greens and grated zucchini.

  • wow—I just have to rave. I can’t remember what blog I found this on, I was searching through a bunch last night. I think gonebananas linked to it, a banana “recipie” page. Well, I had the “banana oatmeal” this morning. I took two bananas and mashed them to a texture like oatmeal, then took 1 banana and made ‘banana milk’ and poured on top. It was amazing! Since going raw and eating mainly fruit each AM, I have missed my morning cereals. This was just as satisfying and probably even more sweet! I gave my DH raw gourmet cereal with nutmilk I made and bought some raw gourmet foods for him tonight. I will make big salads for us to share, but I also made a raw corn chowder that is pretty 811, assuming that corn is allowed, which I don’t quite remember. I think it is one of those “once in a while” kinda things. So again, taking it one day at a time!

  • Okay sooo I’ve been reading this post for a few days now…and today I started to eat the 811 way. I am planning to stick with it for a couple of weeks – maybe a month. I am new to raw as of about 3 weeks ago and have been eating a LOT of salads, green smoothies, seeds and some nuts. I have been feeling GREAT but am thinking I can feel better on 811. I haven’t read the book yet, but have read up a bit and listened to some radio talks and plan to order the book today. My main concern is this: I feel like I have been eating ALLLL day long—soo much fruit!! I have about 15 pounds to lose – and I just feel that there’s no way I can lose weight eating this way!! I think part of me is still brain-washed by the whole low-carb craze and I have kept my fruit intake minimal over the past few years… and bananas?! Forget about it!! Those were the enemy, even when I was training for a marathon! I think part of my problem is letting go of that mentality. But I do feel almost uncomfortably stuffed after eating a bunch of grapes and a spinach-mango-blueberry-banana smoothie for lunch. I have been up since 5am..it is now 2pm and I am at about 1000 kcal so far (I started tracking at nutridiary). I am aiming to eat between 1500 – 2000 kcal a day, depending on my workout. Sooo I dunno.. I guess I’m just looking for everyone’s input. I have struggled with eating disorders in the past, and the uncomfortably full feeling sort of alarmed me this afternoon. Does this go away? Does it mean I am eating too much for my body? Am I consuming wayyyyy to much sugar with all this fruit? HELLLLLPPPP!!! :)

  • ejowett – welcome.

    i’m pretty new to 811rv myself, but i highly doubt you will gain any weight doing 811.

    One thing i’ve been trying to do is eat as meals, not eat every hour. I’ve been having lots of watermelon for breakfast. Then I wait a few hours until lunch (and i’m hungry) and have another meal of fruit or fruit and greens. In the past i snacked all the time, but I don’t think it’s great for my digestion.

    It may help you to eat one fruit at a time instead of a smoothie with lots of different fruits and veg. I also am really surprised after doing this for 8 days that i am not hungry all the time. It seems like if I eat enough fruit it sustains me until the next meal.

    once you read the book i think you will be reassured that you don’t have to worry about your sugar consumption (as long as you are getting it from fresh fruits).

    You can see from my previous post that I have been losing weight. Before raw it seemed impossible to lose a pound.

    Hope this helps.

  • ejowett…..welcome…..glad you’ve ordered the book, i’m sure you’ll enjoy it…with regards to weightloss, i wouldn’t worry…it will happen…keep in mind that you would have to consistantly eat the same calories as you burn NOT to lose weight….check the link in the first post to calculate bmr, factor in your workouts and then aim for a slight defecit…how much of a defecit depends on how mentally strong and determined you are…eating less than you need will bring with it issues of craving…strike a balance

    i’m actually eating approx 2000 calories daily (less if i can)...i’m very overweight though and therefore my bmr plus activity should mean me eating anything up to 1000 more….i’m riding the defecit daily and there are days when i can easily eat more and others less…to do this it’s important to be aware….if i eat too little and succumb to craving i could blow everything

    so tomorrow if i feel that i need to eat 3000 calories, i will…the weightloss is secondary….my health and sanity come first

    you will feel full on fruit because your stomach has shrunk over time due to eating denser, calorie rich foods….

    dr d. says that in order for us to eat to sustain our energy we must eat sufficient calories and in order to do this we need to regain the elasticity of the stomach….to this end he recommends that at each meal try to eat an extra 2 mouthfuls once you’ve had enough…over time you will be able to accomodate more without any discomfort…. i used to have trouble with 3 bananas in my smoothie…now i can quite happily eat 7

    check out the picture of dr.d (from last summer)

    http://vanboughner.com/ (scroll about 1/3rd of the way down)...i’m sure you can guess which one he is

    does this look like someone who consumes 4000 calories a day, in 2 meals ????...he’s about the healthiest doctor i ever saw…one who i’m happy to take health advice from…..anyways, that’s a lot of food which takes some practice to accomodate

    with regards to your meals…simple is better…optimum is mono-mealing, but don’t restrict yourself to this unless you are very determined and believe in the reasons why it’s optimal….without a true insight into why it’s good to eat like that you may feel ‘deprived’....so, for the moment try to keep things as simple as possible…maybe keep to 3 ingredients if you can

    mimo22….it’s interesting that feeling of emptiness…..so contrary to cooked ‘hunger’...with cooked i would think i’m hungry and need to eat for all sorts of reasons like cravings and blood sugar imbalance (bought on by cooked food)...with fruit, i’m satisfied…a good meal lasts for a few hours but then i suddenly feel empty…real empty…

    it feels so clean and efficient….like high quality fuel should….you fill your tank, go aboout your business as your fuel burns…then you reach an empty tank…no more fuel…but also, no residue hanging around the bottom of your tank and no dirty bi-products of the fuel clogging up the fuel line, filters and exhaust….

    time to re-fill

    what an experience this is

  • Awesome… I totally appreciate the feedback. el-bo, I absolutely love the fuel analogy.. I can’t wait until I feel that way! I’m afraid I’m nowhere close to monomealing. To stick with this, I think I am more apt to eat 5-6 times throughout the day. I still have yet to read the book, but I get the impression this method isn’t optimal. Why is that? Also, a few hours ago I had mentioned feeling “uncomfortably full” from my smoothie.. well, only about an hour after that I was hungry again and felt like I was raiding the fridge for more fruit…what gives?! It is soo weird. Maybe my body is “working out the kinks” since this is my first day… or maybe I’m just not ready for this?! I would love, love, love some more feedback! Thank you so much everyone!!

  • by mono-mealing i mean 1 type of food at a time not one meal per day…each type of fruit or veg will digest slightly differently…1 type of food per meal allows for all digestion to work on that food (specialisation of labour)...

    i’m only guessing, but with your smoothie, you didn’t add enough banana…if you simplify the smoothie a little…just the spinach and banana….try to include as many bananas as you can…this will keep you full for longer….save the berries, mango and grapes for another meal (a nice fruit salad maybe…or a great salad dressing)

    if you are hungry after an hour, eat again…after a while it should balance out

    you really must get rid of the old ‘diet’ restricive thinking….the 811 lifestyle is all about abundance…you will really need to conquer your fears concerning sugar and overeating…you’ll find it very hard to overeat fruit…unlike cooked food or high fat foods it doesn’t have the same triggers….unlike cooked or high-fat raw recipes, the 811 encourages you to re-learn how to eat foods in their unadulterated form….salt and spices are things to try to avoid…they are the same salt and spices that help to make cooked food so addictive

    don’t be too hard on yourself…once you’ve read the book you’ll have at least enough knowledge to look to when your own experience throws up more questions or doubts

  • Okay, I’m sorry to be totally dominating this forum (and boring you to tears), it’s just that your responses are so helpful, and I have absolutely no one to discuss this with in person. So, el-bo, I will certainly use your suggestion and do a banana-spinach smoothie tomorrow morning. I am trying to plan tomorrow’s menu, and I think it will go something like this:

    large banana-spinach smoothie with about 4 bananas – I will split this into two, drink one first thing in AM, then the other half later on in the morning

    large green salad with veggies for lunch

    a couple of oranges or a bunch of grapes for a snack

    large green salad with veggies for dinner, maybe with a little avocado

    couple of cups of melon for dessert

    I think this approach makes 811 seem a little more doable for me… how does that sound? Does that seem like it works? And I definitely do need to conquer my fear of overeating…even though it seems like a lot of food, I still need all of those calories!! Thanks again for your help :)

  • That fuel analogy rings true for me too. I love the way I feel after eating – energetic and clear headed. It’s such a contrast to the way I have eaten before.

    Over the years i have tried a lot of different ways of eating (vegan, macro, SAD, etc.) but unfortunately what always was a constant was eating for emotional reasons (stress, boredom, sadness, etc) and snacking constantly. I could finish one meal and within an hour be onto something else. I always felt bloated and at the same time unsatisfied. I also would beat myself up for not eating better or less.

    I love that I’m not obsessing about food constantly now. Things seem so much simpler.

    ejowett – i’m new to this too but one thing you might want to try is to eat the melon as a separate meal and increase the amount. You could add some fruit to the salad at lunch, otherwise your lunch is super low on calories (in fact it seems like you might not be getting enough calories for the day).

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    welcome ejowett, good to have another new person join—i also jumped in a little late. today is day 3 for me, i look forward to seeing you on your day 30 and beyond.

    i agree with mimo about the melon…dont do fruit (especially melon) after meals. do fruit first….you’ll learn in the book that fruit is meant to spend as little time in the stomach as possible. but he also says feel free to mix in some greens with your smoothies, etc. hmmm…

    well today was a great one—had some neat greens, including kale, sorrell and spinach. fruits i had some peaches, strawberries, valencias, mangos, grapes and bananas. topped it off with a small avocado for dessert and i topped 2000 calories—yes!

    calories 2158, 87/5/8

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Quick question. Is anyone here bringing up and clearing out emotions while practicing 811? Physically I’m feeling great but emotionally I’m tapping into allsorts of stuff I was cleverly keeping at bay while planning and consuming elaborate gourmet raw meals. I know in the long run this is all good but crap if I don’t want to send myself into psychiatric lockdown for a week or two. Some angry nasties are taking over my being. ;0(

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    what specifically are you talking about Marichiesa…are you experiencing positive or negative emotions? just wondering…cause you said angry nasties—are you moody like pissed off? curious.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    marichiesa—YES! not for 8/1/1 particularly, but when i went raw it was pretty close anyway. natalia rose has a great blog about what i’m going through right now, which is a sense of feeling lonely to have “outgrown” so many of the people in my life… feeling like no one can relate. it might give you some comfort to know there are others like you. it did me. ;) click here

  • wow, pianissima that artical was amazing…gave me the boost that i needed. :-) marichiesa, i know what you’re going through, which is probably why i gave into some not so good cravings this weekend. but don’t worry, like everything, it’ll pass.

    el-bo…congrats on the 18.5 pounds! that’s so awesome!

  • ejowett…..that plan seems very low in calories….get hold of cronometer or sign up to nutridiary to get a good idea of calorie content of foods…some folk hate the idea of counting calories but it’s just in the beginning so you can get a good idea…

    the salad at lunch will fill you very quickly due to it’s bulk but won’t have enough calories to sustain you through the day…most 811’ers eat fruit only through the day to ensure that they have enough energy for the day…the salad and fats are usually left till the evening

    one good way of boosting calories in general is with orange juice…if you use a normal citrus juicer so as to keep most of the fibre…..this is also helpful with salads,,,acid fruits combine well with salads and veg….so drinking a LARGE glass or two of o.j with your salad makes for a much higher calorie meal

    with regards to food combining, as others have said, eat melon on it’s own and on an empty stomach…you would be better off eating it 45 minutes before your evening salad…if you want it afterwards you may need to wait a good few hours…more if you’ve eaten fat….take a look at the food combining link in the 1st post of this thread

    happy day 10…or whichever day it is for you :o)

  • hey all- just popping by to say hi.

    something funny happened to me when i “quit” the challenge….I started eating 811! I think I was overthinking it, putting too much pressure on myself, and when I let go of the ‘challenge’ I just started eating what appealed to me (keeping in mind what I’d learned on 811) and I am just feeling great.

    It doesn’t hurt that I am out in Eastern Long Island for the week and the produce is UNBELIEVABLE. Fresh spinach, delicious strawberries, amazing tomatoes….anyway, I will still be lurking here if you don’t mind, and learning.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    nycgrrl—that’s so funny. that happens to me all the time. i get the desire to do something when i’ve given myself permission to say no. welcome back! =)

  • hey nycgrrl…good to see ya….i think you’ll find it very hard to un-learn all that info….

    i replied to your cronometer post…don’t know if you got it or if it helped

  • Hello! I’ve started the 811 today, but have been lurking this thread for a while. I hope it’s not too late to join~

  • KAIT….jump in , the water’s fine

    have you read the book ???? if not, make this a priority…we’re all beginners here so it’s better to go straight to the source….

    in the meantime, check out the links in the 1st post of this thread

  • yes, I just saw that elbo—thanks! i figured it out! It is very hard to unlearn it all, but I must say, being surrounded by all the luscious veggies and fruits out here in long island makes the process SO much easier!!!!

  • nycgrrl—the same exact thing happened to me! I “quit” to take the pressure off and then found myself gravitating back toward 811! Now I don’t “have to” but I am choosing too! I am just not doing a 30 day trial where I would force myself to be more rigid.

    yesterday i ate two heads of lettuce and just loved it! I never thought I would write (or feel) something like that!

    So my DH’s raw day turned out pretty well. I told him to just do raw for most of the day and he could eat cooked food at night. By the time we got to night, he didn’t even want his raw dessert, let alone any SAD food. Of course I served him food from a SRD not 811, so he had plenty of nuts and seeds, but he had way more fruit and vegetables than normal. What was interesting to me was he had an emotional reaction. He said he kept feeling “hungry but not hungry” b/c his belly was full, but he had urges to eat more food. We identified it as craving for refined sugar and talked through the emotions that are connected to eating and how it can serve as a comfort. I don’t think he is going to jump in the SRD boat yet, but I think if anything the experience gave him pause and he will be more open to incorporating more raw food (fingers crossed) in time.

  • El-bo: thank you! I have not read the book yet, but have just ordered it online and I’m waiting on it. I ate purely fruit for about 4 months last fall and it did wonders for me. Unfortunately, the holidays hit and I was home with my family eating whatever they cooked. I’m ready to jump back on the wagon.

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