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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • Day 8! :) Hey el-bo, do not be scared that i’ll bail out. I won’t. Ever. I know it’s really silly to say this and Im not saying that I won’t eat too much fat in the future or something. It’s just I never felt this strong about anything in my life. So believe it when I say I’ll be here until the end of the challenge :) and longer.

    Falling is not the same as failing. Please don’t feel like if you grabbed the wrong food for one day it’s over. If life isn’t over than nothing is over—if you choose of course. Health is about accumulation. It’s not about doing one single thing but that same thing repeatedly. If only one poor food choice is made it will not accumulate or make a difference until that poor choice is repeated.

    Anyway, good luck for those who are still in the game! :) 22 more days.


  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Quick question. Is anyone here bringing up and clearing out emotions while practicing 811? Physically I’m feeling great but emotionally I’m tapping into allsorts of stuff I was cleverly keeping at bay while planning and consuming elaborate gourmet raw meals. I know in the long run this is all good but crap if I don’t want to send myself into psychiatric lockdown for a week or two. Some angry nasties are taking over my being. ;0(

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    what specifically are you talking about Marichiesa…are you experiencing positive or negative emotions? just wondering…cause you said angry nasties—are you moody like pissed off? curious.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    marichiesa—YES! not for 8/1/1 particularly, but when i went raw it was pretty close anyway. natalia rose has a great blog about what i’m going through right now, which is a sense of feeling lonely to have “outgrown” so many of the people in my life… feeling like no one can relate. it might give you some comfort to know there are others like you. it did me. ;) click here

  • pianissima: Thanks for the reply. I don’t know why, but I somehow interpreted this diet to be almost all fruit. I’m glad I can still incorporate my greens and will do so.

  • mycgrrl…i will have to make the trip out there, that sounds wonderful!!

    pianissima – i couldn’t agree with you more. it’s such a different feeling of “full” that will take some time to get used to but it is a great feeling to know you’re giving your body what it needs and not just stuffing down some emotion or eating just ‘cause.

    random question…i bought some of those cute little personal watermelons and i opened up one way before it was ripe enough. i was so sad!! i ate it anyway of course but i was just wondering how you can tell when a watermelon is ripe??

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    jackiev—i’m pretty sure watermelons should be picked ripe. did you buy it from whole foods? if so, you can return ANYTHING you are dissatisfied with and get your money back.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I find that if I have cooked or raw cravings it’s because I’m not getting enough calories in the form of fruit! Earlier I absurdly started craving fried chicken (haven’t had this in YEARS) but it completely vanished after I devoured six large bananas. In fact, after those bananas, I felt perfectly fine! I have noticed that as long as I am keeping my calories up with fruit (this does mean A LOT of fruit – eat heartily) I don’t crave anything at all, and my energy skyrockets.

    PLUS, wow, I can’t believe this (because I thought my body was done releasing weight) but I’m losing weight again. My “skinny pants” are LOOSE on me now, and sliding down! Plus I can feel my body so much better.

    The trick to eating 811 for me is to eat heartily and to complete fullness with fruits I love, and then allowing myself some “treats” as long as they are not an overt fat, like cilantro for example.

    My cayenne pepper taste is gone. I decided to treat myself with a little cayenne on a salad a few days ago, and was absolutely disgusted. It just hurt my mouth and the taste was gross. I threw away my cayenne. I’m not sure about how I’ll feel with jalape

  • wow, pianissima that artical was amazing…gave me the boost that i needed. :-) marichiesa, i know what you’re going through, which is probably why i gave into some not so good cravings this weekend. but don’t worry, like everything, it’ll pass.

    el-bo…congrats on the 18.5 pounds! that’s so awesome!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    well i did ok today. i am just not into calculating my fat intake, because it involves hemp seed dressing and stuff from the raw restaurant that i’m sure had fat in it.

    other than those things i had 2 green smoothies (no almond milk), tons of salad, and lot of melon. oh and some bananas. I am trying to think of keeping the fat amount small, keep the fruit and greens amounts big. probably good even if not technically 811, right?

  • I went to the Raw Food & Yoga Expo in the city today, and I was totally inspired to stay on the plan! For fitness, I carried a 20 lb toddler and two huge bags full of his stuff (and mine) all day! I ate grapes, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, peaches, apricots, collards, sprouts and cantaloupe. There was plenty of gourmet food options at the expo, but I didn’t indulge, even when offered free chocolate, those “raw” bars and cashew butter!

  • well I am definately still here! I didn’t mean I wanted to leave completley, but I just felt I needed to take the pressure off a bit. That said, I finished my day at about 1300 calories, 74/7/18 were my stats. I still aspire toward the 811 as much as possible, and yes, have had the yummy fruit and veggie dressings. I prefer them to “normal” dressings, which I have always detested!

    I was feeling deprived earlier b/c I just really wanted a treat—had in mind to eat nut milk and “raw-even-though-its-not” cacao mixed with frozen bananas. Now I had my fix and am feeling more inspired if that makes sense. So I hope that although I am eating some foods that are “not allowed,” I can continue to post here when applicable.

    The main thing I have been unable to do when approaching 811, is sit down to 3 full meals of fruit. I find it much easier to have two bananas here, some apples there. Maybe it is better to make it more “formal” when it comes to eating? Fruit has just always seemed more of a snack food, so I guess that is why I am doing it that way. I am also having trouble eating all my greens. I make smoothies, but too much green in them turns me off. It is a challenge to eat a whole head of lettuce.

    Anyway, I really value coming here and will continue to be a presence, even if I am not as 100% as you others.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    My consumption for today (not in order): 11 bananas, 1 date, five apples, 1 whole watermelon, 3 romaine leaves.

    I’m very satisfied with what I ate today.

  • Thanks okapilookame.

  • i have a question , please… can you use all your 10% of fat a day and make flax crackers? is it ok?

    and what about sun dried fruit ?

    i have’nt read the book yet but just from reading here i uncreased my fruit intake to almost 80-90%.. i enjoy every minute..

    thanks to all of you..

  • chicagomama…..of course you can still post here, just don’t expect anyone to be interested !!


    there really is NO pressure….the only pressure will be from yourself, based on your own experience

    that you understand what and ,more importantly, why you are AIMING for these ratios and calorie amounts is important

    i’m trying to keep my overts fats low…if i eat slightly higher one day i keep it lower the next….you don’t have to avoid it alltogether

    if you want ‘raw’ cacao then have it….NOT having it will only further increase feelings of deprivation and you’ll throw in the towel completely….you can have it everyday if you want (though it’s better not to) as long as your ratio isn’t too big all the time….eventually as you become ‘cleaner’ you may find it harder to tolerate…..

    if you have read and understood the implications of too much fat in the system, then you begin to understand dougs view that some cooked foods in the diet are preferable to high fat raw gourmet….as long as you avoid grains, you could add potatoes or steamed veg to your evening salad if it stopped you craving for high fat foods

    it’s not a destination, it’s a journey

    satisfy your cravings when you need, then get back on the horse

    as far as eating 3 meals is concened…just eat as many meals as it takes to get your calories…you’re a couple of bananas and a handful of dates away from a more ideal calorie day…this will help with energy and cravings it is true that it’s better for digestion to eat more on less occasions, but that’s a stage to reach later on….grazing thoughout the day is fine when you do it with easily digesting fruit…in time you may become more sensitive to how things combine etc…but let it happen when it happens….do whatever you must to give you energy and stave off your appetite/cravings

    and try to save your fat till the last thing you eat in the day….eating fruit after is where the problems can start


    karninale….if you look at the first post and use either fitday,cronometer or nutridiary you will see that all fruits and vegs contain fat….what most people are realising is that you don’t have to add much to tip it way over 10%

    certainly have the flax crackers but save them for the last meal in the evening…if you eat them earlier or in little bits throughout the day you will compromise your digestion throughout the day

    the best way to incorperate foods like this is NOT to have a little everyday…the best way is to have what you want on one day, then allow a couple of days without them…..this will allow the ratio of fat to level out over the week…it will also allow sufficient time for your body to deal with it properly…and it will also create a clear distinction between non overt fat days and high overt fat days…after a while you will become very sensitive to the differences you feel on days with high fats an days without

    even dr.d himself has been known to have his ‘tahini’ days…but these are months ,not days apart

    this is why many long term 811’rs tend to lower or completely eliminate overt fats….NOT because the diet is so strict and says NO OVERT FATS, but because over time they have become more sensitive to how high fat compromises them on many levels

    get there in your own time….enjoy your flax crackers…..

    i also regard myself as fortunate never to have experienced the raw gourmet route….cravings for past cooked food is enough without having to crave the more unhealthy of the raw gourmet foods….

    i would urge you to get the book if you are leaning towards this way of eating


    my stats for yesterday 2074 calories 92/4/3 (don’t know what happened to the missing 1 percent)...

    enjoy day 9, y’all

  • ejowett…..that plan seems very low in calories….get hold of cronometer or sign up to nutridiary to get a good idea of calorie content of foods…some folk hate the idea of counting calories but it’s just in the beginning so you can get a good idea…

    the salad at lunch will fill you very quickly due to it’s bulk but won’t have enough calories to sustain you through the day…most 811’ers eat fruit only through the day to ensure that they have enough energy for the day…the salad and fats are usually left till the evening

    one good way of boosting calories in general is with orange juice…if you use a normal citrus juicer so as to keep most of the fibre…..this is also helpful with salads,,,acid fruits combine well with salads and veg….so drinking a LARGE glass or two of o.j with your salad makes for a much higher calorie meal

    with regards to food combining, as others have said, eat melon on it’s own and on an empty stomach…you would be better off eating it 45 minutes before your evening salad…if you want it afterwards you may need to wait a good few hours…more if you’ve eaten fat….take a look at the food combining link in the 1st post of this thread

    happy day 10…or whichever day it is for you :o)

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Sounds like everyone is doing great on their journey. I whole heartedly agree with el-bo about not beating yourself up about the minutia. This is probably as bad for you as the higher fat! I am doing well and feeling good. I did some emotional eating on Sat. I stayed 811 but just had too much. You know, it just doesn’t dull you like the high fat and SAD food does. So…..I faced the issue I was worried about and am thinking good thoughts about it. It will work out; things always do. I have really had no cravings. I had some minor ones on Sat due to the stress and old habits (that are slowly dying…Yeah), but all in all this lifestyle seems to be agreeing with me.. If anybody has a fav dressing, please mention it. I noticed a couple a few pages back that I can try. This is the hardest part for me as I love acidic dressings. It doesn’t have to have a lot of fat but I really the the twang of ACV &/or lemon juice. I was thinking about orange/lemon with pine nuts all blended together. Blessings to all!

  • here’s my chart for yesterday…i’m still not getting my greens….well i’ll remedy that today


    i’m actually considering mono-mealing on bananas only for the next few days…they seem to be what i crave and they are really digesting so well at the moment….so, i’ll finish up the other stuff over the next couple of days and see how i feel then

    oh…and , as of this morning, i’m down 18.5 pounds….that is INSANE !!! :o)

  • el-bo, thanks for the encouragement. Glad I can still be part of the club :)

    Thanks for posting your stats. I was looking at your initial numbers wondering how the fat content could be so low. It seems like all the veggies and fruit I eat adds quite a bit of fat, which is why I was surprised yesterday with the addition of about an oz of hazelnuts and a tbsp of sunflower seeds how dramatically my fat shot up! I know this can be an average from over a week, but it is really crazy to me how much fat is already in lettuce and simple fruits!

    A very exciting thing happened last night. My DH said, “how about you give me a raw day tomorrow.” My DH is VERY much an avid SAD eater, so I about fell off the couch. If I could get him on board just a bit more—and i think this truly is a turning point—I think I would be more successful myself. I know he is not ready for the 811rv though, so I am trying to plan a menu for today that will be scrumptuously raw. I want it to be low-fat, but that will likely be more towards 30 to 40% for his case. Coming from a mcdonalds eater, I am not going to stress that point too much.

    But maybe it is true that he is picking up on something working for me. I know I cannot force it, but it is very exciting for him to take this initiative.

  • by the way—congratulations on the 18.5 lbs!

  • good to hear about your hubby, chicagomama

    you know the best way to ‘get him’ is to suggest that he eat raw all day and eat anything he likes for his evening meal…ANYTHING…even mcdonalds…

    this is much better than less cooked/more raw at each meal…it means that for he’ll give his digestion a break throughout most of the day and the indescretions of the evening will have more impact…

    over time he would become more sensitive to the dramatic changes in energy and mood after the evening meal…if he can discover this himself, you won’t have to do a thing :o)

    you can both ‘treat’ yourselves in the evenings…him with his junk food and you with your cacao…as and when these things feel less like a treat and more of a hinderance, get rid


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    moth- i think the reason you feel fasting is well within reach is that we are basically just chewing “calorie water” with some fiber.

    i haven’t read the book yet, but i am able to meet my fat needs without any actual “fat.” that was the illuminating part about using cronometer. i saw the fat % go up and i hadn’t even eaten avocado yet! just greens and fruit. i’ve stopped counting, but i definitely see the utility until you feel comfortable gauging it for yourself.

    chicagomama- congrats!

    el-bo- also congrats!

  • Hey all-yesterday i ate about 1/2 a watermelon, strawberries, snow peas, spinach, bananas, asparagus and flaxseed.

    Feeling great :)

  • hey all- just popping by to say hi.

    something funny happened to me when i “quit” the challenge….I started eating 811! I think I was overthinking it, putting too much pressure on myself, and when I let go of the ‘challenge’ I just started eating what appealed to me (keeping in mind what I’d learned on 811) and I am just feeling great.

    It doesn’t hurt that I am out in Eastern Long Island for the week and the produce is UNBELIEVABLE. Fresh spinach, delicious strawberries, amazing tomatoes….anyway, I will still be lurking here if you don’t mind, and learning.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    nycgrrl—that’s so funny. that happens to me all the time. i get the desire to do something when i’ve given myself permission to say no. welcome back! =)

  • hey nycgrrl…good to see ya….i think you’ll find it very hard to un-learn all that info….

    i replied to your cronometer post…don’t know if you got it or if it helped

  • I have been following this post, but didn’t join at the beginning of the month due to a bunch of social situations that I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to 80/10/10[ish]. however, i’m on the bandwagon starting today, so it’s more of an 18-day challenge for me. if all goes well, i’d like to continue it as much as possible.

    i made some fresh gazpacho last night to get me through the next two days, and plan on hitting the local farmer’s market this weekend to stock up on the whole fruits and veggies.

  • hey everyone…day 11….feeling very tired…never mind

    re: watermelons…there are a few techniques…there’s been discussion over at pathofhealth recently and apparently the best way is to give ‘em a little thump…i’ll have a look tomorrow (if i regain my enegy) and try to see just what we are listening for with the thump :o)

    rawk….i use a program called grab (free with my mac) to select and take a shot of what i want on screen

    windows alternatives are here…the free version of screenhunter look to be the ticket


    once you have the file that you wish to share you need an online server to host the file for you…i use this


    very simple

    select ‘chose file’ and navigate to the file on your harddrive

    i never bother entering my email

    chose the size of the image (how it will look once downloaded) that you want

    then press ‘host it’

    it may take a while to upload, depending on the size of the file and network/server traffic

    then you’ll be presented with a page of various ways to link to the image…i chose the bottom option…just select the full text (ending png) and copy/paste to wherever you want people to access it…

    here, for example

    if you want to get the extra page of notes that i post next to it, it’s within cronometers options under nutrition report

    hope this helps

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i was thinking back to why some days i feel a little bloated and others i feel light as a waif. the “light days” are the ones where i eat mono-meals or sequential mono-meals. the heavy days are the ones where i don’t do that. even though both days are 8/1/1 or better days…

    this sort of fits into the gas theory i read from matt monarch. the poor combinations create gas which my cells have to absorb, making them stretch, and making me feel heavy (even though it’s just AIR!).

    so, i’m really going to be mindful about mono-meals…

    does anyone have a better word for this btw? it sounds like a disease regimen. how about “focused indulging”? =)

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