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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • ejowett – for me it’s been 11 days and today is the first day i really feel like eating something else. I love fruits and vegetables too, but i’m craving vinaigrette dressings and dry stuff like crackers and nuts. I’m going to ride it out and continue. I really want to get through 30 days (and hopefully beyond) because i want to see how i’ll feel.

    I wonder if today was more difficult because i didn’t combine properly – melon and mango with salad – so i didn’t feel great.

  • Today was my first successful day and I ended with 88-6-6 :-)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    today i didn’t feel so great, but i think it was poor combining with smoothies and fruit. what does your menu look like ejowett-

    bitt—no wonder you are craving fats, you aren’t eating anything! =) imagine how many melons it would take to equal the value of just one cup of seed cheese…

    here was a sample of my day: 3/4 of a huge watermelon, 3 mangos, 2 bananas, 1 bunch parsley, 2 lemons, 1 orange, 3 chard leaves, 1/2 zucchini, 1 bunch bok choy, 1/2 head of lettuce…

    the amount of time i spend eating is a little overwhelming. that is my only complaint so far. otherwise, if i’m eating my greens i feel great.

  • hey ejo-i think if you want to eat some nuts, do it. Don’t have 2 cups, but have a few if it will help cut the cravings.

    Found an old article that was interesting to me, and I thought I’d share. Not saying it’s all correct,but I found it interesting, esp the part about gorillas,and the pesticide use on bananas.


  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    okapil—i like the way you think. i get tracked on one thing and its refreshing to have someone knock you off those tracks and come at it from a different angle. awesome.

    so i found some old in shell brazil nuts sitting in the back of my cupboard—no lie. probably old, but tasted fine. i just had half of one and feeling much better already—ok, that part im making up. but, they are pretty tasty right out of the shell tho.

    thanks for the info el-bo. dont have time to put up a screen shot, so

    calories 1977, 82/6/12.

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    btw Kait—well done. how did you feel?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I find that if I have cooked or raw cravings it’s because I’m not getting enough calories in the form of fruit! Earlier I absurdly started craving fried chicken (haven’t had this in YEARS) but it completely vanished after I devoured six large bananas. In fact, after those bananas, I felt perfectly fine! I have noticed that as long as I am keeping my calories up with fruit (this does mean A LOT of fruit – eat heartily) I don’t crave anything at all, and my energy skyrockets.

    PLUS, wow, I can’t believe this (because I thought my body was done releasing weight) but I’m losing weight again. My “skinny pants” are LOOSE on me now, and sliding down! Plus I can feel my body so much better.

    The trick to eating 811 for me is to eat heartily and to complete fullness with fruits I love, and then allowing myself some “treats” as long as they are not an overt fat, like cilantro for example.

    My cayenne pepper taste is gone. I decided to treat myself with a little cayenne on a salad a few days ago, and was absolutely disgusted. It just hurt my mouth and the taste was gross. I threw away my cayenne. I’m not sure about how I’ll feel with jalape

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    My consumption for today (not in order): 11 bananas, 1 date, five apples, 1 whole watermelon, 3 romaine leaves.

    I’m very satisfied with what I ate today.

  • Thanks okapilookame.

  • I have been following this post, but didn’t join at the beginning of the month due to a bunch of social situations that I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to 80/10/10[ish]. however, i’m on the bandwagon starting today, so it’s more of an 18-day challenge for me. if all goes well, i’d like to continue it as much as possible.

    i made some fresh gazpacho last night to get me through the next two days, and plan on hitting the local farmer’s market this weekend to stock up on the whole fruits and veggies.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i was thinking back to why some days i feel a little bloated and others i feel light as a waif. the “light days” are the ones where i eat mono-meals or sequential mono-meals. the heavy days are the ones where i don’t do that. even though both days are 8/1/1 or better days…

    this sort of fits into the gas theory i read from matt monarch. the poor combinations create gas which my cells have to absorb, making them stretch, and making me feel heavy (even though it’s just AIR!).

    so, i’m really going to be mindful about mono-meals…

    does anyone have a better word for this btw? it sounds like a disease regimen. how about “focused indulging”? =)

  • maihio – welcome!

    pianissima – i agree. i feel the best after the eating a lot of one fruit. for some reason, after my salads (greens and fruit) i don’t feel as energetic but overall i feel really good. I’m averaging 10/85/5 since we started. I’m eating loads of watermelon, mango, tomatoes, greens and small amounts of avocado. now the missing piece is exercise!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I’m having some emotional stuff. Basically I just feel so irritable and crappy and sensitive and weepy. It’s probably because of my period, but it also might be detox. I don’t know. Just kinda feel like all I wanna do is lay in bed and feel sorry for myself. :-p

    Does anyone else ever have these days?

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    moth—there is some intense detox happening to me for sure. from your posts it seems like you might not be getting enough greens. they are like a sponge for toxins. it might even your mood out. i hope you feel better.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Funny you say that because I just sat here on the couch all weepy and devoured two heads of romaine lettuce right out of the bag. I feel a little more grounded right now. I think I will start adding more greens in. What greens do you like and how do you usually consume them?

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    romaine is amazing isn’t it? ;)

    um, i just went to the farmer’s market today and got red and green leaf lettuce, parsley, watercress (probably too spicy… i didn’t realize), sorrel, and beautiful spinach. i like to chop up a whole variety, toss it with a squeeze of orange and lemon and chew slowly…

    for dinner, you can actually make something a little creamier by adding like 1 TB of avocado to some lemon juice, orange juice, and water. delicious!

    i’m glad that helped. yeah, the other day i was feeling AWFUL and started eating greens and felt SO much better.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    oops i meant before that it seems like i am eating a lot of fruit but that isn’t all i’m having. my sample day yesterday is:

    green smoothie (no almond milk), 3 bananas, 2 apples, 2 large salads, lots of cherries (1/2 pound), some sugar snap peas, an apricot, and i snuck in 1 lara bar. i used pureed tomato as a dressing and later apple cider vinegar

    today i have had green smoothie, 1 banana, 1 orange, 1/2 mango, 1/2 melon. (i plan on some snap pea and greens salad in a little while)

    if i go by the philosophy of “eat what i feel like when i feel like it”, i seem to not crave nuts. in fact yesterday the only reason i had the lara bar is that we had taken a long bike ride to the grocery store and i was getting hungry.

  • moving to chicago now—and my blender is packed! I am so sad, already craving smoothies and wonderful blended things!

    anyway, I have still been staying somewhat close to 811, finding so many things i really love about eating this way. I am addicted to romaine lettuce too, it is so good! DH says I look like a rabbit eating it b/c i never chop it up into a salad anymore, I just munch on the leaves. I know I look pretty funny to him.

    MOTH, sounds like it could be a mix of things you are going through. What I do when I feel that way is recognize the feeling, indulge in it a bit—just sit with the feeling, curl up in a ball in bed if you need to—then move on and distract myself (generaly with something other than food).

    getting more greens in sounds good though, something I somedays feel too ‘lazy’ to do, fruit is just so easy—much as I love romaine, even some days I don’t feel like prepping and washing my greens!

  • so…i thought i’d kickstart day 13 with a confession….

    i ate some cooked food yesterday :o(

    i got an quick appointment with the dentist yesterday and had only an hour to get there (metro travel included)...so i only had a few bananas before i left…by the time i was done i was just in pain and didn’t feel hungry…by the time i was i managed to find a restaurant that had a salad bar…no problems there….

    except i spent many hours wandering around barcelona yesterday on WAY too few calories…..by the evening i caved….

    anyways…i’m not being hard on myself about it…hope you won’t either…just a slip-up….and wanted to wait today before i posted just to see if i had managed avoiding a trip back to SAD hell…

    all’s good , so far today….

    my stomach felt a little upset today, but thst’s it…goes to show how far i have to go before indescretions like this have a dramatic effect…i wish it would have made me feel ill…only in the sense that the bad memory would help me resist in future

    it did seem to release some kind of pressure…i managed to eat calmly, not devouring…another good sign…

    the good that ive done over the last couple of weeks has obviously left my constitution able to deal with this one-off incident…and the feeling i’ve had over the last few weeks is good enough that i don’t feel the SAD lifestyle has the same hold on me

    i’m quite sure it will happen again in the future…as long as i take it for what it is and don’t get upset enough to justify eating more to numb the emotion of having failed at anything

    so…i continue…onwards and upwards

    sorry if i’ve dissapointed y’all


    on a side note…i’ve been thinking about joining the 24-hour fast thingy tomorrow….i know moth has already done one this week…...maybe i’ll find it easier after being so good to myself for 2 weeks….


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    el-bo- you are forgiven. true story: it took me 6 months of “raw till dinner” days to got 100%. give yourself a break! also, after only 2 weeks of raw, you just aren’t that sensitive yet. that’s why it didn’t feel as bad as you thought. that’s also why i think it’s a good idea not to be too hard on yourself in the beginning. because the more raw you become, the less easily you’ll be able to go back to cooked without some awful consequences.

    you live in barcelona? how cool. and what a great place to be raw… with all the great markets.

  • el-bo you’ve done pretty amazing these 2 weeks and have been a constant source of info and support for everyone so there is no disappointment!! i too have had some cooked food this week…it’s funny that after 8 months raw i’m having more cooked food cravings then ever. the key to a truely healthy lifestyle though is to forgive yourself and move on which you seem to be doing. it’s so hard not to “damn it all to hell” though isn’t it?? so good job avoiding the trip back to SAD hell and back to bananas we go… speaking of which, frozen banana and OJ green smoothies mmm mmm yummm

  • ahh, you guys :o)

    i’m really not being hard on myself….just hoped that everyone wouldn’t see it as letting them down….i’m glad how this thread has taken off, with everyone whose participating and it seems, a lot of silent interest in our little adventure…such is the momentum that i don’t feel it’s just my responsibility anymore….i started it all off but i never wanted to give the impression that i was any kind of expert…i just had the initial motivetion and the most info….and yes, i’m also the person who has the least ‘raw’ days behind me

    thanks agin…i feel a lot less pressure

    so anyways….tomorrow i have definately decided to join the ‘global’ fast…gonna pop over to that thread now and sign up….i’m sure it will be easy to complete knowing that many others will be doing the same thing at the same time

    oh,and pianissima…barcelona is ok….i only came originally to stay at the meditation retreat here…i spent 5 months living in a beautiful part of barcelona, at the retreat and then ended up moving to a flat with a fellow meditator….but it’s more central, and i HATE cities…..am deinately dreaming of a future somewhere more peaceful and less ‘concrete’....fruit is good here, but organic is rare at these places and , as such, the mark-up is insane…dreaming of south america…costa rica seems to be what it’s all about… :o)

    one last thing…i started recording a piece of music yesterday entitled ‘30 days’...i hope to be able to share it with y’all when it’s closer to finished

    peace, love and big time fruitiness

  • elbo – just chiming in – you inspired all of us to try this which is amazing.

    re: barcelona – what a beautiful city….i spent a year in cadaqu

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    el-bo you’ve been through a lot. i’m glad you didn’t get sick. i didn’t either when i had some cooked food a few weeks ago. i think it was because it didn’t have sugar in it. that is the thing that is probably the worst for me. you reminded me why i do eat those bars that i wish i didn’t! because i get into situations in which i am starved! never leave home without food!

    now i’ve been reading “raw success” in which he cautions against not eating nuts and getting “too pure”. granted i am not done with the book yet, but i am a little confused. so i ate more nuts today but not a whole lot overall. when i was more of a 811 diet, i was doing too much grazing, so now i am trying to have 3 meals, but i need more density in the meals. i know, it’s a work in progress, but i am confused with all those diets and gurus out there.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    ELBO! Glad to see you back. You’ve done so awesome and will continue to do so. I started experimenting with spice again; I find that it just doesn’t feel right in my mouth/body. Like, just not tasty, not like it used to be. Pretty crazy. Most of the cravings for spice are emotional in nature. But it takes returning to spice for a few days before I realize this.

    I’ve been challenged with 811 lately. My family and friends are wanting to go out to eat a lot, and so I go with them and all I end up getting are these small undressed dinner salads. So I’ve been packing apples and taking them to restaurants. My mom especially seemed very bothered by me not wanting to consume her delicious pizza. The social stuff is what is getting to me now, but I am pushing through. As long as I have fruit nearby, I am okay.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Bitt – I too was confused at first by the gurus. But I have figured out that what works for them, doesn’t always work for me. I just pick and choose from their guidance and let my body be the real teacher.

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    hey i had my first no-overt day yesterday. excellent time and not a problem at all. hope everyone else is doing fine.

    i ran 4 miles yesterday, i cant say im less sore than i used to be cooked. im hoping it takes awhile to adjust to. i did however spend a whole day cleaning/moving a home and had no problem with energy.

    i ordered papayas for work tomorrow—cant wait.

    PAPAYA! everyone tell me how they are without my having to start another thread. ;)

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I am feeling very good so far. I did some emotional eating again last weekend but stayed 811. Just had a lot (WAY too many!) of calories. I ate too many bananas! El-bo, it’s good to see that you embraced your decision to eat the cooked food, enjoy and move on. I found a long time ago that beating yourself up makes everything 10X worse. I doubt anyone gets through this transition without “looking back” now and again. Cravings are still nonexistent. I find stress can make me want to eat but I am usually not hungry and have been pretty good at avoiding the binges. The weekends are my hard time as I usually would nibble for long periods, eating long past when I was full. I didn’t feel well early last week and fasted for a day. Don’t know if it was a virus or detox; My hubby was the same way last weekend.My body pain is slowly getting better. I had a tremendous amount of pain in my pelvic girdle, especially high hamstrings and low back (L5). My flexibility is slowly coming back. Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Rawk, I tried a papaya last week and it was gross. It was green when I bought it and I let it ripen a few days but I couldn’t eat it. I tried to use the seeds as cleanse. WOOHOO they were bad! It tasted like horseradish when I chewed them so I just swallowed a few spoonfulls whole. No cleansing action, though. I had also tried mangoes again, but I can’t seem to develop a taste for those either. I’ll have to try and mix them with other fruit in smoothies.

  • happy ‘day 14’

    i’m with you in spirit today as i’m fasting

    re:papaya….love it…gotta be ripe….also love mango, though sometimes the fragrance gets a little overwhelming

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    bitt—yeah, take everyone’s advice for what it is: personal experience. once you get to the end of the book you may realize (like me) that matt is very well informed, but also VERY paranoid. he is VERY high maintenance. i don’t wish for his life honestly. BUT there is some method in the madness, and so i wanted to see if i could eat fruit in abundance and feel good…

    gotta say, i’m NOT feeling good. yesterday and the day before i felt like a huge ball of gas and my face is breaking out. this is not a good sign, from what i know about the colon. i am auto-intoxicating, releasing too much at a rate my colon cannot deal with and it’s coming out my pores. NOT a good sign.

    anyway, i started to realize that my diet before all this REALLY worked for me. i’ve learned a lot, and i plan on keeping the fats to a minimum. but i wasn’t really eating that much fat to begin with. i was eating A LOT more veggies and greens. i never made or ate elaborate raw desserts or meals. but i miss my morning green juices. this has started to feel very forced to me, so i’m going to take a break and see what happens.

    i wish you guys much success. and maybe now that i have tried it, it’ll happen to me naturally in time… like going raw.

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