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august 80/10/10 support group



  • water fasting is the only true fasting….nothing else allows the body to go into the fasting state

    i did actually comment, but erased it….i decided to ask a nutritionist freind of mine to just clarify my answer…..gotta be careful, these days

    hopefully should hear back soon….it’s not gonna be what you wanna hear , but i want to get the details correct


  • My friend is sending me her copy of the 80/10/10 Diet book, and I just had to pay for shipping (actually she told me not to worry about it, but I sent it anyway). :)

    I’m excited to start fully in Sept. although I’m eating close to it now… I am listening to El-bo’s advice about waiting until I read the book ;)

    hmmmm, why am I posting, I have nothing interesting to add… oh well, talk to you all in Sept.

  • oh, and I should add that I’m just now downloading the cron-o-meter… don’t ask me why I waited all this time before finally getting around to do it! knowledge is power! :)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Glad to have you around, littlegems. :-)

    And thanks El-bo! I agree; water fasting is the only true fasting. My goal is to do a 10 day water fast this year, like I did last year. I’m building up the balls!

    I do detox A LOT when on juice only, it seems.

    (Oh, and don’t worry if it’s not what I want to hear; I am here to learn. I appreciate you asking)

  • you will detox quite a lot when juicing as you significantly reduce digestion, but stresses are placed elsewhere through undereating

  • MOTH – Just wanted to make a personal comment on what I’d consider could be a benefit of juicing even though I know it isn’t part of 80/10/10 way of eating or really found in nature, but if one has poor digestion and assimilation or is ill or old and has eaten a SAD diet all their life I would think juicing would be beneficial at least temporarily as you would be getting more easily assimilated nutrients into your system faster with less energy having to be expended by the body. I really believe juicing can be highly beneficial in some instances but perhaps not as a regular routine for someone who is otherwise in top notch health.

  • limelady…while i agree that in very extreme cases , where digestion is impaired to the point of not really functioning, juices could be a way to ensure some good nutrition was being taken in by the body

    however, even the SAD-dest eaters have experienced great benefits from following victoria boutenko on a smoothie transition towards raw….green smoothies are like ‘allinsons’ bread – fruit and greens “wi’ nowt taken out”.......for all those of a non-british persuasion, this is what i’m talking about



    i have the reply from my mate….he explains better than i could about how the benefits of “getting more easily assimilated nutrients into your system faster with less energy having to be expended by the body” are somewhat outweighed by the consequences


    No no worries. Basically, when you consume juices two main things happen:

    1) the sugar is not slowed down by fibre, so is released into the blood stream very quickly. This causes the body to stimulate excessive amounts of insulin from the pancreas to get the sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells asap. This requires a large amount of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to be produced by the body to kickstart the excess insulin release. The quick burst of sugar, whose release isnt slowed down by fibre, causes a quick rise in blood sugar, and a quick dip in blood sugar. The cortisol that the body produced to kickstart the insulin production, also imbalances blood sugar levels. These two things combined make the body need to compensate for the now low energy caused by the blood sugar crash. So then the body has to produce even more cortisol and adrenaline to keep you going. This imbalances blood sugar levels even more, increasing sugar requirements, both for normal blood sugar levels and cellular functioning, and for the brain, but also to help support the over-worked adrenals. Its a self-perpetuating cycle if it is something that happens continuously.

    This happens with all refined (ie. fibreless sugars) including juices, honey, syrups and cane sugar.

    2) In all sugar containing foods there is a sugar called fructose. When fibre is present with fructose, the body can process this without a problem. However without fibre, the body treats it like a toxin, sending it to the liver to be dealt with. The trouble is the liver isnt good a processing fructose without fibre, especially in large amounts in one hit. So it gets treated like alcohol, and stored as fat in the liver. If this occurs consistently, it can contribute to conditions such as non-alcohol fatty liver disease and cirrhosis, which is becoming an epidemic in westernised countries now.

    Some other things related to juicing include that the lack of fibre causes the nutrients to pass through too quickly so they are not absorbed and utilised properly. Also, since all nutrients work synergistically and not all nutrients have yet been discovered, its possible that nutrients that are absorbed may not be utilised in a proper or healthy way, because they are missing vital components.

    hope this helps….i lust for blenders these days, not juicers…but soon , even they will lose their importance to me

    p.s i’m going for another attempt at my water fast tomorrow…..i want to go further than the 4 days i managed on the last couple of occasions….10 days is a nice figure….i’m leaving for a meditation retreat in italy on the 3rd of september, and would need to time to properly re-feed before then….but i have a maximum window of 14 days for the fast…not that i will make it anywhere close…:o)

    so jump in anytime you wanna join me, MOTH

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Thanks, you’re motivational. I started tonight at 7 pm. Maybe we should make a separate thread for water fasters so we don’t derail 811?

    gets on it

  • i asked another couple of questions to my mate, regarding nutrition

    i wanted to clarify if the above problems were still a problem with green juices and also to confirm the problems that juice ‘fasting’ (digesting very small daily calories) can cause

    (on green juice)

    Green juice is less of an issue, but it depends on what is in green juice. There is still fructose and glucose in greens, so all things will still apply, it just might, and it is a might, not be as severe, as say, some fruit juice. If the green juice has some carrot juice or some beet juice or something however, thats a different story. Theyre very high in sugar and have been proven to have the same effect.

    (on undereating calories while on a juice fast)

    I dont see juuice ‘fasting’ as fasting, because it is not. But yes, the juice fasting versus feasting is differentiated by the amount of juice and hence calories consumed. When ‘fasting’ on juice, there are definate risks of muscle wasting potentially (although this could be good for cancer, theoretically speaking, not practically speaking (cause no-one has ever confirmed that to me). But yes, there are all the dangers of low calorie diets with juice fasting. muscle wasting, slowing down metabolism then causing fat gain after the fast, etc. plus with juice fasting (and moreso with feasting) there is risk of damaging the liver, due to the high amounts of fructose without fibre consumed.

    hope this helps, MOTH


    don’t wanna cause controversy….i’m just answering a question posed by MOTH….if there was the option to p.m her, i would have….

    this answer is about juicing and is related to 811 in as much as it presents the reasons why it is not considered optimal for 811….or health , in general

    my mate is a qualified nutritionist who happens to have adopted 811 in his own life as it most supports what he has found in his studies of nutrition as it pertains to human physiology

    in this respect, it is relevant to this thread…..

    for everyone else who is ‘chomping at the bit’ to contradict this info, please start on another thread so as not to dereail the original intent of this one

    thanks :o)

  • Hey everyone! I’m glad to see this topic up here. I just started getting into 811, not quite there yet. As you suggested el-bo, I feel as if I need to learn more before I do it. I am awaiting Dr.Doug’s book. It should be here any day now. Cross your fingers!

  • im starting this too!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    How is everyone doing? I just ended a five day water fast with watermelon and am excited to be getting back to my “regular programming.”

  • Hi Moth,

    I would love to hear more details about your experience water fasting and breaking the fast too.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hi! Breaking the fast was done in the heat of emotion…and needless to say that my body wasn’t done cleansing yet. I thought I was ready to return back to food, but I’m just not yet…I feel like I didn’t do what I wanted to do so I’m taking the opportunity to start over on my fast. I’m listening to what the body is saying and it’s telling me to fast, so I started up again today. :-)

    I’ll also be taking a break from the computer for the next month, so have fun everyone.


  • Hi everyone,

    I participated in last month’s 811rv challenge and am better for it. Toward the end, I’d reported that I was beginning to detest fruit and so would be filling in some calories with cooked whole grains.

    Now I’m eating huge amounts of raw fruit (I can down 9 med-large bananas at one sitting!) as monomeals during the day, a larger mix of veggies in the evening (raw, unless I’m at someone’s house for dinner and they steam some for me, or unless I feel like steaming my own, which is rare), and a couple servings of a cooked whole grain, like quinoa, millet, amaranth, or LG brown rice.

    No matter what, though, I’m keeping my fat at protein at or below 10% each. With what I have learned from The China Study and Dr. Graham’s book, this is of utmost importance (aside from not consuming animal products).

    This modification of 811rv has been beneficial to me as it has helped me adapt closer to the ideal version (during my challenge, my system was significantly slow to become accustomed to the 811rv way of eating). That’s evident to me in that I can eat most of my calories as just a couple giant fruit meals in the day (fruit’s not gross anymore), and that my body is now demanding more than 2000 calories per day (for most of my challenge, I was lucky to choke down 1200).

    I recognize that cooked grains are not nutritionally ideal, but they’re working well for me now, and I won’t be surprised if my body says it no longer wants them at all someday. Best part for me is that, I have shown my perfectionist self that I can choose non-perfection if it’s what works; I can bend, I am flexible, I am adaptable, I am human.

    There’s always an ideal, which I can work to maintain much of the time. But now I see that it’s better for me to bend a little away from ideal and still come out loving myself than to force myself with disparaging thoughts and odious comparisons to do something at an intensity and rate unnatural to my being. Yay!

    Best wishes this month and always. May we all be well on our varied paths.


  • Sorry I’m kinda jumping in here, but I’ve got a little problem! So, I’ve been doing 811 for a good week now, and all of a sudden I’ve been having a major almond butter craving! For like the past three days it’s been in the back of my mind, not like overpowering or anything, but definitely there! Right before I officially decided to do 811 and read the book, I sorta kinda had an almond butter binge… :[ But what to do? The craving’s making me nervous!! lOl

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! How do you guys keep on track or do you even get the fatty cravings while doing 811??

    thanks much! Chelsey

  • Hey chelsey09, I think it’s fine to treat yourself to almond butter every once in a while as long as your daily intake is still 80/10/10. If you’re looking to take a different route (wanting to diminish the craving altogether), here is a chart on food cravings and what healthy alternatives could be eaten to satisfy them.

  • wow cool! thanks kait! yeah the only problem I have with almond butter is, a little is never enough! ;) but I’ll work on that.. and thanks for the link too! I’m thinking kale is goin in a green smoothie tomorrow!

  • Hey everyone! I’ve cut back majorly on my fat intake, I’m at the 811 mark. I did it awfully quick. I’m proud of myself for making it here.

    I’ve been high raw for 2 months, 100% raw for 1 month, and 811 for the last 5 days. I’ve felt great! At this very moment (and a little yesterday) I felt like I did when I first went 100% raw. It’s almost a feeling of weakness under the skin. I’m also a little tired. I was wondering if i’m going through another detox. Did anyone else feel this way?? All helpful comments greatly apreciated

    YESTERDAY’S MEAL Breakfast-Honey dew melon Lunch 1100g Banana’s + 216g dates + 680g Nectarines Snack Dates, nectarines (different times of the day) Dinner – Mango and Lime “salad”+ 3 cups romaine, 2c kale, 1/2c sliced cucumbers, mango and tomatoe dressing, 1/4c walnuts.

    I added this all into nutridiary (didn’t organize into specific times/meals of the day) and I got 3885 cal, 88/5/7. I also did some weightlifting. (used nothing but my body ;) ). That is why I ate so many calories, I was very active and plus the exercise I thought it was necessary. I’m trying to gain weight in the form of muscle.

    Sorry for the long post; I figured I might as well put my menu and activities in there just so people could have a good idea of what my day’s look like. I’m also a 20yr male. Thanks!

    BTW, I was at a BBQ last night (when I ate dinner). I didn’t have a single urge to eat any of their food! I looked strange, but I couldn’t have been happier!! It was my first SAD get together, and I didn’t have any problems!

  • What is the name of the book and the author?

  • The 80/10/10 Diet, by Dr. Douglas Graham

    I just received this book from a friend last week, and I LOVE it. It has simplified my life, and made me feel better about eating what my body wants to eat. Also, my daughter is now happily eating as much fruit as she wants, so she’s loving it too (although she eats lots of fruit, she is a cooked food vegan)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I agree; it makes your life so much more simple. I started to really understand “food as fuel” and expand on my life when I started 811.

    I’m practicing fruitarianism right now…is anyone still doing 811? What happened to el-bo?

  • Would somebody please tell me…what is the name of the book and the author?

  • Kendra Far Above Rubies – I believe littlegems has already provided you with this information, but again the book is called The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham.

  • Hey everyone,

    I am still 811’ning it.

    Seems like melons are losing thier taste as we head into Autumn. Even here in Fla. Peaches and pears have been good.Somehow though, not quite as exciting as all those juicy melons. Whats everyone else ‘transitioning’ to?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    It’s sad; it’s like I can feel the quality of the fruit diminishing as we approach winter, here in the Boston area. Every peach I’ve gotten in the past few days has rotted without ripening. I’m taking them back to Whole Foods tomorrow and demanding a refund; because they’re NOT CHEAP!

    Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of berries, bananas, tomatoes and corn.

  • Yeah Moth, yesterday I logged on fitday about 100 cherry tomatoes!

    Good for you returning your produce..I never get around to it .

  • hi, i am very new to GoneRaw, and new to 811rv. I finished reading the book a few days ago, and decided to implement ‘cold turkey’ (coming from a lowfat mostly vegan , it hasn’t been too hard).

    i don’t need to lose weight, but wouldn’t mind an extra 5 pounds or something. i really liked the book..and it’s simplicity, and it makes a lot of sense. my only concern is getting in enough calories, and also, getting in all necessary nutrients..so even though he doesn’t advocate taking vitamins.. i’ll feel better taking it.

    is there a september 811 forum now?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Yep, there’s a September 811 thread…I’ll bump it for you!

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