Dilly-Dally-Kale-Chips Question

CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

I thought I posted this earlier, but I no longer see it here, sorry if it is duped somewhere else.

Last night I Tried making these chips: http://goneraw.com/recipes/1673-Dilly-Dally-Kal…

I am not sure if I did something wrong or not, but something didn’t taste right, but maybe I just don’t like them. Does it matter what type of kale you use? I discovered after I made them there is actually different types. I used the flat leaf, not the “cauliflower edged” looking one.

I thought they tasted a bit like salted green beans, I never liked salted green beans. I could taste the dill just fine, but there was another taste in there I didn’t like. It could be I just didn’t like them though.

I’m mainly wondering if the type of Kale leaf matters though.


  • Hi Caleb!

    I think you're talking about the darker kale? (sometimes call "Dinosaur" or "balck" kale)... This one seems to be more nutrious (according to what I have read) but have a bitter taste! The the curly one, brigther green... I hope you'll enjoy those! Kale chips are so delicious! :)

    Peace and Love

  • Haha! 3 years back... Hope you have found the answer by the time!

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