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Bored with raw

RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

Okay, I am suddenly having major problems. Summer was great, as mom bought all the groceries, I had all the time in the world to make recipes, and I was never around college junk food.

Now, school’s back in session, and I suddenly just can’t do raw anymore. I am so busy, I don’t have time to make meals and I find I don’t want to make meals. I get anxious and bored and antsy after 5 minutes of food preparation. So, I thought, okay, I’ll eat simple. But that’s when I got bored. See, the thing is, I want to eat gourmet raw…all the time. I want my raw bread, my cheese, my pasta, my ice creams. To be honest, simple meals don’t sound that great to me. And the fragrance of pizza wafts into the room every day and I smell cookies being baked down the hall. GAAH! It’s driving me nuts!

So, then I went to the health food store, and I was so frustrated that I think I had already made up my mind that I was going to start eating cooked food again. I went all out. I was so excited to buy premade food and to be able to choose from such a wide variety that I bought vegan cheeses, manna bread, canned beans (no sodium), Ezekial tortillas, and 2 frozen vegan dinners. The food was pretty good. But, I feel bad about the frozen dinners.

Today, I was starving and I ran to the school’s convenience store and bought a vegan pot pie (with baking soda, and powder, rice flour-eeek!). I feel bad about that…but I was so hungry! But, now that I am eating cooked food, I kind of don’t have boundaries anymore. Who knows if next time I will buy a microwaveable DAIRY-CHEESE PIZZA! Hopefully not. But, I probably won’t buy those frozen dinners anymore.

And I want to eat raw, I really really do. But, I can’t stand the idea of never having a pizza that tastes like a vegan baked pizza ever again. Before, I used to be okay with the idea that it didn’t taste exactly the same, now I want it to be (I wanted it to be even before the day I went to the grocery store).

When I think of raw, I think about how nice it is, how healthy, and pure, and natural, but then I think about being hungry a lot, and eating too much raw fat to stay full, and spending tons of money, and eating apples and bananas every single day (‘cause they’re the cheapest). I also think of spending a lot of time in the kitchen and having less time for friends and homework. I also worry about Christmas, and how I will survive around my mom’s gourmet cheese and cracker dish, cookie tray, pies, and breads. Sure, I could slave away making my own raw versions of all of this, but that would take up so much time of my short winter vacation at home, and it would just be so much easier to buy pre-made cooked vegan versions. Shed some light guys, what do you think? I have no idea what to do. I need some sort of brilliant, miracle plan to make this work.


  • Well, I can relate…specifically to the last paragraph. Sometimes I think about how I’ll handle myself at parties and during holidays and stuff around all that delicous food. Usually I feel like I’m depriving myself if I don’t try something so personally, I would just try a cookie, a slice of pie, or some cheese and crackers. I’m not 100% raw and know that it will take me a long time to get there. I think that eating those things (in moderation) on special occasions is ok. I feel your pain though. I know what you mean about smelling great smells around you. And there are so many good looking “health foods” and sometimes I justify my eating them by remembering that they’re organic (Last year, I would have felt so proud of myself for eating organic cookies) Anyways, you can do it. Don’t give up. And maybe just settle with being as raw an eater as possible.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I had a bad few last weeks and because of stress, i’ve found myself occasionally eating something i shouldn’t… I’m trying to get back on track…. but, what saves me is that no matter what i eat, it honestly doesn’t taste as good as raw does. I think you need to find yourself some truly delicious raw dishes and make them ahead of time and eat them throughout the week. Raw doesn’t have to be expensive. I haven’t purchased almond butter in 2 months. Do i miss it? Only when i’m going to make something Thai and i don’t have the butter… I’ve been trying to do simple lately. What i crave the most is this: Zucchini noodles, diced up tomato and onion, chopped basil, salt, pepper and olive oil. Mix it all together and you have this noodly bruschetta pasta. it’s so good and so addicting! I just need to rid myself of the stress in my life and i’ll be fine :) Oh, maybe find yourself a good raw dessert or dish that makes you feel like your cheating… I know you probably don’t have much room in your dorm, but you never know what you might find…

  • I won’t comment on what you said because honestly reading it I know exactly where you are coming from. Just know that this post does not go in vain. Sometimes I wish when I first went raw that someone would have told me to eat a cup of cooked quinoa over eating a whole 5 dollar bag of molded cashews. LOL you live and learn.. we all know raw is awesome and the best blah blah blah, but lets keep it real no one and I mean no with a life has time to eat raw gourmet and eating simple is fine if you live somewhere in the sticks, but for people that are around SAD eaters you need to be able to enjoy yourself just as much as anyone else. I know what you mean about being in the kitchen everyday.. For nine months straight I spent 6 hours in the kitchen seven days a week… preparing meals for 2 adults and one kid.

  • Rawsiki, I think we can all feel your pain to one degree or another. What I recommend is not being so hard on yourself. We get caught up in so many “shoulds” in life – they’re everywhere! – and you’re busy with life and school and such. Like Ardesmond said, we all now it’s the best way to eat, yada, yada but life is about living and enjoying it. Eating should be a pleasure, not just a way to fill your tank. So make the best choices you can now – whether it’s to stay raw, eat as much raw as you are able or go for some cooked vegan – feel good about it and know that you can always return to the raw lifestye when it feels more appropriate. It’s not going anywhere and there’s no need to be in a hurry. Best wishes to you and whatever you decide – we’re still here to support!

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    i think compromise is the word here, you want to eat raw, but you dont want to miss out on the non raw, go for both. ive always believed you should follow your instincts, i cured myself of long standing gluten intolerance by listening to my body and now it has no effect on me at all. just because you want to eat something like pizza, doesnt mean you have to stop eating the raw stuff, i have museli i prepare on a monday for brekky, a smoothie (today is avocado, pear, melon and beetroot), so even if i ate a fully cooked meal ive still got all that goodness in me too. unless you are raw for medical reasons dont beat yourself up, life is far too short to feel bad about a frozen dinner. do watch out for nasty fats in the vegan cheeses tho, spotted many with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats in (cancer makers) makes i shudder. but pizza, mmmmmmmmmmm

  • I know exactly where you’re coming from, and I’ve just decided it’s not worth it to be so hard on myself. I probably won’t ever be 100% raw, and that’s ok. I’m alright with eating raw when I can and when I want to (which is about 75% of the time) but then also eating cooked vegan food at holidays and when I go out to eat, and sometimes at home. Find a balance that works for you where you can still stay healthy! You don’t have to look at it as all or nothing!

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Remember that even whhen you are eating cooked vegan meals you are still eating healthier than the majority of the people around you and still doing your bit to help the planet. Im finding that being a little more relaxed about eating cooked stuff ocasionally helps me keep more raw if that makes sense.

    See if you can find some really quick recipes that you could make while doing something else – eg chopping fruit and veg while reciting formulae or rules or poetry depending upon what you are studying so you are not losing so much time from work while preparingfood. Of course if you are doing car maintaince and its 100% practical this may not be such a good idea or you will be adding engine oil to your dinner and olive oil to your car!

    Hugs Fiona

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    Eh live your life and dont worry about it. Focus on school.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Whatever you eat, try not to beat yourself up over it. Whilst transitioning I yo yo’d and beat myself up over it at first, which made me eat more and more cooked coz I felt the need to comfort myself as I was telling myself I was being such an idiot. I worked on feeling OK even if I ate a plate of chips, just accepting it and approving of myself whatever I was doing. This did contribute to the ‘cheating’ happening less and less.

    From talking to loads of raw people over the years since I went raw, I see over and over again that once people ‘get raw’ like you did, even if you eat SAD for the next year or even two or three years, raw food will get you eventually, you can’t escape far or for too long ;)

    And when you do eventually, in your own time go back to raw, all the harm done by the SAD food can easily be reversed. Because you have found the answer, it might just take you a while, to apply it to your life fully.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I totally agree with all the posters! I’ve been in a major cooked food eating rut the last two months.. for some reason I’m back to eating eziekel breads.. brown rice pasta.. even some tofu.. and gasp..a soy latte! but I still keep to a vegan diet which is much better than I was just a year ago and so I’m trying to not be too hard on myself.. do the best you can.. eat lots of fruits/ veggies and drink water and the rest should balance itself out. Focus on what you are doing right instead of wrong

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