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Hello, Everyone!

Gone Raw has had the very good fortune to have people saying very nice things about us, and so we’ve had lots of new members joining lately. Let me be the first to say that we’re really happy to have you here, and we’d really love to get to know you.

So if you have a minute, do say hello and introduce yourself in this here Introductions section of the forum. Why are you eating raw food? How long have you been? How do you feel differently now?

Thanks, and hi!



  • Great idea to have people intrroduce themselves Ray!

    I’m James, I live in rural Ontario, Canada. I’ve been vegan for 2 years known about the raw food movement since I read Nature’s First Law about that long ago. When school started this year, I decided to go raw until dinner. I really niticed a difference! At the end of January i went 100% raw and its been great so far. It’s hard to make all of my own meals now (my mom used to cook me food) but even she is coming around. Last night she made the fmaily raw pesto and zuc noodles!

    Anyways, I am really excited about raw food! I hope this website will let me meet some cool raw folks and learn some sweet recepies!

    Peace to you all.


  • Hi James, nice to meet you. It’s nice to see how much interest in raw foods there is in Canada – a good 10% of the visitors to our site are from there!

  • hello! I’m Shayna and I live in Toronto Ontario. I am new to RAW, and try to do at least 60% RAW per week. I hope to reach 80% soon (just trying to eat all the food out of my freezer). I’ve been on this site regularly for the last month or so getting new recipes and am LOVING the variety I am finding here!

    Thanks! ~Shayna

  • James, You guys are sooo thoughtful. There’s nothing like support:-) I’ve been 80% RAW now for 10 month’s or so. My nutritionist highly recommended it as a 3 month detox intensive while I was on travel in LA. I love it so much it’s now part of my food life. When I arrived home in MD I was on my own. Thank GOD for the web. Recipes… are a touch away. You’re really making it effortless.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    hi everyone-i tried to post and it did not take. so maybe i go here first.thank u for having me. i turned raw a couple of months ago.after alot of health issues.i am way better and ahve lost 67 pounds since oct.18-06.i am excited to be in contact with other raw foodist.thanks taylor

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi !! I’m Lucyane,Lucy,and I was a vegetarian for 7 years,and now I’m 100% raw for about a month and a half. I’m loving it,and this site is helping me a lot. Thank you very much,and thanks a lot for having me.And I am from Brazil,but I live in White Plains,Ny with my husbund.

  • Hello, and welcome, Shayna, Taylor, Lucy, and everyone else!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Hi, my name is Sunny. I am 30 years old and I live in Flagstaff, AZ. I would love to hear from others that are in the area! I have been about 80%-90% raw for about 9 months now. I have noticed that I feel a lot better (can use the eliptical now for an hour without fatigue!) and I also have a better outlook on life.

  • Hello, I am from NY. Origanally MA. I haven’t gone strictly raw or strictly anything yet. I have experimented with raw, with my family. We enjoyed making new creations and felt really good and energetic for the several months we enjoyed raw. Then we had family visit and it disappeared very quickly so they could enjoy the local cuisine properly prepared. We love cooking and making new foods for our family to try. I am a holistic wellness practitioner and have kept my families diet fairly well balanced, especially by snacking on lots of fruits and vegatables. I am searching for more creative ways to introduce raw snacks, into the actual entree of our meals. I doubt we will ever go completely raw, but adding more variety to our reportiore of recipes to help us maintain a healthy tasty and fun lifestyle is a real motivator. I hope that here I will find some ideas for first timers to add in to our diet and to learn more about the nutritional aspects of eating raw, so I know I have given my family a well rounded perspective about food. Well, I guess that’s it for now. Thanks.

  • Hi, I’m from Los Angeles (Southbay – Redondo/Torrance area). Have been 70% raw during the weekdays and 99% during the weekend for awhile now. I’m not sure if I’ll be 100% since I don’t think I’m in that zone and generally I like to do what feels good for me. My reasons in eating raw just felt natural and seemed to make sense – I’m surprised because I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon of every new trend. Anyway nice to meet everyone and I hope to have more friends especially those who like to eat this way…It sucks answering a bunch of questions as to why I eat raw sometimes when all I want to do is have an easy conversation and enjoy a good meal lol. Cheers! :)

  • Hello and thanks to Ray and the others for starting this website.

    Except for a short period, I have been vegan for about sixteen years. Near the beginning of that time, my wife and I went 100% raw for about six months. We were following Fit for Life/Natural Hygiene, with food combing, etc. We lost too much weight, and I started having problems on the job, so we went back to a vegan diet.

    In hindsight, I think we must have been following a diet designed for someone with a serious weight problem.

    A few weeks ago, someone gave me some information about Brendan Brazier: http://www.brendanbrazier.com/ a vegan triathelete who eats mostly raw. So, after a two week transition, I am eating almost 100% raw now for the past couple of days. But this time, with all the info available on the web, I am hoping to be more successful.

    So far, I have been supplementing the raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds with hemp protein powder, chlorella, and maca powder.

    Any comments or suggestions people may have will be much appreciated. I will be sharing some recipes soon.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Hello, I am from houston and I was raised a pescetarian and decided to go raw about a month and a half ago after doing the master cleanse. I think it was a great decision and I am happy I found this website!.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Welcome everyone!

  • Hello, I live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and attend UWO where i’m working on my BFA. I’ve been vegan for a little less than 9 months, and before that I was vegetarian for just under 6 years. I’ve been trying for a while to get into better shape, so i’ve begun researching raw foods. I’m not sure if i’ll be completely raw [at least not right now], because i feel good when i eat cooked quinoa [can you eat it raw?] and if i have some ezekiel bread once in a while.. but hey, i’m always up for replacing those things if it’s just as easy to eat raw versions. I really am interested in raw foods because [like many women i’m sure] i’ve had my bouts with insecurity about my body etc, and I would love to be able to eat whatever i wanted and not really worry.

    I love this site and everytime i visit it i’m glad i stumbled upon it. (:

  • Mango Woman, Thank you for your candor! I am not completely raw either. I’ve been doing nothing but raw before 5 for about 6 months. Then switched over to two dinners a week being raw about 3 months ago, now I’m doing two dinners a week cooked. I too was lured in by the promise of being able to eat whatever I wanted and not counting calories. The fact of the matter is, calories still do count and as I’ve been reading on this site, excessive fat from nuts is not healthy either. So, more fresh fruit and veg and very little nuts. Even fresh juice is calorie dense and you don’t get the fiber to fill you up. So, I do raw not for some weight loss miracle, but for the nutrient dense food and the enzymes. That’s my path … I applaud you for breaking free from SAD and trying to find a healthier YOU:)

    Oh, about quinoa. I personally didn’t like raw quinoa, I soaked and sprouted it and it was crunchy like bird seed. It wasn’t what I expected because the cooked quinoa is so soft.

  • Hello! I live in Tacoma, Washington and have been transitioning to raw for about a year. Intuitively, raw food seems like the right thing for me. I especially love green juice and green smoothies. If anyone else lives near me, I am interested in a monthly potluck at my house on the last Friday of each month at around 7:00pm. e-mail me at akammers@hotmail.com Blessings to all.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Hi RawAlla!! I have been trying to add more greens to my diet so if you have any good recipes please add.

  • Joesc, Basically I just juice lots of greens (like 2 pounds) with apples and carrots to add sweet. For example I love spinach, carrot, ginger, dandilion juice. I also just love to put friut and veggies in the VitaMix and zip it up. I found inspiration from Victoria Boutenko’s book “Green For Life” not very expensive but a life changing book for me.

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Norman Walker’s book “Fresh vegetable and fruit juices” is one of the best book in juices for me.My favorite is cellery,cucumber,apples and I always add a lemon. Also carrot,spinach and grapes.I always mix them up as I see them in the refrigerator.In every one I add a lemon for vitamin c.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I ordered that book by Victoria Boutenko and I am waiting for it to arrive. I have been doing the green smoothie every day now. It helps fill me up. I haven’t tried dandelions though. I add lemon or ginger to a lot of my smoothies. I eat a lot of tomatoes when I need more vit C. I love tomatoes!!!! I have heard of people developing allergies to tomatoes, I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

  • Hi everyone. I live in Ithaca, NY when I am at school (Ithaca College) and in McLean, VA (about 5 mins outside DC) when I’m home. I’ve been close to 100% raw since Feb 1st. I am loving it so far – feeling good though I have definitely had some detox effects. One of the main things I have noticed since I started the diet is that my complexion is much better. Acne had always been such an annoyance and now I haven’t had a break out in weeks. I have found that the biggest cost of this diet is social – people are always so confused – my friends scoff at me sometimes. They think I am going to give up on this sooner or later. Anyway, I am glad to meet other people who are raw or are getting there. Thanks for creating/running such a great site. The internet CAN BE a wonderful tool.

  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone! I have been raw for almost ten months, and I was vegan for about two months before that. Yeah, less than a year ago I was a total carnivor. It is pretty interesting, I have always wanted to be vegan, but never did it, because I felt that meat was good for me. But I think it is interesting, how I have been naturaly inclined to this way of eating my whole life, even as a child I ate pounds of spinach. Did anyone else have that experience? Of really feeling naturaly inclined to this diet, before you even found out it was a diet? I actually drempt of going raw for a YEAR before I went raw. I wonder what would happen to people if they just followed their natural inclinations.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I used to eat earth as a child, it drove my parents mad!

  • Hi, dears, are there any video recipes? Its much easier for me to follow when i watch

  • Hey Judy, If you go to gliving.tv there is a section called green chefs and you can get some video recipes there. Best wishes ever. :) deasmiles

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    jinjee and storm do video recipes on their website: www.the gardendiet.com or there’s always some good stuff on youtube

  • Thanks Deasmiles and Zoe! I went to the websites, unfortunately gardendiet.com doesn’t work, i tried it before too as u proposed in previous msg Zoe! Does it?

  • Judy, just curious, did you visit the website gliving.com ?

    There is this raw food chef on it, Ani is her name and if you get her website info of the gliving site, Ani’s website has videos of her recipes which are all really simple and really good. Ok thats it take care, deasmiles.

  • hi Deasmiles, yes i visit website gliving, but i found Ani7’s web from you tube. and when u said i just searched by her name and found that she has her own page. thanks

  • Greetings everyone I live in Atlanta, GA. I have been 95% raw for 1 month and vegan for a little over a year. I have chosen to change my lifestyle and eat raw and living foods because I know this is what is best for me. I am on a mission to detox my body and lose weight on a physical and spiritual level.

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