Gauging how raw one is??


I have read some literature and some forum posts but I am still confused as to how you gauge what percentage of raw you are. I know it really isn’t THAT important, though I know many pride themselves on being 100% (which is awesome!), but I am curious.

I was pretty much completely raw for three months in 2007, except for having teas with boiled water. Now on a typical day I have fresh fruit with soymilk and flax for breakfast, snacks of fresh veggies and/or fruits throughout the day, a sandwich made with fresh veggies and soy mayo and sprouted grain bread for lunch and maybe a soup or something for dinner. I am vegan and still prefer to eat fresh, but darn it, I like to cook too! What percentage of raw would I be considered at this point?

Thanks to all in advance!!!


  • Hey Berryraw…. I typically say I’m a raw enthusiast as I am not 100% and never aspire to be…but as far as percentages go I’m about 85%, because that kind of means something to people. Its still rather relative, no? Here’s my math on figuring out percentages. I have 3 meals a day, plus two snacks. So I add the two snacks together to make 1 meal unit. 4 meals a day X 7 days a week = 28. I eat “little bits” of non-raw items, like dressing, almond milk, nutritional yeast, tea. That’s one. I usually eat 3 cooked vegan meals a week. (Usually these are a veggie burger, tofu or “chicken” patty thrown on a salad) That’s four altogether. So, my percentage is 4/28. Let me know if this makes sense…I’m open to other ways of coming up with this number!

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