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Bye bye 100% raw vegan

I started my trial with raw vegan diet in February this year. For the wrong reasons as I realise it nowadays , I was stressed out with work and I was lonely. So all the wrong reasons to start a new diet , after all food was not the causes for all those things.

Anyway, as always, once I was into something, I became obsessed, checking the labels all the time, ask the sales assistants is it 100% raw ( sometimes they do not even know what is 100% raw), bought all the books by raw guru.

And the results, I could say that I feel fantastic, my energy level was sky high and I was spiritually enlightened. Or my job went so well, I got a promotion, all of sudden, I had so many friends in this strange city.

But the reality was not like that. I did find myself physically well, not that I was sick or anything before , I am always very careful about what I eat. And other aspects of my life did not change because I simply switched my diet.

Now 7 months on, the lack of promised results made me think more. So I started reading more articles on long term effects of vegans ( there is not much around about long term effect of raw vegan yet). I did find lots of articles talking about deficiency find in vegan people : protein, B12 , vitamin D etc. I am alarmed . So I did start adding some raw fish in my diet ( sashimi) , and surprisingly they did not make sick or better in this case. But one thing I am surely aware of is, I put more energies and effects in other aspects in my life. More socialising with friends, more hard work in the office. Those actually solved my initial problems.

My point is despite the fact that raw vegan is fairly healthy, it is only part of life and it is not a cure for all the miseries in one’s life or in this world.

For all those die hard 100% out there, good luck and I do hope diet alone can solve all your problems but it surely did not work for me. And I am a much more balanced person as I was before this is for sure.



  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    If you’re weak and ill, it’s because your own diet wasn’t good, not because you were a raw vegan. I mean, if socializing to means you must eat meat, then it’s your decision. Why diss other vegans because you’re not happy in life?

  • I am not physically weak or ill, I had tough times at work and thought by changing my diet to raw vegan, I can improve other aspects of my life, but clearly it did not work out for me. But if it does work for you, TOMSMOM, I am very happy for you!

  • The body can generally handle toxins better than it can handle a nutritional deficiency imo. Especially as far as long term results are concerned. The body has many natural reserves it can pull from to keep you going during this lack of nourishment, but ill effects can hit hard after that supply runs out. This has the possibility of sustenance as far as 1yr+ depending on what you’re lacking though, so you may not see any serious damage until you begin reaching that point.

  • James: I think you might be right. But then again, who has the proof, I understand that there are some raw vegans live up to an old age, but there are also many non-raw vegan live up to 100. As for the toxins, I still need to see more evidence of it. Thanks for sharing though. Btw, I am still 80 % raw vegan, but just decided that there are more to life than trying to stick to 100% . :)

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    thats sad that it didnt work for you, i became a vegan because i believe all life has an equal right to live without fear or abuse. i dont believe they are objects to be bought or utilised. i did have a b12 deficiency after 8 years becasue i was a lazy vegan, but all of my other levels are brilliant. is there such a thing as a protein deficiency?

    i guess the thing is if you thought changing your diet would change your social/love/work life then you were wrong, i cant see why you thought it would. being vegan and raw is usually good for helping the conscience, the body, the soul, the mind, the enviorment, the planet etc etc, but definatly not of any use in the way you tried to utilise it.

    learning to be positive, and strong, love and understand yourself etc, these are the things that will improve the rest of your life

    namaste :)

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    uknicole – what was your raw diet like for the seven months?

    I’ve been 80-90% raw for a year now and have defintely had my ups and downs with this. One thing for sure is that you can’t expect your diet alone to change your life. And 7 months isn’t that long, really. I’d at least give it a full year.

    I agree with dodo in that you have to be happy with yourself before other areas in your life improve. Raw food, yoga, exercise are all wonderful, but understanding, accepting and loving yourself is paramount. At the risk of sounding like a self-help book, I think that once you have made peace with yourself, everything else will fall into place a lot easier. And raw vegan food will enhance your life. It’s like icing on the cake :-)

    Best of luck uknicole. Hope you will not give it up completely. Another kind word of advice – the less strict you are with a raw vegan diet, the easier and better it is. Being laid back about raw veganism was key for me.

  • Joyce H Thanks for the comment. Really appreciate it. Anyway this is exactly what I am going to do : being laid back about the whole thing. I think all of us have something that we are not happy with either it is with ourselves or with the world in general. And there are different ways to deal with different areas in life. I am not giving it up as I said I am still 80% raw, but next time I will not beat myself up about it if I do eat something not ‘raw’ or not ‘vegan.’

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    You are right; food is just one part of life. I’m glad you’re finding what works for you. Good job recognizing your motivations/expectations and working toward what you want in ways that will be effective.

    dodo – Yes, protein deficiency is real – I was deficient a few months ago when I was really sick. I haven’t had my levels checked again yet.

  • uknicole,

    Hi! thanks for your topic. Firstly, I am not dismissing what you have found in your diet, as everyone is different and this may not be the way for you…but…

    I think there are many more reasons to become raw/ vegan other than just the health benefits…and we hear all these wild stories of people who have reversed this or that, lost 100’s of pounds, got rid of..gray hair…wrinkles, even!! haha! They are great stories and I am sure they are true, but everyone is different. Some people started at the very bottom so a drastic change for the better is more noticeable..anyway.

    What I really wanted to bring up is the vitamin deficiency issue with vegans and raw vegans.

    The ONLY deficient vitamin in a vegan diet is B12. And even that is not really for sure. People USED to get B12 from vegetables that were grown in healthy, fertile, soil where their veggies were grown organically…and back then, we weren’t so phobic about germs, diseases, etc. that know has us scrubbing our vegetables with their own bristled brushed and soaking them in vinegar, bleach or whatever. Bye-bye naturally forming B12!!—Just don’t scrub as much (if you get veggeis from a good source) or drink your rejuvelac or kombucha OR perhaps take a supplement.

    As for Vitamin D, we can get all we need from 15 minutes of sun exposure every couple of days. The only reason meat/ dairy eaters get their vitamin d is because it is fortified in cereals and milk.

    Please read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, if you have not. It is very eye-opening.

    I agree with all of you guys…food is one part of life. A fun and great part…but only one part!

    kirsten I am not 100% aw vegan. I am probably 75-80%

  • Kirsten Thanks for sharing!

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Hi Nicole :) Thanks for your post, I think it is a good thing to talk about those feelings that arise and problems we can all have. It is quite tough being in a foreign country and city, and even so I miss Italy very much and would love to be where you are, it is different when you work there and have to find your place anew… and yourself.

    I agree with Joyce very much, make peace with yourself, do some yoga and meditation every day, it really makes a worlds difference… start with 10 minutes meditation every morning, there is always that much time. If you need some suggestions, let me know and get in touch :)) Maybe there is a yoga class you can attend? This way you get to know more new people who are on the same path… I think it was just too much of a change for you to go right away 100% raw… not everyone can do that right away. It is fine to gradually increase, and it is also fine to stay at 80 or 90% all the time. Heck have an ice cream or some steamed veggies (Swiss Chard is my fav in Italy!) if you feel like or whatever triggers you… Thats fine! There is no one standing with a notebook behind you, checking what you all eat… Let it come naturally and be happy! Do you have a car? Drive out on your days off to the Riviera, to the Cinque Terre, one of the most beautiful places on earth :)) Go to Deiva Marina, thats right before the Cinque Terre and cheaper to stay. There is a restaurant by the ocean, ‘Clipper’, they have nice rooms. The hotel ‘Caravella’ is right by the promenade, I love this one! Take yourself out and enjoy! This is the best time of the year there. Or go and visit the Ticino… just a short hop away from where you are. Everything is at your fingertips :)) I dont know how your Italian is, but just go ahead and talk… it does not matter if you get it all right, nobody cares, but everyone always cares to talk. And… this might sound weird… but it works and everyone needs to hear it… look into the mirror, look at yourself and say 3 times ‘I love you Nicole!’ Feel the change that happens, and do it as often as you like but 2 times per day would be great :)) Hey, and I dont want to imply that you dont love yourself, but we need to nurture the inner child in us who is absolutely delighted to hear that ;))) Miracles happen… right inside you. Love to you dear and enjoy your time in Italy!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Vitamin D from the sun is great, if you live where you can get strong sunlight all year. I live in Utah, and I always thought I was just depressed because of things being so cold and dead in the winter, but it turns out I was deficient in vitamin D! I HAD noticed that the years I had spent LOTS of time in the summer sun, I was happier longer into the winter. I need to move to a sunnier climate, or spend money to go on a vacation to the beach for a week every January, or something. :)

  • Opinion: I wouldn’t worry so much about being a 100% Raw Vegan. Who really cares? Like someone above wrote, no one is behind you with a notebook scribbling your every dietary blunder. This isn’t a school test, you’re not being checked or graded or judged. This is your life. Eat as well as you can, chew on more whole fruits and vegetables, and fewer animals. Stay away from processed foods. Even the touted healthy, raw processed foods aren’t so great. Take a B12 supplement every now and then. Relax. Meditation and yoga are great, in addition to cool friends and a healthy diet.

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    So your enjoyment of life involves taking other life?

    As you have said to the vegans, I’m glad it works out for you….I guess.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Well. i hope you don’t leave us permanently. There are many people here who are not trying to be 100% raw vegan so I hope we didn’t scare you into thinking that was a requirement for membership here. No diet should be so obsessive that it interferes with family and friendships. I go out to Sushi with friends and then I get back on the raw that works for me. I’m not 100% raw. i suppose there are some days in the week i am, but I’m not into policing ingredients and making others feel bad for posting a recipe that uses something from the dreaded “dead food list”. It’s difficult to provide a forum for all aspects and levels of raw. That’s why you have a choice to click on forum subjects that appeal to you, recipes that speak to your style and body type, etc. I hope you’ll partake of some raw caramel dip with crisp apples this fall-just because it’s so yummy. If it’s not yummy. i’m not eating it. Be well and visit often ..just for the yummies! :)

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    Superfood, why do you need to preach morality with such venom in your tone? How about compassion to humans trying to find direction in their life and a path to health and happiness?

    I have seen you post like this in many threads, and frankly, it not only gets old, but is counter productive to convincing others to your viewpoint. Consider empathy over being judgemental, and honest communication over sarcasm and derision.

    I’m not 100% vegan, but I find the idea of eating a plant based diet appealing on an ethical level. However, right now, my happiness does come at the cost of eating other creatures, simply because I have not figured out all the answers to thriving without eating them. The joy does not come form the thought of eating or killing these animals, but from the levels of health I am currently experiencing. It is certainly not your place to sit in judgement of my choices.

    Just as I respect your ability and desire to live in a way that does not impose on animals, I expect you to respect other humans who are making efforts to find out what is right for them when their intentions are not filled with malice. If you cannot provide that simple courtesy to other humans, than all your concern for animals is lost on me.

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    Superfood, why do you need to preach morality with such venom in your tone? How about compassion to humans trying to find direction in their life and a path to health and happiness?

    Your perceptions are off….but I hope you feel better now that you said what you feel. I have indicated nothing of how I feel in my post; I merely posed a question, as anyone can see.

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    It is certainly not your place to sit in judgement of my choices.

    I agree, except when other beings are involved; then I will “sit in judgment” as you call it, but I can do so silently, as I have done many times on this site.

    It is certainly not your place to tell me how to phrase my posts, and others don’t automatically assume some tone that is not present. And I have not violated the terms of service. If you feel I have done so, please, do report my posts. Otherwise, you can preach and try to correct others, but I definitely disagree with you and I am the one whose intention matters, considering I was the one who wrote the words.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I just wanted to say that I think maybe Stevio is not totally comfortable with his dependence on meat as a food source it sounded to me like you eat meat not for enjoyment but b/c you do not thrive without it as you said, it has taken me four years to get to this point. Vegetarian, vegan and then raw with a lot of shifts in between we all go at our own pace. I always try to remember when I feel defensive or antagonistic it usually has more to do with me and my own feelings than the person I want to direct them too.

    Good luck to all on the journey of peaceful eating

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Why is protein such an issue. I think it very funny. Protein is in almost everything we put in our mouths and then if that isn’t enough, there is the supper foods.

    As I live on the N.W. coast I need to take a vit.D, late fall until almost summer. I would have to do this vegan or not. I also take a sublingual B-12, 2 or 3 times a week, and wipe a freshly pulled carrot off on my pants and eat. yum B-12.

  • @ superfood. Well Im glad that you feel so superior. Must be a very nice feeling being so judgmental and negative. Namaste

  • Angie, Thanks for the post and honesty about the protein deficiency. I really think it is important for all of us to be open about what benefits and problems we have had on our raw journeys and I am glad that there are people out there have the same openness !!

    beate64 I can’t agree with more on this. I have come to Italy more than twenty times while I was living in UK, and loved it. But now with the stress of work and daily trivialities , it does get more difficult than I expected. I am still trying to improve my Italian not the easiest language especially with so many locals speak in dialects Thanks for all the suggestions and all those lovely places to visit, I will definitely try out –all of them ) It seems you live a very full life, I wish I will have the luck and strength to get out my daily office routine and live the life I want, although it is always easy to say than to do  shane lzhpt vegan2raw beany Thanks for the support !

    Superfood Oh well, stevio and lushpapaya have said all I wanted to say to you as well! Well done, guys!

    Meditating I will definitely stay in GR, I am glad that people like you out there. What really put me off is sometimes some people are so righteous about being 100% raw, but like you said most people here are all very supportive and understanding !!

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    I’m glad that you all feel superior to me! Good luck!

  • Hey superfood, I do not feel superior to you or to anyone for this matter. I think all of us are different, I accept and respect the fact that you do not eat anything animal related. On the other, I will expect the same understanding from you. But if it is too much to ask from you then it is also fine with me.

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    uknicole – have you gotten down to Tuscanny lately? We were there this past May and loved the Tuscan food (we stayed vegetarian but not raw), people and country side. It was magical! What a wonderful opportunity you have to be living in Italy. I can imagine Italian would be difficult as we didn’t do so well ourselves trying to learn a bit before our holiday. But we got by OK.

    Izhpt – I like your post! I don’t think being 100% raw will ever truly work out for myself with my lifestyle here in the North country. My husband and I are hoping to build an outdoor pizza oven made of stone, clay/mortar in a couple years (one of those round ones). We love wood-fired flatbread pizza which probably makes a lot of people here cringe but life is short and I want to enjoy the things that make me happy, like a little pizza now and then or some real authentic potato gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese sauce:-)

    As long as I manage to stay vegetarian and always have grattitude for my food whether cooked or raw, I seem to do fine. That’s just me personally (I’ll admit my hot yoga has done wonders for my digestion). Heck, last weekend I had dinner at a fine restaurant that served this cooked vegan Morrocan tofu dish which was wonderful. With a delicious green salad, bottle of cabernet, and then homemade cheesecake for dessert, it was an amazing dinner shared with my husband.

    Be happy, go with the flow and enjoy life :-)

  • JoyceH. Yes. I went to Tuscanny last year around March time. My husband and I stayed in an organic Argriturismo. They have served really nice home grown and home made vegerterian dishes. I cant agree with you more on enjoying a nice meal even if it is cooked with loved ones. I was in NYC about two weeks ago, I went to one of the raw restaurant there, loved it but I also tried other nice restaurant which are neither raw nor vegan , but I loved them ! :) Like you said ’ go with the flow and enjoy life’!! :)

  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    Unikole: It sounds like you had a very positive experience and learned a lot about nutrition and about yourself.

    Keep on asking questions and learning and best of luck in all that you do


  • ungrateful There is no doubt about that ! I am not a kind of person who is afraid of changing and trying new things either it is diet or other aspects in life. Because one can learn a lot about oneself through them. Good luck even to you on the raw journey.

  • iknikn

    Exactly JoyceH! “Be Happy, go with the flow and enjoy life” . This is my philosphy too.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Also-not every body type thrives on a raw food diet. It’s a great idea to find out what Ayurvedic Dosha you are. You can then pull up the foods to balance you. My body shifts tremendously during season changes and i need much more vata food come the 1st of October. I stay raw as much as i can, warming raw soups in the dehydrator and increasing my consumtion of heavier raw foods, but i also incorporate steamed steel cut oats, Brown basmati rice and Quinoa in the fall/winter. I don’t advocate that for anyone but vatas. Thanks, JoyvceH-good to hear from you!

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