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what food to eat for muscles six pack fit body


Im trying to find out what food i should eat to acheive a very fit body with good muscles. I have just been looking through bodybuilding.com and some of the guys and girls look amazing very fit with great six packs and lots of muscle not all of them are that big, i prefer the smaller but very fit bodys with great muscle definition and six packs. How do i acheive that body eating raw vegan ? because all of those people eat lots of protein (meat) with low carbs and fats.

Does anyone have a body like i described or know how to get in that type of shape with the right diet ?



  • Very good question.. Would like to know too.:)

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    I’m thinking ALOT of ab exercise for toning & definition and cardio for enough weight loss to make the muscles visible is really the most important part.

    A papaya isn’t gonna give you a 6 pack unfortunately. (if only eh!)

  • I know what training to do, but thats not enough , no way near. i need to know what food to eat to give myself that toned but musceled look. Im already thin by the way, i just want to have lots of muscle and be ripped. I dont mean the bulky muscle either.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Worleyhimself (screenname) does a lot of body building. He’s on and off here. Maybe a shout out would bring him back?

  • Eat a lot of veggies! Especially tons of leafy greens. Make sure your calorie intake is high throughout the day to have enough energy to pump iron at the gym. Make sure 30 minutes before and after your workout you stay away from any type of fats (avos, nuts, etc..), and a great post workout muscle rebuilder is eating tons of fruit!

  • WORLEYHIMSELF come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really you think lots of veggies ? They are very low in calories, i do agree with the greens,

  • Hi, my brother is Vegan and hes very committed to body building. He takes quite a variety of vitamins and supplements that would not fit into a Raw diet, but, none the less, he doest not consume tons of meat for protein, as protein is found in many other things such as hemp, almonds, ect. He also enjoys a classic pb & j bagel most everyday. Again, not a Raw foodist, but most def a strict vegan.

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    If you are already trim, then that’s one thing. From what I’ve gathered around here in the raw food circles is eat a lot of fruit for calories and veggies for nutrients/building blocks. Spinach, and most dark leafy greens are as high as 20% of easily digested protein…but I have also heard that protein isn’t the answer…have a look around the video blogs of runningraw.com…there is another guy too but I can’t remember who it is.

    Cardio will keep you lean, strength training will make you buff. So worry less about cardio and more about strength training…(which is actually a fairly cardiovascular activity anyway).

    That’s my two cents.

  • I think some people have stomach muscles; they just can’t see them due to the fat covering the muscles (which is normal, not to be shunned, unless it’s not what you prefer).

    Anyway, you probably want to eat a lot of sprouts, green leafy vegetables, etc., and other high-protein, low-fat, low-sugar items. Especially right before bed.

    Do cardio and yoga or pilates or something.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I heard that tons of bananas help you bulk up and build muscles easier. Not sure if it’s true but worth a try!

  • Spending most of my young adult life as a personal trainer, I find it so funny that our culture is so obsessed with the perfect body type. Most who seek it will never find it, and almost all (95%) who lose weight, gain it back. I just hope you aren’t turning to raw food to do it for you, because you will be disappointed (healthier, perhaps, but might not have the image you want).

    When you want to “Tone” you really are using the scared woman’s word for ‘fat loss.’

    The bottom line is to move more and eat less, specifically calories. This means there is no magic food, just the right amounts of it and the timing of it in relation to when you work out. Others may disagree and have the magic pill, but the basic biophysics shows otherwise.

    I’ve seen quite a few people turn to vegan/raw thinking they will lose weight, but if you don’t change the amount of calories you eat, by consciously tracking them or not, nothing else will help.

    Most raw foods that have nuts and seeds in them are very high calorie, and those with soaked/sprouted groats are up there too. If you want help tracking calories, www.calorieking.com is a decent site.

  • I was thining – how about avocado’s kale cellery and hemp protein powder.

    200g kale 2 large or 4 small avocado 1 head of cellery 120g of hemp protein powder.

    Thats about 75g of quality protein lots of potassium lots of zinc lots of calcium and it also looks very good on all other minerals and vitamins apart from B12 – D, (the usual)

    And its low in sugar, but it is high in fat 60% But its only 1150 in calories, Would the high fat be a problem with the low callories ? I mean 2 large avocados a day cant be that bad.

    Also i was thinking of fasting untill mid day every day and having a 4hr feeding window, i think that would slow the metabalism down , so i GUESS we wouldn’t need as many callories and the foods we would be feeding our-selves sounds like great food to build muscle with. I think it would be alkaline , but not sure about the hemp protein, it is organic hemp protein. And ive read that low callories and the fasting is very healthy for us and anti-aging, so it could be good all round.


  • The body can only process about 9 grams of protein in one sitting. So I think you may be better off spreading out your protein intake.

    Just my $0.02

  • i have read its about 25g of protein in a sitting.

    Know one knows for sure.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    court4short – you bring excellent points to the discussion table. However, I want to stress that there are many testimonials by raw fooders that they lost weight without changing caloric intake – simply by going raw. There could be more reasons behind this, but here are some ideas i had:

    Dr. Howell’s book, Enzyme Nutrition, he did studies with the result that cooked fats make fatter animals, and raw fats result in very little change in the animals appearance. I recommend reading this book for proven, legitimate, scientific studies related to digestion of cooked vs. raw food and it’s effect on weight.

  • JDJD

    David Wolfe (and I am sure others as well) sell raw protein supplements. I’ve been weight training and running for years and my muscle mass definitely went down since going raw. Even my boyfriend noticed. I personally will be buying a supplement because I really do not want to figure out my protein intake through the food I eat and clearly it is something that must be calculated.

  • I’m sorry, but food has no supernatural powers. By eating foods it is not going to give you six pack abs. “Unfortunately”, that only comes by excercise. If I was you, I would research excercises for six pack abs, not food.

    On the other hand, food is the FUEL you will need to excercise. I suggest a high fruit/low fat diet. Easily digestable, body uses glucose/fructose for fuel (not fat, not protein), yes protein is use in the developement of muscles, but too much protein is a toxin. The question you need to ask your self is “How much protein does a breast feeding infant recieve?”. That is how much you should recieve also (Calorie % that is). There is no reason why an adult would need more protein than a growing infant. Also, fat gets stored in your body and is later broken down into sugars for you to use. I suggest going the other way around. Check out our 811 form. If your planning a low calorie diet and trying to get into shape, good luck. The idea (which is the only proven way to longevity – raw foods (low fat or high fat) haven’t been studied ) of having a low caloric body only works because your body has less to break down. It’s not spending all day digesting food, or barely anytime at all. If your using energy, and wasting your fuel (i.e. the minimal calories you recieve) you will just start depleting yourself. A low calorie diet is fantastic if you don’t use a lot of energy

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    There are raw vegan bodybuilders, here’s a website…


  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    my half brother is a professional body builder… does competitions and such. To get that super defined look (he’s not vegan) 4 weeks before competition or photo shoot he eats only steamed broccoli, and lean steamed fish, to basically remove all excess fat. basically he told me that this is what most of the muscley folk you see pics of do, then after the pic is taken they go back to a “normal” diet. When he is “normal” he complains about how fat he is! I would strive to be lean and strong, with lots of endurance… that’s what the ladies like best anyway..;)

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Don’t worry to much about being really skinny too – blokes that look like they need a good meal are not attractive to us girlies anyway. Muscle is good, looking like a tour de france rider is not!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    TOL is right…diet will not build muscle. The only thing that will build muscle is working the muscles themselves.

    However, even if you practice a successful exercise regimen, you will not see any muscle if it is covered with fat. The only way to remove that fat is to burn more calories than you take in.

    I recommend a fruit based diet. This will fuel your body and allow you the energy to exercise like you want to. Also, if you avoid harmful foods such as salt, you will not retain excessive amounts of water. This, along, with fat loss, will leave your muscles much more visible.

    Good luck, Swayze

  • Thanks fro replys,

    Its the lean and strong with muscle look i am after, Not a bodybuilder type body, I do want abbs defined and i want muscle but i want to be lean. I guess like F1 – Richard Blackman. At the moment i am skinny without a great deal of muscle and a little fat in the mid section.

    Also i have just found out the hemp protein powder is acidic, i actually thought it was alkaline being raw and organic, Damn.

    I actually ate a whole watermalon yesterday and i felt better yesterday than i have in a while, so maybe fruit with vegtable juices – green juices with one scoop of protein powder will be the healthyist way to go with lots of exercise. Im not to confident that type of diet will build muscle.


  • Diet DOES build muscles …exercise tears them down. Muscles only grow while resting and being fed the proper nutrients. all the exercise in the world alone will NOT make you toned and fit. Trust me I KNOW!! I spent over 20 yrs exercising like crazy and not really watching my diet much. And got nothing but a thin flabby body.. Same thing I had since i was 12 HAHAHA.. I too was on bodybuilding.com ..Did the bulk diet ..gained 10 pounds of fat or so ..and now my body wants to keep it..ugggh even on the raw food diet ..This is my 9 th week.. I haven’t lost any weight at all …pisses me off. !!

  • Paulie- You mentioned R.Blackman and then said “Im not confident that type of diet will build muscle”. lol. It’s kind of funny how you mention a fruitarian (now liquidarian) that is 100% ripped, packed full of muscle, and they comment how a diet that consists of a base of fruit will not build muscle. You seem to be stuck on protein powders. Have you done research on the importance of protein in building muscle? Or just listen to the main stream public with there crazy protein fantatic? Hemp is a seed, seeds are not alkalizing. Raw foods can be acidic. You should look into that if you are concerned. You will realize majority of fruits, besides blueberries, cranberries, and a few others, are alkalizing.

    Sexyraw- for the most part you are correct. Excercise tears your muscles, and rest/ a healthy body (consisting of a healthy diet) rebuilds the muscles. Without tearing your muscle fibers, there will be no muscle built. I was simply saying there is no magical diet that can allow you to sit down and twiddle your thumbs and a six pack show up. Great comment, I should have elaborated further..

    Also, you gained 10 lbs of fat, or 10 lbs of water weight? What does your new raw diet consist of?

  • Well to be honest im not convinced Richard blackman is who he says he is. I cant understand how someone can maintain a muscled physique without eating any food whatsoever just 2 cups of orange or watermelon juice a day. Geezzzz…......... i dont know man. Is it because his metabolism is so low, he dont need many calories ? About the protein – i have been listening to the main strem public and also checking out the ripped bodys of boys and girls on bodybuilding.com i prefer the girls physiques to be honest even though im a guy i would rather a ripped physique with lots of muscle like some of the girls have over there than the bulky guys. :) But the point is they all eat mostly protein, usually low fats and moderate or low carbs and high protein. Thats why i went out and bought the hemp protein powder i was gonna have 4 scoops a day, but now i know its acidic im just gonna have one scoop a day, (i would rather be healthy than look good.) but i want both. I am gonna eat fruit and have vegtable juices and a green juice every day and train really hard and hope i dont lose any weight, i want to gain muscle thats the plan.


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Paulie, the people on bodybuilding.com eat tons of processed protein powders, supplements…not to mention cooked foods. They are not healthy.

    Swayze :)

  • They all eat mostly protein, but how long do they live on average?

    Anyway, it is difficult to eat raw and have lots of protein. The raw diets are either rich in carbs, or rich in fats, hardly on proteins unless having (unhealthy?) supplements.

  • Hi Paulie, One book I would say would be an excellent book for you to read if you are going to start exercising would be “Your Body, Your Responsibility” by Douglas Spittgerber & Debra Corbo, found at amazon.com. It tells and shows you the correct posture for exercising/everyday life, which will help you to not get injuries (definitely important:), how to focus on muscles while exercising for optimal muscle growth, and really explains a lot of things about exercise that I hadn’t really understood- even with all the reading i’ve done before. One thing that the authors don’t really go into would be how important diet is to health, they are basically of the mindset that a balance of protein and carbs is all you need for a healthy muscular body (ehhh, not quite true:). I’m sure someone else who is better spoken could find a whole lot of other things to write about this, but I hope this is helpful:) Good luck! Kelsie

  • dzdz

    Hello,paulieGB First:if you are thinking of going to gym…DON’T waste of money and lots of injuries.So you do not need that. Food you need to eat: eat a lot of greens,bannanas,nuts but yes eat small amounts in 6to 7 servings a day.1 galon water a day! Excercise: Hindu push-ups:start with as many you can and get to point of doing 500 every other day. Pull ups: same as push ups. Sit-ups:you can do those with the push-ups and the pull-ups resarch about the pull-ups and the hindu push-ups.There is tones a videos in you tube and if you are going for the lower body you do 1 day push ups,1day pull-ups and 1 day lower body.For the lower body- running up on stairs or squats at home try to reach 500 a day do as many reps as you need to good luck! i’m with you on the same regime

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    I totally recommend the book “The Thrive Diet” by Brendan Brazier. He is a vegan, mostly raw endurance athlete (so not a body builder… but his research is fascinating). He runs marathons, ultra marathons, triathalons… and is an elite athlete

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