Hell yea!

So I was raw for 3 weeks (taking a week-long break now to finish the non-raw food I’ve had for some time), then I’m gonna give 811 a go! BUT!...the other day I went to the doctor for foot pain. My mom had some idea that the foot pain might be caused by a raw diet (she’s supportive, but skeptical) so she wanted me to tell them about the raw diet, just incase.

I told them and they thought it was cool but wanted to do some blood tests on me just to make sure I’m OK. My blood levels, protein levels, and other nutritional levels are all A-OK!

This not only made me feel relieved about thinking raw was not enough (we’re all indoctrinated to some extent) and I’m happy:)

Though do you think that being raw for 3 weeks is not long enough to have a real affect on my blood, protein, and other levels or is that crazy?


  • I don’t know if three weeks are significative but at least you can start your new diet with more confidence, since you know you are well. It is a good base. Enjoy!

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    I can not answer your question but I can tell you that I waited a full year of 95% or so raw before doing any blood work… The only non raw items I ingest are lecthin, nutritional yeast and some spices… All my blood work was within the normal ranges…

    Just to note that before raw, none of my blood levels were in the normal range…

  • yeah i was thinking 3 weeks might be too early to see, but at least it made my parents feel better:)

    waterbaby, that is awesome. congrats!

  • Kenny, my man, I would never, ever go to a doctor about anything that’s remotely potentially nutritionally-related.

    There are 126 medical schools in the U.S., and only 30+ or so even require a single course in nutrition. Surveys have shown doctors knowing less about nutrition than your average person on the street.

    You may already know more about nutrition than your doctor, or you will soon.

    Most doctors with osteoporitic patients probably tell them to drink more milk or eat yogurt, not understanding that that caused the problem in the first place! Oh, don’t get me started….


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