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I’m writing some literature on going vegetarian/vegan. In the FAQ section I want to explain the Protein Myth in America. I need more info though!

Could you all link me to websites and videos with reliable information on protein? I’m 130lbs and according to the “standard” I need 60 grams of protein a day (well, even more since I excercise a lot). I know 60+ is BS! I don’t get that much, I feel great (most days) and I train really well (most days).

A big block to a lot of people going veg is whining about protein. I need to prove to these people it’s just not true!


  • Interesting.. I get most of my protien from different Algae’s, Hempseeds, Moringa leaves, Chia(Salba), Nuts & Seeds & Veggys.. Feel like I get alot! I feel my body processes it better eating raw, verses filling myself with processed food. People that eat raw always have that “glow”. Hummm? I wonder why that is.:)

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    I would add two books to your reading list “The China study” by T.C.Campbell and “Plant Based Nutrition and Health” by Stephen Walsh. The china study is widely discussed on this website. The second book by S. Walsh is a review of all recent scientific litriture and also goes into more biochemical detail than the china study. In my opinion the two books complement each other very well and are an esential part of the raw vegans bookshelf. Happy reading :-)

  • Can I find more information on the idea that Half the protein is cooked out when you cook something? I’d like to hear more about this but can’t find much information on the web other than Raw websites that have no references.

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