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Hi ya’lls I’m wondering if there is anyone on the site who could point me in the direction of a raw nutirionist and/or naturopath, preferably in or sorta close to the Toronto, ON, CA area.

I have recently (after doing a juice feast) transitioned to a very high raw diet from a so-so medium-high one. This has of course been fabulous but not without a couple kinks that I really don’t think I am capable of figuring out myself-I need an expert!

I am contemplating the great fruit/fat divide, and other stuffs and after hearing proponents from lots of sides state un-matched, universal truths and benefits to their opposing arguments (really my logic teacher would have a fallacy induced panic attack !) I’ve decided that it should probably really be about what makes each individual feel good as opposed to general dietary rules for all. That being said, I really don’t seem to be able to identify what is good for me, or what the wierd stuff going on with me could be an effect of(I really don’t think detox alone can sum it up) there are probably some universal starting points i’m totally clued out of,

Being someone who was fairly ill before hand, the transition so far has not been smooth, and I have come to the realization that I need to be more careful than I have been. This makes me think I shouldn’t try out a bunch or different styles and see what works best. Any help would be much appreciated!!!


  • haha… i know what you mean about the fallacy induced panic attack. there is a lot of dogma within the factions of the raw community, most of which are based on one person’s subjective experience.

    if you want cold hard biological facts relating to living foods, read David and Annie Jubb’s books. they wrote 2 together and David wrote one on his own. they’re on amazon.com. i would recommend you to Jubbs Longevity in NYC for health advice but they just shut down.

    my personal advice to pretty much everyone is clean your liver and gallbladder and regain your bile flow. if the bile isnt flowing, the intestine doesnt function properly, and the whole body is affected from there. read up on liver/gallbladder flushes online.

    im hoping to get a blog up soon with a concise and clear guide to liver flushes and i’ll post on this site. ive done 10 flushes so far and i feel im just getting started. ive refined the procedure a lot.

  • ooh, yes, thanks so much, that does seem like really good advice-I was actually thinking of doing something sorta like that so good to know its common and all…

    I will definitely check out those books they sound great. Thanks again Dream Brother.

    I’d still really like to speak to see someone in person if anyone has another recommendation.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I don’t know of any professionals for you but a great way to start fresh and slowly find out what you need/don’t need is to do a juice fast and then bring in one thing at a time.

    Not sure if that helps but it really worked for me and I came into raw in a pretty bad state as well. Still figuring out what works.

  • Hello whyonlytwice! You’re in Toronto?? Me too! That’s exciting. Unfortunately I cannot help you out with a raw nutrionist, but I would be very curious to know if anyone has suggestions. There is a raw potluck at Sprouts at bathurst & bloor downtown monthly, maybe you could check it out? I just found out about it last week so I haven’t been yet. It would be really cool to meet other raw foodists in Toronto :) However, I know there is a decent sized crowd that attends, they could possibly point you in the direction of a raw food nutritionist. There is also the raw restaurant, Live, on Dupont at Spadina and they might have some suggestions. If they don’t, they definitely have great food though! We should keep in touch! Bronwyn

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Try Erika Wolfe at www.powerofraw.com or e-mail erika@powerofraw.com. She’s not a naturopath per se, but she does nutrional counselling. Read about her on the website. She does in-person and telephone consultations. 416.428.1039. She teaches classes as well at Sprouts (mentioned in Bronwyn’s post). Best of luck!

  • thanks so much for the replies!

    troublesjustabubble-its funny you mention that because that is basically what i finished doing a little while ago. I did a juice feast and it has helped me soooo much with health issues but i still have much to do before i am all better and whatnot. I am developing some new concerns though about new symptoms that i’m afraid could be caused by nutritional deficiencies (aside from balsamic vinegar-yummmmm i’ve been doing all raw since i ended the juice feast, i was 60-80 before, depending on the week, but i frequently had tempeh which aside from freakish amounts of hormones has lots of iron and calcium and zinc…) Just because i’m fairly new to this (was a uber healthy but not exclusively raw foods vegan for two years prior-thats the 60-80 a week i was talking about) i feel itd be silly not to rule out a problem with nutrition first. thanks so much for the input! i read your bio and some of the health issues you said you were dealing with is quite similar to what i’m trying to overcome. good to know there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    bronwyn-oooh that is exciting!!! What is up with that snow? there was SNOW on cars early this morning when i was walking my dog!! I really want to go to the next raw potluck too, you’re right i bet someone could help there, maybe we could meet up there too! i love live, their food is super delicious. have you been to rawlicious? they’re a new raw food restaurant in the junction on dundas west. They don’t put agave into quite as many things which is nice and the prices are pretty good too for a raw restaurant. you should def check it out-ooh they have this apple chutney there right now that is one of the best things i have ever tasted. brownies are wicked too.

    sweetpea-thanks i’m definitely gonna try erika wolfe thanks so much, i googled about 200 phrases but i couldn’t find anyone in t.o! Thank-you!

    and yes dreambrother, i think i might try that liver flush, i will wait until at least the new year though, seeing as ive just done the juice feast. thanks for the link!

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