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ladydaventryladydaventry Raw Newbie

I have been stalking the site for a few weeks now and finally signed up. I am tempted by the raw lifestyle and I have been a vegan for a while anyway. I suffer from poor skin, circulation and sleepness nights and I am sure it is down to my bad diet. I work as a long haul flight attendant from the UK so I eat at strange hours and I feel my body is permanently dehydrated. Any advice on how I can start making the transition?


  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Hello, well your job probably plays havoc with your system, all the shift work and flights. You need to drink alot of water because of your job and green juices would work well here. Even if you take powders with you and mix them into water as this will provide elecrolytes for you. Also, coconut water would be good. Other than that, lots of fresh fruit and veg, getting lots of regular sleep would be very good. Just keep adding the good stuff in.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    say goodbye to the bad skin, poor circulation and sleepless nights, going raw will sort all of that out for you. It must be tough being a flight attendant though, it isn’t as glam as people think is it? I normally feel ropey after a single flight, let alone doing it all the time.

    Start off with a couple of green smoothies every day. You could make them up at home and then take a couple of bottles of it on the plane with you. A good recipes is a few handfuls of spinach with home squeezed juice. Just having these will help your body to remember that raw is best and you’ll find it easier to want raw food.

    Get some recipe books. And a dehydrator would be a good idea, so you can make raw bread and crackers and take it on the plane with you. Then you just need some cheeze or a pate and some veggies to put on top and you could have raw sandwiches every day ;)

    As you switch to raw, your dehydration will stop because it takes litres of bodily fluids to digest cooked food, and all raw food except the dehydrated stuff is about 70-90% water.

    Cucumber juice and celery is the best thing ever for skin. I drink at least 2 pints a day and my skin has never been better. Even as a 100% rawie I notice the difference when I don’t have it. I like 2 cukes and 2 stalks of celery.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    hey there, im from the uk too originally, i was born in portslade, moved to bognor regis when i was 8, and moved to manchester for a year a few years back to photograph the dark penine way, then moved here to germany 3 years ago to marry my lovely german :D where in the uk are you, london or manchester area im guessing, BA are stopping the long hauls to JFK from manchester, unbelievable.

    anyho, since i went mostly raw ive found i rarely reach for a seperate drink as the water content of what im eating is so high and theres very rarely any grain type food stealing water. my skin and hair are getting lovely too, and i sleep like a baby now, before i went raw i remember saying to someone how very very tired i was and that i couldnt remember the last decent nights sleep i had had, i was sweating in my sleep, felt sick all the time, constant headaches, phyically i feel 95% healthier than i did then and thats in less than 3 months. I hope it does the same for you. nice to meeet you

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    oh Dodo, why aren’t you up here in the North West any more, it isn’t fair, you seem like the kind of raw pal I would Love ;)

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Hey Ladydaventry, Nice to meet another UK-ian (if that’s a word)!

    I think there’s been some great advice on here for you already but I would just like to sympathise with the difficulty you must have trying to maintain a raw lifestyle whilst flying.

    I flew for 8 years so can appreciate how hard it is, that said to be vegan already must help a great deal. I used to find I’d get so famished that by the time we had time to eat I’d chow down anything! I guess either that or there’d be so mcuh time that I’d eat rubbish!

    Who do you fly for and where are you based?

    Anyway, I’m just being nosy as I love the nostalgia and still have many flying pals.

    I had to go to hosp with susspected kidney stones in my 20’s when flying so the water’s always a great idea but I’m sure you know that. Other than that I think Zoe’s advice is tip top to start you off. As long as you’ve got somewhere decent to store your food. How will you be set up downroute? Do you think you’ll be ok to buy/eat out? Depending where you go most of the time of course..

    Sorry about all the questions and I hope that wasn’t a mad ramble and was a bit useful!

    If you havent found it already we have a UK thread somewhere on the ‘other stuff’ forum, I have just started a new job though so have MIA for some time! Hope to hear from you on there too..

    Welcome :o)

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    hehe thanks zoe but i think if i had moved my 6ft 8 german husband to the council estate i had to live on in Oldham life would have been made unbearable for us, especially with me being a southern pansy and all. i couldnt even walk my dog as i had to get through the estate without the dogs that are kicked out the door each morning attacking her, it was a nightmare ihave to say, loved the area and the countryside even the city was cool, but the people on my estate were dreadfull. where are you up north?

  • ladydaventryladydaventry Raw Newbie

    Aww thanks guys!! It’s lovely to get back from a long flight from Delhi and see such great advice. Unfotunately the crew food cat got the better of me and I filled up on ever so yummy veggie pakoras, which I am now totally regretting. I would love to be able to make juice and take it on board but we have a liquids ban in the UK, I can make my own salad dressings though and take them in small 100ml bottles. I work for Virgin Atlantic (the ones in red!) and flying really does take its toll on my skin. I usually drink 2L of water on a flight, more if it’s over 10 hours. But I have a nasty diet cola/coffee addiction and along with the cigarettes, they do me no favours!

    I know it is quite a transition to make but I have the willpower and determination plus there are so many nice recipes on here! I live in central London on a boat so it does get pretty chilly here (I am currently sat infront of my little heater!!) so I think I just need to take it step by step. Tomorrow I buy my juicer!

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    hah my mate was living in london on a boat too, hes just shifted it to outside reading, he was somewhere on the thames before hehehe, what a coincidence :)

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