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Why do people eat so many dates, cashews, dehydrated foods?



  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    Honey isn’t vegan and comes from inside a bee so that throws me off.

    Agave isn’t raw and doesn’t make you feel good.

    So I use dates to sweeten my daily mango sorbet. I mean what am I supposed to do? It is the lesser evil, in my opinion, between dates, agave, and honey. So I probably have a decent amount of dates each week, but I am still banana and pineapple free…dates are my only sugary hybrid and they are pretty small in quantity for the whole week.

    There will always be a sweetener argument as none of them are perfect.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Exactly, sweetpea and the others. Don’t forget, Bryan, that dates are a fruit and no matter how sweet they are they are still fruits. Fruits are benign, even though eating many dates does sicken me. But it’s the healthiest of all sweeteners out there; I use agave but dates as well, even though we all have no idea whether the agave is raw or not. Whether cashews contain a mytotoxin or not I am still eating them because I don’t really believe anything in a small amount is bad as long as it’s not cooked. Bryan, you’re forgetting that raw recipes are not meant as basic foods; they are just additions as treats or snacks to a raw diet. Most would probably agree that a raw diet should consist mostly of fresh fruits and greens.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Dates are really cheap. Here in England I buy 500g of fresh dates for £1.50. They are gorgeous, and from Iran. I don’t suppose there’s much trade going on between America and Iran, so maybe that’s why USA dates are expensive?

  • LOL Zoe – I think you hit the nail on the head with that one.

    1sweetpea – Amen.

    RawKidChef – Are you sure you’re 12? You have such great input to so many threads and you’re so knowledgeable. I know I didn’t sound as educated when I was 12 as you do :-)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    lol yea we buy our dates from Real Raw Food, where they’re a bit cheaper. Yep, lol, I’m sure I’m 12, I’ve had a lot of exposure to to raw food and healthy eating so now I’m pretty used to it :)

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    I just wanted to ad my 2 cents and say that I hope Bryan sticks around and continues to post. I keep meaning to order his book as I’ve heard really good things about it. I was actually interested in what he had to say about dates as well as everyone elses input (I think I eat too many, sometimes I’ll eat a couple before bed and now I may have a cavity..hehe..but that’s my own fault, not the dates)

    Anyhoo, I think it’s great that Bryan posts here. I value what everyone here has to say.(even those political debates where I might not agree with everyone but still glad they post) And if Bryan or anyone does have something new to sell, there’s that whole section about promotion on goneraw which I think is pretty cool. It’s called “Talk it Up”

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    The reason I prefer dates over agava i that agava is most of the time heated, and even its that certain type isn’t is still goes through high processing that leaves it lack of nutrients and enzymes, really makes it no more then a sweet taste, for me raw is not only not heated food, its also nutrition filled food packed with life energy, I also find that dates taste better, if I add agava to a smoothie I fill only a slight sweetness unless I use very high amounts, with dates 1-2 is enough and they taste better in general in my opinion, Cashew I don’t eat as the process of extracting them out of the shell requires heat also the heat deactivates a poison which is in the shell, and I believe that if heat is needed to make something that is usually poisonous into something eatable then I shouldn’t be eating that.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    From what I’ve learned about truly raw cashews, a German scientist found a way to hold the cashew nut in a clamp, and a blade strikes the shell with just the right amount of force to split the nut in half, bypassing the caustic oil. Then each nut is extracted by hand. Therefore, the nut remains raw. Sunfood has done testing on their raw cashews, and they test very low in toxins. Stay away from the health food store cashews, though. They have been heated! :)

  • I love Dr. Cousen’s books, they are super informative. Sugar of any kind should be consumed in moderation. I try. For the holidays I will be making some rich and sweet dishes, but it’s for the holidays. Normally I eat sweet fruits only occasionally and cashews only occasionally. I feel better when I eat mostly non-dehydrated watery vegetables! What Rawbryan had to say is important. I have a number of friends who are trying to go raw and doing way too many sweets and nuts. I myself did the same.

    As far as Raw-Industry making everyone cry…come on people lighten up!! I would rather have 10 raw restaurants on the corner than McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC?! Let’s get some perspective. Let’s get the raw message out to the masses, it will only help people. It’s very hard to do that if raw is considered extremist or freakish to the everyday person.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season! In Love and Light, Lauralai

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I have posted this info before but will do it again Agave is not raw there have been batches of organic raw agave that contained corn syrup from being mixed in dirty buckets in Mexico and Agave harvesting is harming an endangered bat called the Mexican long nosed vat it is their only food source and when harvested for agave or tequila they kill the plant with their method (even in the so called organic industry. I think dates or honey or even maple syrup are better considering we are losing bats and birds and reptiles faster than most other animals due to their high sensitivity to our pollution and encroaching habitats. That is just my Opinion though. As far as Bryan I have loved some of your recipes etc but have definately felt an overload on your advertising while it is fine to promote yourself and your business in certain posts about those products I think if you want to make it big remember less is more people do not come to this site for infomercials and would be more likely to ooh and aahh over your fabulousness if you didnt come on sooo strong. ( I too have struggled with extreme over excitement and although it feels great it turns off a lot of people b/c it is sooo intense)

    Stick around and look into those bats all creatures need food and there are other sweetners we can use.

    Oh yeah I do not use cashews they contain a poison around them that harms whoever shells them which is why they are hard to find raw (they are ususally steamed open) I dont think nature wants us to have things convered in poison we use to line brake lines in trucks it is highly toxic check it out.

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    I found some information on these bats. It’s so sad about this situation. I won’t be buying agave anymore. Maple syrup isn’t raw but I’d rather use it in recipes. It’s local, organic and helps support the nice folks down the road from me.

    Here’s what I found:


  • Ok got it everyone I will chill on the “sharing info” part. And I am really interested in what everyone has to say you all have good points thanks for sharing and being enlightening. RAW Community is about sharing…uplifting and hopefully being more positive as it was 10+ years ago.

    Ok I don’t want to be known as the Anti-Cashew or Dates guy but just wanted to share info and noticed a lot of recipes here have them and dehydrating too, true you may not be eating this everyday but I actually eat a raw everyday, yes mostly green smoothies and salads but for lunch or dinner I like something more filling, heavy, gourmet, etc. so I am actually looking for and creating raw recipes that does not have nuts, dehydration, nama soyu, dates…etc. but that is just me, if people enjoy or benefit or like that cool but for me I am looking for something else…

    Also a lot of people ask me how I got into RAW and how I became a RAW Chef/Author and “made it” or got my National RAW TV SHOW well I just completed my new Autobiography that actually teaches you how to self publish your own raw recipes book and for free! I teach everything I learned and everything that worked for me, I also write about not “over doing it” or “turning people off” too so your comments and avdice is very helpful thank you!

    Also growing Organic Agave does NOT DESTROY the earth or environment! Plants and fruits WANT TO BE PLANTED and want to grow to add oxygen and provide food for us and animals. Growing Agave is just like growing dates what is the difference? And the Really Raw Agave I get is REALLY RAW others are not, you can take my Really RAW Agave to a lab, have it tested, there is no corn syrup, it is not cooked but there is a patented proprietary process that naturally supresses the fermentation process other agaves are not raw obviously they are tan, too syrupy, my Really Raw Agave is sappy, clear, really raw and good for you and the planet, I would never endorse or sell anything that was not. If you enjoy dates that is great, for me they are too sticky, too sweet, messy, expensive but for you maybe not and you love it, for me Really Raw Agave is easy and fun to use, cheap, low in sugar, etc…about nuts whether you care about Mycotoxins or not there ARE MANY OTHER NUTS out there like Macadamia Nuts, Pine Nuts, Brazil, Almonds, don’t you like VARIETY??? I DO! I don’t want to eat the same nut in every recipe…but again this is me…


  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    Lately I found myself rather addicted to dates. How many do people tend to eat? I just discovered raw almond butter (it tastes so different from the not-quite raw almond butter I have made myself!) and almond butter with dates is heavenly. So far I have been limiting myself to 3 dates per sitting, but I could definitely do more. Prolly its just a fat/sweet thing. My house isn’t heated, and as I sit here smothered in blankets the tips of my fingers are numb! I’ve been avoiding cashews; they give me weird vibes.

    Zoe: I think my dates come from california.

    Bryan: I think its really cool that you are a raw chief and have so many resources but maybe you could just provide info about what you know when it is more relevant to conversation or someone has asked a question? I read here a lot to escape from doing my homework so its nice when the threads are more chill.

  • Just a observation and question for EVERYONE, I noticed a lot of people’s recipes on Goneraw.com all have dates, cashews and dehydrating.

    In answer to your question, probably because most recipes are for special occasions and most of us eat simply normally, thus NOT requiring a recipe.

  • Hi Raw Bryan! Aren’t we friends on GI2MR? I am glad you are here! I think maybe some people were offended by the tone of your post, but it didn’t bother me. You have given some helpful advice. I am glad that you offer the option to buy truly raw agave nectar from your site. I just bought raw agave nectar from Whole Foods and I was thinking that it was truly raw. I do not enjoy wasting my money on false products so thank you for the info.

    You know what? SOMEBODY’S always going to be offended by something. When I spend my hard earned money to have my book printed, someone will say “oh you shouldn’t charge for that information if you really want to help people”.Whateva!...the laborer is worthy of his hire en punto!

    So, if no one else wants to hear the helpful information that you offer…I DO! So hit me up on GI2MR ;-) ha haaaa!

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Please don’t miss my point, people. I’m all for rawbryan making loads of $$$ on his books and products. Go capitalism! I’m just totally against him hawking his wares here in the forums in a thread intended for people who are new to raw and have questions, or any thread other than Talk It Up or perhaps Other Stuff. The sad truth is, I would potentially be very interested in his “Raw in 10” book. The recipes are probably right up my alley, but now I’m so turned off by him that I won’t even bother to check out his website. That’s a shame. My loss, perhaps, but I suspect I’ll get over it.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Another reason a lot of recipes are made with cashews is that they are recipes that sould originally have been made with dairy, and cashews blend up creamy with water – no gritty texture like when blending all those other nuts. Pine nuts get creamy, too, but the taste is stronger/different, plus pine nuts are a lot more expensive than cashews.

    I eat “recipes” for 2 out of 3 meals, and the third meal is often a salad with a “recipe” food added (like flax crackers or seed cheese). I also listen to my body. Sometimes I go for months without eating cashews, and other times I want loads of them. Sometimes I want dates so much that I just eat several of them plain, and other times I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.

    It’s interesting that you say that Gabriel Cousens does raw “correctly” (I think you said that on another topic). I’ve read a couple of his books. I’ve read other books. I find things I can use from a lot of different people’s writings/”science”/opinions. Gabriel Cousens has helped people heal. David Wolfe (sells really raw cashews) has helped people heal. Douglas Graham has helped people heal. I know & know of people who have been healed of serious diseases while eating raw cashews, dates, dehydrated foods…I think it’s all about finding what works for you.

  • All said and done Rawbryan. I love you mate. You are a star. Just let the man ‘be’ thats what I say. Guys, If you don’t dig it then just ignore it…if no-one gives any energy to the sales then I am sure sooner or later he will get the message. Dear ‘Ungrateful’.....need I say any more? Change your name. Why do we have a right to tell someone publicly what we think of their personality and words?? He is learning just as we are and I know someone very similar to rawbryan who is a great person but likes to sell things and promote himself in the raw industry, but he too is ALL love and so one picks out the parts one likes and focusses on that. The world is a better place on the whole having these extraordinary people who have the courage to live and work in a raw living capacity. Give the guy a break. He is a tall poppy and a beautiful one at that..Let him grow stronger and brighter than all of us. Anyway….have fun with it all. And thankyou for being my first friend mate. :) :)

  • Wow thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions. Yes I am new here and here to learn and share. I do from time to time share what I believe is good info or products that I happen to be selling yes and happens to be part of my full time raw job that I have been doing for the past 12+ years. Part of my goals is to make RAW Mainstream and “normal” which it is already but as soon as you walk out that door it is all McDonalds, Cooked, Toxic stuff like Everywhere? Wouldn’t it be great to have more Raw Restaurants, Cafes, Potlucks, Parties everywhere instead? It would make raw so much more fun, easier, better, and I can only imagine the future potential, bliss and possibitlities. I know for a lot of people they enjoy the smaller community aspects and might be afraid of what may happen if RAW goes mainstream but whether I want to take it there or not someone else will. At least with my recipes I try to minimize the use of nuts and dehydrating, none of my recipes uses dehydrating and all my new ones have little to no nuts. I can’t control the “tone” of my postings because this is 2D internet and not 3D live meeting face to face and becoming friends, of course I am not the same way in person as I am on the internet who is? But no worries WE ARE ALL LOVE and all here to learn from each other, to share, etc. We all do it in different ways, I don’t come on here and judge or criticsize others just not my style and why would I do that? We are all raw, all friends, all love all the time! But just the same I appreciate everyone’s comments, suggestions and postings I am learning a lot and fast. I will try to tone it down and no I cannot please everyone and if you meet me in person you would probably like me and be my friend forever the Internet has a way of “turning people off” when my intention is to share and learn like everyone else. But people on the internet and in 2D well a lot of misscommunication can happen or people might take things the wrong way or vent or whatever other reasons they are online. I am here to learn, enjoy, and share that is what the definition of “Community” is and you have to admit having different people with different energies makes things interesting…that is why I commented on a lot of recipes having cashew, nama soyu, dates, dehydrating I am sure I am not the only one that is observing this! If you look at most of the recipes here they do have a lot of cashew, dates, nama soyu in them, if you like those and they make you feel good great! For me I will eat them sometimes but I am trying to limit my mycotoxin intake I just don’t want that in my body and I am trying to keep it low to no sugar too. But everyone has their likes and dislikes I am not saying mine is any better or superior but I am saying I am not into using dates, cashews or dehydrating(that much I do it sometimes) and I was merely making an observation that a lot of recipes here have those 3 in common, I am not making a judgement or saying it is “wrong” if you dig it cool! I am just looking and eating more raw recipes that do not have dates, nuts and dehydrating that is just me. That does not mean I don’t enjoy all the new recipes, looking at them, admiring the creativity! Because I do a lot but I won’t necessarily make or eat some of them. Anyways I think we all made good points and I just wanted so see what people’s answers are and I got it. I really appreciate the kind support, friends and even other people’s comments and answers I learned a lot and appreciate it thank you everyone! RAW HUGS! :D

  • Good for you mate. :) Take Care….

  • Thank you Lexiloo you are a super RAW Sweetie and Angel! Reminds me of what the raw scene was like 10+ years ago, all love, all positive vibes…it has changed and I watched it change slowly over the years…but it is all good all the time RAW HUGS! :D

  • Thank you for sharing rawbryan…I read about mycotoxins in the book the pH miracle but it was so long ago. I was one to eat a whole lot of nuts and do a whole lot of dehydrating when I first started raw in August of this year until I read that maybe it’s not so good to overdo it on nuts and dehydrating. If someone had not pointed that out to me, I could be suffering the consequences yet today because I had stopped losing weight and wasn’t feeling as energetic as I do now. Now, I realize that what I was feeling was dehydration actually. Well anyway, thanks for sharing…I realized your intentions were good from the start. You helped me, because I had forgotten all about the mycotoxin news and had just eaten 8 dates that morning! lol! Well, I’m still transitioning (only been 3 months) so sweets are what I turn to when school gets to me. Take care Bryan! I’m going to check out your site now…

    Oh yea..and some of you need to leave this good looking man alone and stop picking on him…lol! (I’ve got jokes)...hugs to all! bye now ;-)

  • Thank you Kendra. I kinda knew I would get a reaction! I don’t want to be the “bad guy” because I know a lot of RAW Products, recipes, books have dates, cashews, deyhdration…I am not saying don’t eat it, or it is all bad, I am just saying do some research, be aware, I will eat them sometimes moderation is all good, my intention is to create awareness and I want people who do RAW to not get sick from it or have problems and to do it in a fun healthy way, too often everyone just follows the crowd that is why people get Vitamixes or do this or that…but I just wanted to create awareness that there are alternatives and also certain consequences I know that might make me unpopular because many people use or have cashews, dates, dehydration in their book, ebook, recipes, and so on I am not trying to mess it up for anyone but I would like to point out that there are other nuts to use and try that do not have high mycotoxins, and that reall raw agave is also an alternative to dates, BUT if you are into cashews and dates then go for it!

    But ok besides all that jazz, I wanted to share a new interview I just did for a great RAW Website, in my interview I go in depth about raw, my past, how I got into it, why I do it as my living and career, and there are FREE PRODUCT Giveaways, DISCOUNTS, also RAW SECRETS of mine you did not know about before…I also reveal my true loving healing intentions, what I want to do with my success if it comes, why I want to unify and bring the RAW community and “industry” together and more:

    I just did a in depth interview that explains why I DO RAW FOR A LIVING and what I am really about: http://rawepicurean.net/2008/11/06/bryan-au-an-...

    It really captures the flavor of what I am about, why I promote RAW and more! There are also FREE GIVEAWAYS, DISCOUNTS, RAW SECRETS and more I hope you enjoy it! :D

    Also about looks thank you for the compliments, but I think everyone is beautiful and gorgeous in their own special unique way! If people want to make fun of me or whatever that is ok I can take a joke or humor but I did want to add that I don’t really judge people on looks or things, for me their heart, soul, real intentions and personality is what appeals to me, but thanks for the compliments just the same! :D

    Raw hugs, Bryan Au

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie


    I know I should check this out for myself but if you can save me from yet another book to read (right now) I'd be so grateful. I already have some cashews and I'm sure they would be fine, like you suggest, in moderation. This whole mycotoxins thing does have me wondering. Do you think storing them in the freezer might help. Sorry if this sounds dumb to those who already understand this subject.

    Also, could you throw in the short version of why Nama Shoyu is not a great choice. I thought unpasteurized = raw/live.

    Anyhow, hope your still out there. Thanks for trying to share your experience.

    I cant imagine all the outspoken folks on this site needing to discount anyone in business for themselves. If you don't want to buy anything (including advice) don't. I couldnt count the number of times a day I must choose to part with my money or not. It's not all that trying or offensive.

    lol on the whole agave scare of 08. Wish I could say I haven't put worse things in my system but I have and so has everyone of us.

    hugs, Mary

  • I won't use cashews unless they're truly raw as they are very prone to mould and high in sugar. Dates are also high in sugar and I prefer them in moderation due to this. Dried fruit is dense and can sometimes be preferred if there is an intolerance to nuts/seeds.


  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    That's why I ask.

    As far as I know these cashews are raw, but I only say that because they look different and taste different then the ones I have bought my whole life.

    BUT perhaps the differance in taste is due to (geez!) mold. I think I just put myself off them. Anyhow, you cant really sprout them to double check and a raw chef I like said they dont need soaking (along with macs, brazil & pine nuts).

    I am fine with sticking to other types of nuts in the future but I'd like to use what I have. And I do agree with limiting nuts which is why mine are all stored in the freezer anyhow. I dont use them very much but I'm super excited to try making Almond Butter. I soaked them last night and really appreciate the threads on that sub. I ran across last night. I hope I like it as much as all of you. I've never had the jarred stuff either.

    Beautiful site Anabrese!

  • I don't use agave because the main carbohydrate is a complex form of fructose called inulin or fructosan and my body can't tolerate that. It's the same for maple so I use dates or honey to sweeten. If I use di- or polysaccharides I get extremely ill. Unfortunately all soy products are included so I'm at a loss when it comes to recipes that have nama shoyu. Flax seeds are also off limits so I can't make 99% of the cracker or bread recipes on this site. It can be a little frustrating because I'm sure everyone's recipes are fabulous! I use various nuts based on the flavors I want. First time I try a recipe I'll follow it exactly and then modify from there. For example a raw cheese recipe I got from Raw Food, Real World called for macadamia nuts. I loved that but they're so expensive that I switched to walnuts and it's just as lovely. The texture is different though so sometimes I rely on cashews because of the creamier texture they can create. But I think almonds might be the main nut I rely on. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. :)

    Oh and just a little note for RawBryan (hi :P ). Part of the "aggression" that I think people might be sensing is coming from how often you use all caps. Most people associate that with yelling. Just a thought.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

  • aha....dat explains why my skin has been acting and i haven't had normal bowel movements in a week i have been eating cashews, dehydrated foods, and dates for about two weeks i noticed my energy went down! it was only 11 a.m. and i was feeling sooooo sleepy my skin started breaking out.... ...yea i can't tolerate these things too much... i was doing just fine with fresh and whole veggies with moderate amounts of fruits

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    I hafta ask...what in the world is *wrong* with dates? They are a whole food and if you eat them seasonally you are getting them fairly fresh. They may not be as fresh as bananas but heck, they are an ancient beautiful sweet lovely food. They are also full of fiber, so naturally regulating. I just can't find anything really wrong with them in a natural organically grown unfumigated state of course, I certainly wouldn't eat them for days on end due to the sweetness but I'll have a meal of dates and feel wonderful. I can't have a meal of honey, agave nectar, cashews or dehydrated food and feel that wonderful.

    Yes, Bryan a little aggressive with the sales there. I too write recipe books but have never advertised here aside from the link in my profile. Whoops I guess that slipped out. ;-)

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Raw Curls,

    When I tried to check out your link it wouldn't work. I could use all the info you can share so don't hold back & best of luck.

    Bryan hasn't said boo in quite a while yet he's still getting nips from some. He's prob. blissfully unaware of the helpful little jabs, hanging and working with more positive people. In the mean time, I think he may be the only one who knows or would bother to answer my question about whether freezing would help with the concern about cashews/mycotoxins.

    The only really constructive answer to his QUESTION (not yelling) came from Superfood and made plain sense.

    ps I like dates too but that's something else that will last me forever cuz I just use a couple here or there like smoothies or a treat. Fix your link, I have seen some great recipes from you. You might have just what someone is looking for.

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