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raw agave nectar?? health fraud??? fructose not Levulose

oh my gosh. is this true... that agave nectar isn't as natural as it's advertised?


any input from my fellow raw foodies?

do you use dates over raw agave nectar?

raw honey over maple syrup?

according to that article agave nectar isn't as natural as it seems.

this article makes it seem worse than high fructose corn syrup.

what do ya'll think?



  • I try to stay away from all refined sweeteners. I mostly use dates, but if I have to, I will use organic, local raw honey. Whole leaf stevia (fresh or dried) is great too.

    Refined sweeteners make me feel all peaky. Plus they're realllyyyy expensive.

  • Well now that you have brought this to my attention, I am no longer buying "raw" agave nectar. I read the article that you posted, and I also found this one, that I trust more:


    I just used some today, too...poo. Now the only sweetner I will be using is honey.

  • Katherynintheraw - what's that you are kissing in your picture? I've seen them but don't know what they are or how to eat them.

  • thanx for the link.

    i just bought a pound of agave nectar.

    but, i think i'll stick with honey or dates after that.

    can't wait to find out what that green fruit is.

    it looks so exotic!

    isn't it amazing how many fruits there are out there on earth?

  • From the first link:

    '" According to Mr. Stutsman [FDA], agave, whose main carbohydrate is starch, requires the label "hydrolyzed inulin syrup." Even though, like corn, agave is a starch processed with enzymes, it does not require the label high fructose agave syrup because the resulting refined fructose sweetener is so sweet that it is chemically closer to inulin."

    I checked, my agave does not have the "hydrolyzed inulin syrup" required for the processed agave the article seems to be focused on. Either my brand is ignoring FDA regulations, or the article is a bit exaggerated.

    Not arguing that agave is 100% raw, just likely less processed than this article expresses.

  • Hmmm, don't think I will be using agave as much now either. I much prefer raw honey anyway. I haven't tried stevia yet though

  • haha, Thanks guys, I've always liked that picture too.

    It's a green coconut! They have even less meat in them than the young coconuts you can get in stores, but their water is sweet, fresh and aaaaamazing!

    The one in my picture was my first ever green coconut, and how I ended a 5 day fast last summer.

  • This Natural News Article is very true! But I have found ONE REALLY RAW AGAVE it is direct from Mexico and you can e-mail the founder/CEO/Maker of this brand I found they have a special patented technique that keeps the Agave truly raw and is 100% organic, they even challenge people to do a lab test on it to prove it, they have for example and they are one of the first to state that all other agaves are what the article says, treated with corn syrup, cooked, etc.

    Fact is this one really raw organic agave brand exists I found them at RAW Spirit Fest and I use them and recommend them. Fact is really raw organic agave is low glycemic and better than high sugar dates or honey of course when you use those in moderation it is ok and healthy but most people will overload pies, desserts, raw food with dates and honey, to the point where one slice of pie is like TONS of sugar but you cannot tell how much they used that is the danger of dates and honey the high sugar content and control. Where agave tastes really sweet but is low sugar and low glycemic when you get the REALLY RAW AGAVE it is good and healthy, not cooked, not treated, not corn syrup, not bad only the fake cooked stuff is!

    Also obviously the author did not read Gabriel Cousens MD's The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine that states that Apple Juice is super high in mycotoxins and is not a safe sweetner. Maple syrup is not even raw, stevia is a good one but the taste is not so great, there is also Yacon Syrup...

  • bryanraw: which agave is the one from mexico? Do you have a link to their website?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    if it is in a bottle it ain't raw. Sorry but with the exception of a couple of brands of olive oil and ACV, how many times have I had this proven true??!! There's not much chance of anyone trying to persuade me that agave nectar in any bottled form is raw, no matter what tests and what contrived conditions they process it in to try and aqueeze a processed product under the "raw" banner. What's wrong with dates? I have always used fresh raw dates and never agave. They are cheap, raw, tasty and work so well in recipes.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Bryan if it is sweet than something artificial has been done with it I am not buying the agave theory either, it's not really pure. As far as honey, I love raw honey provided it's local. Despite the fact that it is high in sugar it does not affect the blood sugar as much as other sweeteners do. Dates are fine with me, I make syrups out of them and caramels.

  • KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

    Wow - no more Agave for me! I'm SO GLAD I found out about this - I didn't use it to often but my mom did. I just bought a bottle and already took it back this evening. I'll be sticking with honey and fruits from now on...

    Thank you for posting this information!!

  • Sure this is the link if you are a company, food manufacturer or LLC it is professional wholesale accounts only :


    They have a different website for everyone else with retail prices and it is only slightly more in price:


    They are the best tell them Bryan Au sent ya! You can test their Agave they are the ONLY REALLY RAW AGAVE and 100% Organic they have lab reports, tests, you can analyze it at a lab too. When you buy or taste their really raw organic agave it is clear, sappy, very light and nectar energy the real deal.

    Ok really quickly I have nothing against dates yes they are fruit, all natural, but I have noticed that a lot of desserts and recipes over use them meaning they are just loaded with dates so in one slice of pie you may be eating like 6 or 7 dates from the crust and filling! Normally in one day like 1 to 2 dates is PLENTY OF SUGAR! 3 is maxed out more than that is definitely TOO MUCH SUGAR! Our bodies and cells just are not designed to eat that much sugar that is why people become diabetic, depressed, hypoglycemic very quickly in our country Diabetes II is very epidemic and many raw food people, owners of websites, raw magazines are getting cancer now which is odd why would they if they are raw??? Again HIGH SUGAR FEEDS Cancer, Disease, opens up health problems, so even through dates is all natural fruit, same with honey, it is still VERY HIGH SUGAR and in most recipes is OVERLOADED and you cannot tell how much you are getting in one slice or pie, it takes a lot of dates to keep all the nuts together or to "sweeten" the pie or filling!

    THAT IS WHY I USE AND RECOMMEND AGAVE! It only "tastes sweet" but is really low sugar and low glycemic. Also it binds ingredients and keeps crusts together really well, you can easily measure and control how much you are using and know exactly how much sugar you are getting, the articles everyone is freaking out about is ABOUT FAKE COOKED AGAVE IT DOES NOT APPLY TO REALLY RAW ORGANIC AGAVE SO ALL THOSE ARTICLES do not apply to the Really RAW Organic Agave from this company the one with ingegrity and really raw organic agave!

    So if you use dates and honey that is fine just be careful how much you use per day and in moderation, with Agave it is safe and low sugar if it is REALLY RAW ORGANIC AGAVE! Just because it is in a bottle does not mean it is bad, this one is good really...there is much more info they have special patented info and process that supresses the fermentaion process otherwise all agave turns into Tequila they did not mention in the article that is why all the other agaves are fake and cooked to keep it from fermenting into Tequila or why they add corn syrup, again THIS COMPANY AND ABOVE LINKS is REALLY RAW ORGANIC AGAVE PURE AND you can tell by tasting it and using it, I use it love it, recommend it...up to you!

  • That sounds nice and makes sense, with honey well some people consider it not to be vegan and some people want to keep their raw food vegan, with dates sure it is natural and good but just be careful how much you use many raw foodists tend to overload their recipes not on purpose but just happens and it is hard to tell how much you are getting in one slice of pie or in food so it may be overloaded with sugar...just be careful and moderate...with really raw organic agave it is easier to use, less messy, definitely low sugar and low glycemic when you get the ONE real deal I believe it to be healthy, sadly other companies and "raw agave" is not, but the one I found REALLY IS! I met them at Raw Spirit Fest I believe they have very high intergrity and the ONLY REALLY RAW AGAVE ORGANIC!

  • There is nothing "wrong" with dates, they are fine if you use like 1 to 2 or 3 max a day, more than that really is too much sugar, in a average slice of RAW PIE you may be getting like 4 to 5 to 6 or 7 dates in just one slice! We just are not designed to eat high sugar it actually freaks our cells out, it has caused Hypoglcemic conditions in people I have met many who get this and it is VERY Hard to reverse once you get it, and our cells freak out when we eat high sugar and it also feeds cancer, candida, fungus in our blood too sugar does this! So even though dates are natural and good they just tend to be too high in sugar and too many recipes are overloaded with them, if you do not use enough dates in a crust they do not bind or stay together so you end up using TONS and overloading just in the crust not to mention the pie filling too it takes a lot of dates to "sweeten" things...same with Honey...

    With Really Raw Organic Agave you can carefully moderate the amount of sugar and know how much you are using and limit your sugar and glycemic index this is VERY ESSENTIAL FOR GOOD HEALTH so many people may be eating raw organic dates/honey thinking oh how nice this is very natural and healthy but are really getting too much sugar and overloading their system and feeding cancer, fungus, candida I have seen this happen in a lot of people and at medical places...some signs of too much sugar in your diet= being grumpy, negative, moody, fatigue, tired, slow, can't remember things, that is in men and women, women will get yeast infections, men do not get yeast infections but other symptoms above. We all have cancer cells in our body too but our immunity and body supresses it and gets rid of it or keeps it in check each day, but when you eat too many dates, sugar, honey it FEEDS THE CANCER AND DISEASE we all have that is how it over grows and takes over and how we get "CANCER" or "SICK" you are actually maybe feeding it making it worse and one day it takes over and is too late, this is FACT AND TRUE LOOK IT UP! That is why it is so important to keep IT LOW SUGAR NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE USING SERIOUSLY!!! Of course Stevia and Yacon syrup is NO SUGAR NO GLYCEMIC INDEX you can grow your own Stevia and make your own stevia syrup and sweetner or just use the leafs. Yacon syrup is super expensive and has strong molasses taste so you can't use it in everything...hope my info helps I did the research have been RAW 12+ years, have seen things, cases, know people and been to raw medical places...I know what I am talking about! Becuase you are "ok now" does not mean you are not over doing it, disease and cancer is something that builds up slowly and one day takes over that is when you are in trouble and sick...

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I looooove dates!

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    The problem here is we have articles saying it is not raw, which is fine.

    I think there are studies online that say THIS FOOD is good, and then studies that say THIS FOOD is bad, and if you look for it, you will find it.

    But I have a real issue with sales people like bryanraw, coming to this site and really trying to push raw agave at us. He has an online store, http://www.rawinten.com/RawOnlineStore.html

    and obviously wouldn't be so aggressive at trying to convince site members of Goneraw that it is good for you, unless there is something in it for him.

    We somebody gives me advice I always ask "What is behind the curtain?" to myself.

    I was taught this for real estate investing and it does help.

    Anybody that has watched the Wizard of Oz will understand this concept.

    At the end of the show we find out who the wizard *really* is.

    So when i ask myself this question, I see a salesperson giving me advice to definitely buy a product that they sell.

    So even though I don't use raw agave myself, i just wanted to point that out, since I hate salespeople LOL

    and was surprised to see one on this site, and more surprised the mods allow it.

    It actually gives me a sick feeling inside.


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I know how you feel, rawcanadian. I was enjoying this thread until the non-stop sales pitch from bryan started. Again. I hope readers keep an open mind when reading his posts, because sometimes he fibs about products.

    On agave, though. The first time I saw the word "nectar" used, it hit me as just a sales ploy to sell a boiled syrup. "Nectar" sounds cool. It works. Personally, I don't see anything more evil in agave syrup than I do in any cooked syrup. I love maple syrup because of the flavor, and use it(rarely) for the taste when I sweeten a special raw recipe(even though it's cooked). But organic maple syprup is expansive, and while I would love to use dates, I have always understood that most dates are fumigated to protect them from fungus, so I'm not sure what I am eating with them.

    However, while I usually take anything I read from Natural News with a massive grain of salt, I think I'll just stop using agave syrup altogether. I don't know about others, but when I use it, I get a bit sick to my stomach.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I bought a bottle of agave syrup a while ago. It took me some time to get around to opening it, but once I did, it had a disastrous effect on me. I didn't love the flavour, but it had an addictive quality that led to me finishing the bottle in a matter of only a few days. It may not produce a strong glycemic response in people the way other sugars do, but it was like a drug for me. I was squeezing drops on nuts, drinking spoonfuls of it and basically sucking it back like there was no tomorrow. I'm not militant about raw vs. cooked. I'm just trying to get healthy, period. To be honest, the agave syrup tasted cooked, but I can't say for sure that it is. I will not buy agave syrup ever again, because it made me into an agave syrup junkie. The most bizarre part of all though, is the fact that I didn't even like the flavour. It reminds me of the too sweet red coating on candy apples (ie. burnt sugar). Yet, I couldn't stop eating it. Scary.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I love agave. I love raw honey. I love dates. I love zucchini, and cauliflower, and almonds, and greens, and avocados, and... I feel good when I eat what's best for me, and that isn't the same things or the same amounts every day or every week. The "raw agave nectar" that I use doesn't raise my blood sugar nearly as fast as honey, or dates, or refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup (which makes me sick if I eat even a little). When I feel that quick-acting sugars are stressing out my system too much, I use agave & I don't get the same reaction. When I feel a need for raw honey, I eat it & don't have a problem keeping my blood sugar normal in either circumstance (I'm Diabetic, type 1). When I eat good, I feel good. I can't imagine trying to do it someone else's way (3 dates a day is too much sugar?), because my way works the best for me. I know, because I've tried following other people's recommendations, and I've tried following my own body/spirit/conscience, and I've experienced the difference.




  • YOU KNOW WHAT? GO BACK TO YOUR UNRESEARCHED HIGH MYCOTOXIN SUPER HIGH SUGAR all dates/cashew recipes you will find out in the very near future where that will lead you and where that will get you and one day you will go oh wow rawbryan was right! I tried to warn you, I Have been raw and promoting it 12+ years I have seen everything you are all newbies thinking oh cool free recipes great, well all I see is SUPER HIGH MYCOTOXINS and SUPER HIGH SUGAR I know what happens to people who eat this, your negativity is one sign...and websites and people like you are ruining the raw world and community bringing hate, negativity, judgements thinking you know what you are talking about, I am not coming back here to save all the new people you are lying and tricking, have a nice HIGH MYCOTOXIN HIGH SUGAR LIFE YOU WILL SEE for yourselves, I tried....BYE GONE WRONG!!!

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    I hate To Bust Your Bubble, But Honey is Routinely Heated During Processing to remove it from its Combs, All thought There are a few products that are processed at lower temperatures, I'm not sure which brands they are... Do a 'Raw Unheated Honey' Search to find a few of those... Sa La Vie....

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    Jeez. Why so Negative Dude... Everybody has to start somewhere... and Really the only place to find any info on going raw is on the net... problem is one person can't read/find it all out in just a few months... as For me I've been eating raw and cooked veggies for most of my life as I come from a farming community and I've never really liked meat nor have I eaten any in a long time... So Give us Newbie Raws a Break and rather to raving at us... Teach Us and pass on some of that expertise...

    Just my Two Cents.... and for the record I us Stevia as a sweetner...

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    The other agave thread points out that agave undergoes hydrolysis to access the free sugars and therefore make it sweet, which is how ethanol fuel is produced except it is not fermented.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    How do you use dates as a sweetener?

    I have been using agave quite a bit. Used some in a Thanksgiving desert today too. I actually use it quit a bit. I was skeptical about this post at first, but now I see more reason to use honey. I have been using agave because I like it better. Glad I saw this posted. I will still likely use it some, but not near as much.

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    As Far as Sweetners Goes I use Stevia If you aren't looking for more Volume that is...

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    www.thehoneycompany.com sells RAW honey - I've seen the whole process there. He even uses a fine-toothed metal comb thingy to uncap the honeycomb so it won't get the heat that would come from using a hot knife like a lot of beekeepers use. He is also selective about where he places his bees - doesn't put them in places where he knows they will be exposed to lots of pesticides, etc. Good stuff, if you want to use honey, and at least the last time I bought some, the prices are great compared to other brands.

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