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Where is the old crowd? Blue Dolphin, Omshanti, anyone?



  • Hey Everyone!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    I too miss that old feeling of the "good ole days"!!

    Miss the connection. But through this thread I see that it

    is still there...

    I do miss some who I do not see logging in on GR.

    But I also see some old members such as aspire, Joyce H,

    waterbaby12347 log on from time to time and just not post.

    It makes me happy to know they are still out there...behind the scenes.

    But we all go through phases in life...transitions.

    And who knows maybe some are just in hibernation.

    Bluedolfin -

    I just wanted to say I could relate to what you wrote earlier

    about judging, perceptions, and respecting others viewpoints.

    I will always carry apart of what you wrote in the back of my mind.

    And that is one of the reasons I really enjoy GR...we might not know how

    or be aware, but we do affect and touch each other in some form or another.

    Thanks for sharing your Thoughts. I appreciated them.

    Many Smiles Everyone!!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Hi every one. Did you see I added to my name? I changed it during the improving of gone raw. Thought it would be easier. Wow what a mistake. Just a few days ago got every thing cleared up.

    Yes!!! The politic thing was really up setting for me. Glad it is over! Now we can settle back for 4 peaceful years ( I hope ).

    I tried many of Russell James "Christmas Recipes" for the holidays. Not one was a flopp! I put his mango custard over cut up fruit for the dessert. A very nice touch for such a heavy meal.

    Glad to see all of you here. !!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    The trolls: I got to where I could never know who to trust, so I stopped giving out information because I didn't know the intentions in asking for it. :P I still come & look/read/post once in a while, but I agree - it ain't like it used to be!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie


    Your words touched my heart in a place that responded to them (yes, I know, it would be nice to never "need" another's validation... *sigh*). Please keep us (or at least me) posted how those words in the "back of your mind" influence you. The light will be extraordinary. :) It would be great to explore a workable thingy (I couldn't even come up with a word for it that doesn't sound inadequate or woowoo) with as many as possible. Gosh, could we actually come up with something that really works for this community... or even have wider influence?!?

    beany beegan~

    Which recipes did you try? I have a unexplainable urge to drool for a bit. 80)

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is expecting a wonderful New Year!!! I too have missed the old familiar faces and maybe like me, they have been lurking in the background learning the new site...

    Thanks meditating for this thread, we all needed a little nudge in the right direction... REBOUNDER reminder!!! smile

    Beany~ It would be nice if you noticed the thread I started Dec 2 looking for your information... Please look at my track and see the" Beany Beany where are you" thread... Sure would like the information requested... smile

    Hope we all have a better year, those with jobs, keep them; those without, get one; those suffering, find health; those in sorrow, find joy; those in turmoil, find peace!!! May we all be FINE in '09!!!

  • Hi - Happy New Year. Miss you guys - things aren't the same, that's for sure. Hope 2009 brings you happiness. Peace, Karuna

  • corecriescorecries Raw Newbie

    What are Trolls?

    Sounds like it was more tightly knit before, what was the diffference?

    I am new and I really appreciate this forum, it is very supportive and informative.

    So thanks goes to the people who run it :)

    and the people who make it /...us :)

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    Hey you all! i came to peruse in a free moment and saw this post! HAPPY NEW YEAR! glad ot see the site up and running better than the last time i was here and have missed all the fun reparte'! grin! wanted to say"hi" to all my old buds on here, blue ,meditating, joyce h, waterbaby, simply raw, angie, Berry,kmom and all the others! missed you all!

    left due to paranoia and scheduling...as you all know i tend to overshare! batts eyelashes, and wanted to become anonomous...yeah riiiiiight! like that will ever happen as much shit as i put on the internet so i decided to do the next best thing and move! grin! NO bad experiences, some sausy back and forth over the politics and some boring misguided religious discourse maybe a troll or two but looks like things are ship shape now....gonna try to keep a low profile but wanted to say "aww" thanks for missing me! hugs and squiches!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    OMSHANTI - Glad to see you are still kicking. I know what you mean about oversharing. I like to be open but also prefer to guard where I am in case I piss some lunatic off. LOL. KARUNA - I love your avitar too. Every time I see it I immediately perceive that little, soft kitty smell. SIMPLY RAW, BEANY, and ANGIE. These names all sound familiar and I hope life has been good to you all these weeks. Glad to see you guys b. BEANY, did you get married? Just wondering because of the name change.

    Maybe now that the upgrade and holidays are behind us, it can return to old times. I have been visiting 2 other raw websites but this was by far the better group so I hope most of us come back online. I had no idea so many raw foodies were ungrounded and willing to believe anything. I am just amazed at the crap I have been reading there. In a way it is just a freak show. On another site I decided to I jump off some time ago because, while there were some really nice people there, most threads had people just biting at each other. I don't mean debate and disagreement, I mean personal jabs over perceived slights that weren't there. That happened occasionally here and it was unfortunate if some took rigorous debate as personal attacks, but I didn't realize how cohesive this group was until I went elsewhere. It's true, sometimes you don't know what you got until it's gone.

  • Meditating - Is your fast over? How did it go? How many days?

    I did a four day juice fast right before vacation (not a big deal, I know), but I just spent 15 days in baja eating terribly. urgh. at least i windsurfed enough to keep up with the calories.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    DAGNY - Thanks for asking. The one thing I dislike about fasting is not being able to socialize with my friends. This go round I did a water fast for 9 days and felt very good. I am on day 3 of a transition back to eating. The day after Thanksgiving I fasted for 13 days and the day after Christmas I fasted for 9 days. I have lost a total of 20 lbs. I have been unable to lose this much weight since my accident so I am very pleased with the results and the increased energy.

    Because I don't care to fast more than a week because I start to feel shut in, I am going to begin fasting 2 days weekly and then after three weeks of that I will fast for a week. My main goal is to lose as much as I can quickly and get off my last hypertension pill. The medicine makes me feel badly and makes me lethargic. Everyday I just try to get through the day and am exhausted; however, when I fast I may feel tired at the end of the day but not like I have been strapped to a plow. Big difference.

    I will try this new cycle and see how it goes. I have dropped a full size now and just went through all my clothes and pulled out those that were one size smaller to wear and took my larger clothes to Good Will. That was a good feeling. I hope this continues to work for me.

    One thing I really noticed is that the detox symptoms this go around were not bad at all. My tongue didn't even turn white. I did 2 Master Cleanses last year and during the after-Thanksgiving fast this year my tongue turned really white and I had heavier symptoms my first 3 days. When I started the after-Christmas fast I didn't notice any detox symptoms and my tongue remained pink so I think I am really getting my body cleaned out.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone. Good to see all of you.

    I sort of dropped off this site when they changed. I got really frustrated with the login process because I didn't want to create a new account and by the time they got it fixed I have got out of the habit. I also liked the other design better.....it just seemed more colorful and pretty and friendly.

    good to see you here dagny:)

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Meditating - thanks for starting this thread! I miss hearing your wisdom.

    Omshanti - I hope all is well with the horses business and the plans for moving.

    Karuna - The recipes you shared with us were always delightful.

    Waterbaby - agreed! May we all be fine in 2009! I hope your leg has healed completely.

    Bluedolfin - I feel the positive vibrations from your post.

    SimplyRaw - Good to hear from you!

    I left because I was spending too much time posting..to remain anonymous... also because the old community changed.

  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    I'm an oldie. I've posted a bit here and there during the change & then I couldn't get into my account. I'm still trying to learn the new site. I am thankful of all the effort put into the new changes ..but I must admit I miss the feel of the old goneraw.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Water baby----will look up your post "Beany"

    Meditating--- newly married. lol Jan. 28 we will be married 45 years.

    Bluedolfin--- o.k. start drooling---

    sinderella drink: very good sadly, it caused indigestion (must be my age)

    spiced cranberry & pomegranate relish (on the crunchy side)

    herb- infused maple & pecan sweet potatoes: ( Loved this recipe doesn't have all the spices and sweetness like most sweet potato recipes)

    carmamelised onion creamy mushroom gravy: (the best mushroom gravy so far, caramelised onions I will use as a side dish many times over)

    Kilted sausages: (like most meat replacements, they are not like the real thing, but still very good and fun to make)

    Christmas Pudding with custard: ( I only made the mango custard and stirred it into chunks of tropical fruit)

    I wish I could give you all the recipes but I don't think Russell James would like that. smile

  • Meditating - thanks for the report on your fast. You are strong! I've never done a water fast, but on a short master cleanse (which I did not like) and the juice fast, I've never gotten the white tongue that folks talk about. I had a few hours of feeling like my breath was not exactly delicious last time, but it went away quickly.

    Troublesjustabubble - Good to see you too! I hope you and your husband are having a wonderful new year.

  • It is so nice to see you guys are still out there!!!!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    ARTZY FARTZY - Good to see you.

    WINONA - I haven't heard from you in a long time. I tried to read the sign on your avitar and I couldn't read the last two lines so I assumed it said "Free Vegan Husband."

    TROUBLE - You know I thought you had been consistently around. I wonder if I just saw one of those backdated threads and that it was a current one. That really threw me off when that first started happening. I would be reading a thread and thinking that this sounded familiar and then I would be the next post.

    Wow - After reading all that it was like being at a class reunion.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    DagnyTaggart~ Sorry to hear about the breakin. Been there, done that. For me, the worst part about the whole experience if feeling home is no long a safe haven. :( Also cleaning up the mess wasn't fun. I keep thinking, I make enough of a mess to clean up. I don't want to clean up after a burglar too! Ugh! Glad to hear you are ok and your Mexico trip was wonderful.

    beany beegan~ *drool* *drool* *drool* OMG, sounds so yummy what you made. The sweet potato and the caramelized onions creations sound heavenly. I noticed that Russell has a caramelized onion recipe at http://therawchefblog.com/pesto-caramelised-onion-pizza/. The ones you made, are they same recipe? Thank you for all your wonderful comments. I saw his offering of his holiday recipes and appreciate hearing from someone who tried them out. I totally agree with you about not posting the recipes. Hopefully, anyone that is interested in the recipes will goto Russell's website. He always has the most magnificent looking creations.

    Y'all~ Dinner at beany's on Friday!!!! BYOC (bring your own chair, teehee)

    Winona~ Me... You... Me... You... :)

    artzyfartzy~ I think after a bit, you'll find the new site to be as friendly, if not more, then the previous version... If nothing else, it is way more stable. Hope you and the chicklets are doing well. :)

    Trouble~ Same comment as for artzyfartzy. Keep the faith... :)

    Meditating~ Good to hear you are doing well...Geeze, what courage and strong commitment you have to improving your health! *high-five*

    corecries~ Trolls are people who intentionally try to disrupt a website/chatroom. These types of folks feel it is game to intentionally post inflammatory/nasty comments to try and get people on a website/chatroom upset. It's unfortunate they turn their efforts in that direction rather than being a contribution.

    omshanti~ Hope all is well with you.

    Whoo...long post. musta been all that pent up drool from beany's post. Sorry if I missed anyone...

  • I also miss the old site. I used to visit it every day and I really liked the setup of the home page, easy to get around. I do appreciate all the work that went into this new look but I guess sometimes new isn't always better. It's nice to see some of the familiar names in this post. Happy New Year to all of you!

  • Hey, I'm really glad you are all still around too :) even if you are in another country! I seem to be the only UKian at the moment :( anyway hope you all well and a happy new 2009 to you all...............x

    ps TJAB i am trying oil pulling and it def helps with sensitive teeth..

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Meditating - I'd love a free vegan husband!! In fact, I'm going outside with my sign TODAY to find myself one. :)

    In fact, my icon says Free Vegan Hugs.

    russell james has amazing creations - his quiches are heavenly. too bad i haven't made much raw gourmet lately. still, i've eaten rather deliciously for how little prep time i put in.

    beany - married 45 years? incredible! i have a question - does love last during an entire marriage? i'm 24 and have argued about this one with different guys i dated. some say marriage is a contract, it's not for love, because love doesn't last long at all. which is disappointing because i'm looking for true love, not a husband. thoughts?

    dagny - aww, a breakin? i hope they didn't take anything too close to your heart. hang in there sweetie!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Deb-glad to hear that oil pulling is working out for you! I ran out of oil and have to wait til I can go to the nearest healthfood store(sort of far) before I can get more. I can't wait to get back into it because it really did help my teeth and skin alot.

  • TJAB - yep it does make a difference but I have to admit I can't seem to get hold of raw sesame oil here, it is all toasted, so I have used raw pumpkin seed oil. Seems to be ok but obviously don't know how much better raw sesame is. If I find it, I will let you know!

    Sorry to hear about the breakin Dagny that's horrible, hope you safe tho :) and congrats beany on the long relationship - me and my other half have been together since '92 and engaged since '96! it's me that doesn't want to get married again but he hangs on in there. sigh....

  • ps winona, bf of mine far frm vegan :( but im on the case! if I hear of a free vegan man around, Ill let them know!

  • Thanks, you guys, for the break-in empathies. Yes, they stole things pretty dear to me - particularly the pearls my grandma gave me when I turned 13 (big age for Jewish kids), other jewelry that she and my mom gave me, including a gold watch that had been my great-grandmother's, and some really pretty stuff that I splurged and bought myself in Paris last summer. In addition, they took my laptop which has all my photos and everything I've written for the past two years. I guess I learned an important lesson about backing up...sigh.

    At the end of the day, I miss these things terribly, but I do appreciate that things are things, no matter how special they may be. I still feel like I had a damn good year. ;)

  • oh so sorry Dagny, I would be a complete mess about it but you seem calm and I admire that. Thoughts with you - hope the b****rds rot in hell....

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    DAGNY - So sorry to hear about your break-in and the theft of your heirlooms. My house was burglarized almost 20 years ago. It took about 2 years before I could enter my house without doing an armed sweep. I was amazed at how violated I felt. It was like I had been personally battered.

    It takes quite awhile to feel protected in your own home again after an experience like that but eventually it will happen.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    blue dolphin.. Yep, same onion recipe. Isn't it nice that he gives out some of his creations free!

    Winona... I never had the so called slap across the head, caaaaaaant live with out him human love. From the start of our marriage we decided, know matter what the problem we will stay put and not run to the divorce court for some small matter.

    Over the years I realized I needed some one bigger than human will power and so I go to my God with various situations. Many need something bigger than ourselves to believe in or receive strength from.

    The other is if you know that you can take care of a person when they have diarrhea and cant get out of bed or if that person had a horrid accident and burned 90% of their body, with little help from the medical doctors later on. If you can honestly say, I would go through it all my whole life. Than to me that is love.

    Now to bring this back to raw. Because it is highly stressful for me and some times psychically hard to make both cooked and raw vegan meals (at the same time) DH is now learning (at the age of almost 80) how to cook and make his own meals. Matter of fact, of recent he has stopped eating meat. He knows I get sickish from the smell, so.......Now, wouldn't you call that love?

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Holy Crap! I'm in love with him. Lucky lady, I bet you deserve every bit of wonderful he can spare.

    You actually made my heart light with your story!!!

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