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david wolfe selling foods that aren't raw?!

hey everyone i noticed David Wolfe is selling yacon syrup which I've heard is absolutely not raw. I've also read many bad things about Agave; namely that it requires being superheated (hydrolyzed) and that it's not low glycemic like the health food industry claims. I've also heard they mix it with corn syrup to cut costs, and that's from a friend of mine who knows the supplier in mexico. Anyway, I'm pretty scared of agave and yacon .. and surprised someone like David Wolfe is marketing it. Maybe we shouldn't be surprised tho? Seems like a lot of health gurus are eager to sell stuff that tastes good like cacao, goji and agave ... but really what they should be recommending is a low fruit, high green vegetable diet. Harder to sell people on that :-)

i didnt hear David at the raw spirit festival this year talking about eating more broccoli, that's for sure :-)

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  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    I hear you on this! I have become very suspect of these "raw" processed foods that sooooooo many people are selling online and making tons of money on. After eating raw chocolate for some time now I have decided that it really is not good for me and maybe others too. When i first went raw though I used alot of these products and spent alot of money on them. Recently I tried a raw food sellers chocolate bliss mix which he suggests people drink everyday, and this is how you make it: 1/2 cup mix, 1/2 cup agave 4 cups water. And I tried this but then it started to make me feel bad the more I drank it. How can a dried processed powder and a not really raw sweetner be pushed by a "Raw food expert" as an essential health food. Come on, I never have bad reactions when I stick with fresh raw foods and green powder. Chocolate is a stimulant and a drug, it is not meant for daily consumption I don't think. I think its sad because what has happened is people who are addicted to coffee and other things like that just replace it with chocolate and then get addicted to that even if its raw.

    Yes i have recently cut agave out of my diet, I mean dessert is dessert. Any really no healthy diet includes copious amounts of sweets besides fruit. So I say stick to fruit!

    That's funny about the broccoli comment!!

  • Yes, it's sad that most of the yacon syrup is heated to about 140 degrees F. I sell one that is truly raw and tastes amazing. http://www.rawguru.com/store/raw-food/really_raw_yacon_syrup.html

    I use it all my recipes and prefer it more than agave or honey.

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    Some of this stuff makes me wonder too!!!

    I think if it comes in a bottle, then it probably isn't made for human consumption.

    No other animals eat things that come in bottles, and the bottles, even though are recyclable are still hard on the environment.

    When I bought my "Raw" agave it came in a plastic bottle.

    They could have at least put it in a glass bottle so that the chemicals in the plastic don't seep into the syrup.

    I took a quick look at the rawgura website after typing this, and I saw highlighted "Now In Glass!"

    At least somebodies listening.


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Agave may not be really raw, but it is definitely low glycemic - it affects my blood sugar slowly & steadily like complex carbohydrates do (i.e. grains).

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    I prefer raw honey over agave,but still use agave at times. But i agree with all of you on the "superfood" kick everyone is on. i was drink a superfood smoothie everyday and started to feel worst and worst, as if the raw way wasnt the way for me. i cut back on smoothie and cacao and started feeling better. I dont think these superfoods are superfoods at all. yes they taste good and it doesnt hurt to include small amounts into your way of eating. but the real superfood is the frest orange u pick out of you back yard or the fresh Aloe u place in you green smoothie.... i duuno, same convo my hubby and i talk of all the time.

    Im also suddently low on iron - could it be- cacao is leaching it out of me? thats what i've heard.

  • There are varieties of agave nectar which really are raw. The Madhava brand, for instance, manufactures raw agave. I have inquired them about the process they use and they say that it is heated at 115-118 degrees. People say agave is bad for you because it is high in fructose and not really low GI. I have known people who've used it for years with no adverse effects.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    cacao can be hard on the adrenals, taking a break is a good idea.

    however i have to say goji berries are amazing and they ARE a superfood. good fats in the seeds, lots of nutrients, makes me feel amazing.

    david wolfe also promotes lots of greens and whole foods, those are hard to sell from a website though.

    I think a little agave in moderation is fine. never gave me any problems like regular sugar. and i'm quite sensitive.

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