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Why does eating raw make you more flexible?

Can anyone answer this? I am nevered satisfied until I know the whys of something

Why is it that we become more flexible when we add more and more raw foods into

our diets? Flexibility is always a goal of mine. I like to run and find my hamstrings and

shoulders always tight no matter how much I time I devote to my stretching and yoga

practice. But just this last week I really pumped up the raw foods and the difference is

night and day from a week ago. Why is this so? It is very encouraging and it is good

feeling to be able to melt into some positions that were not so easy to melt into before.

I just don't get what is really happening though. Is it inflammation or lack there of or

something else?


  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    Although I'm not 100% raw, I have noticed that i am quite flexible, since starting the p90x workout a few weeks ago.

    While others I have talked are having problems with the yoga, plyometrics, kempo, etc, I find all of this very easy.

    I can twist my body into shapes I would have never thought possible lol

    But unfortunately I don't have a before and after to compare my results to.

    Did I mention I don't use my knee brace anymore??? My knee doesn't swell like it use too???

    That I can now do jumping jacks, front kicks, back kicks, side kicks, jumping squats, spinning jumps , lunges, wall squats , etc, etc, that I thought I would never be able to do again without a bionic knee?? LOL

    And the great thing is, I am making progress every week, with strength and flexibility.

    Im not bragging though!!!!

    I think the biggest mistake of the raw movement is that not enough people talk about the exercise aspect of it.

    Studies have shown that exercising improves health, lowers chances of chronic diseases , and makes us more independent as we get older.

    So don't forget to eat your raw fruits and veggies and to exercise too!!!

    Im just rambling right now.

    Thanks for reading.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Awesome! Both of you. My understanding has been it's because we no longer live in the perpetual state of dehydration most people do. Juicy fruits and veggies and lots of water instead of coffee, alcohol & processed foods.


  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    I don't think it's bragging, I say more power to you! I noticed my endurance went up as well. I could hardly do push ups before, now I do them all the time!

  • If you are really interested in maintaing and building flexibility, look into DMSO.

    Daniel Vitalis has a great video series on YouTube about it. Search DVDMSO on YouTube, and you'll find it.

    Good luck!

  • Hmmm I would have never guessed dehydration would have anything to do with my flexibility! Possible though. Thanks for the feedback.

    I have read alot about eating right for exercise. Alot about proteins, complex carbs ect... The raw part does not come into the picture other than to fill you up between meals. What is great about really making an effort and eating foods in their natural state is that for me I feel like my body is beginning to show balance. All this hard work I put my body through is beginning to show. My endurance is improving, in fact sometimes I feel like I am just having a "good" day and then I have to remind myself that it probably has more to do with that green drink I had that flooded my blood with what it was craving. Like I said my flexibility is returning with out all the pain (from forcing myself to stretch a little deeper hoping to get that much more limber). AND most of all my perspective on putting myself through the ringer each time I get the opportunity (I am an adrenaline junkie) is changing. I am happy when I sit on that bike and happy when I get off. I am happy when I get on that treadmill and happy when I get off. If it has only been 45 min as opposed to 90 I am happy also. I know that I have worked with my body to make it fit and healthy and have not looked at my body as a machine that either failed me, could have done better or did pretty good.

  • After looking over my post, of course after hitting save. I realized that the part where I state the raw part does not come into the picture except to fill you up between meals I was referencing all that reading material out there on eating right and exercise. The connection between raw foods and stamina, strength and flexiblility are not there, just the low calorie raw vegetable snack or filler up part.

  • i just noticed the other day that i seemed a lot more flexible. Since i have not been very active lately, i couldn't figure out why. Good to know it's not just me.

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