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Avocado headache!!!

I've been raw for 3 months now, and a couple times before that for monthly periods. I am 95%ish raw and am loving it. It has done so many wonderful things for my health, energy and mood.

I eat an avocado a day, but lately (the past couple weeks) I get a headache after I eat one. So now I eat half, and still the headache comes. I choose organic or not, depending on which one looks best. (My grocery store usually has crappy organic avocados.) Sometimes it's the first thing I eat and only thing. Sometimes it's after I've eaten other things, with other things, as guac or in a smootie. I can't pinpoint anything that is consistant.

I used to get headaches with MSG and red wine. I know that I'm prone to headaches with certain foods. I just haven't heard the avocado being one of them. Also no headaches otherwise on the raw diet.

Has anyone else experienced headaches with avocados?


  • Is it a throbbing type headache? That could be a migraine and yes avocados can trigger them. In fact several things can including cheese, nuts, avocados, chocolate, your menstrual period, food cured with nitrates (e.g., hot dogs), meat tenderizers (e.g., MSG), and alcohol. I mean obvious emotional stress even hunger can trigger them if you are prone to them and since you mentioned MSG and your menstral cycle figured I would chime in on this thread since I do know a little about the subject LOL I know a LITTLE about alot LOL Younger women are more prone to migraines and if your parent/s had them you are more prone to those suckers. Gotta love genetics!!

    Funny you wrote that coz I bought organic avos and they were horrible...all brownish swirls inside and weird texture. I'll take my conventional ones thanks!!! I love them smooth and silky with that lovely greenish yellow color...ahhhh heaven LOL

    Ok hope this helps at least set your mind at ease that you are not imaging the avo connection.

    Good luck luv


  • It's a dull ache headache. No migranes yet.

    Thanks for the ideas. I have reacted to almost all of the foods you listed (on a SAD:) aged cheeses, coffee, wine, nitrates, msg, alcohol. Before going raw, I had gotten rid of the migranes by eliminating trigger foods. That seems to be all I needed! Yahoo! I still get one with PMS, but I can live with that. I don't know WHAT to do about that one. Neither of my parents have these reactions, but some of my auties do... genetics.

    I'm bummed though, cause I LURVE avocadoes and eat them frequently. I guess my body is just cleansing so far that I'm starting to notice avo's bug me. I also can't do raw onions all of a sudden...

    I wish the organic avocados were good, because when they are good, they're GOOD. But usually I have to stick to the regular ones.


  • Yeah genetics...the good the bad the ugh mugs and hereditary distress LOL. Don't lose hope just yet...as your body further refines itself you still may be able to eat them at a later date. Just keep trying small doses every now and again. Altho I can't say i would be able to have a small amount hahha

    Onions...I see all these recipes with them and they look soooooo yummy but I cant stand the taste of raw onions!! Gags me totally. Now i use onions in almost every veg dish i make for my hubby--luv them cooked but again not the best way to eat. I know onions are toxic to dogs and horses...yet recently read an article bot how they are now using onions to get rid of blood clots in racing horses legs...can you imagine. i think i have A.D.D. i have been totally going off point on almost every thread i have left comments on...shyzza!! WWIKevin [thjink thats his name] said onions are toxic to us...think thats his name. Also garlic and what have you...put how many millions of HEALTHY people eat garlic daily?!! c'mon now.

    ok well keep me posted in the avo debate. Hope your system adjusts and allows you happy partaking of them~:D



  • Thanks for the encouragement!

    I hope one day I can eat avocados with no side effects.

    I love the taste of onions in things. Raw onions took a little getting used to for the most part, but now they make me have acid reflux or something. I've never had that before in my life! Garlic seems to be okay for now. I just assumed it was my body trying to tell me that onions aren't good for me at this point in my life. I have snuck a taste or two of cooked onions when I make dinner for my family and don't have any problems. *shrug*

    I hope these are all signs that my body is getting purifed.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I've never like raw onions, but cooked ones I have made meals of in the past!! lol. (Onion sandwiches.)

    I've noticed over the past year (kind of a surprised revelation about 8 months ago) that I'm just not drawn to garlic any more. (this used to be my motto: if it doesn't have garlic and/or hot peppers, it MUST be dessert!!) Seems my body just doesn't want stuff like that now that it's getting used to this way of eating.

    Back to thread: Maybe your body is trying to tell you that eating avocados daily is just too much for you? I love them too, & I eat three or four a week. If I were to eat more, I think I would gross myself out, even liking them as much as I do.

  • stellabbellstellabbell Raw Newbie

    Thanks for your useful information. However, i also want to share my tips.

    I often use lavender to treat headache. It is a right choice as one of the greatest benefits of lavender is to cope with headaches.
    If you are one of people who struggle with headaches regularly, simply follow these steps to put an end to this problem.

    -Mix some drops of lavender and peppermint oil.
    -Rub the mixture over the back of your neck.
    -Inhale the mixture at the same time.

  • oliviacoliviac Raw Newbie

    I did write way more than that ^ … tldr I have issues w avocados giving me headache and tummy ache as well as occasional nausea. I love them too much to give them up…I only can eat like half a month.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I've never had a headache from avocados but walnuts leave me in pain for some reason. Do they still give you a headache when mixed with other foods? 

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