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I have to go to a wedding...

Alright so I have to go to a wedding june 6th as a bridesmaid.

I'm very over weight. That being said i am VERY INSECURE of bare arms showing.

First of all does anyone know of a special toning i can do for my arms & for the rest of my body?

and also perhapes give me a sample of a exercise routine i can do to lose at least 25 pounds by then.



  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    First thing is, realize no one will be looking at your arms.... I feel sure they are in proportion to your body and therefore will look normal to others... The Bride will be the one everyone is looking at and I bet they don't look at her arms either... We normally see the "whole" picture and don't break down everyone's parts, so stop worrying....

    If you want to improve your over all appearance then do at least 30 minutes of weightlifting or baring twice a day for 5 days a week... Cut back on your overall calories each day by 100 to 200 per day, eat smaller portions... Eat more veggies than fruit during this time as they are more filling and have less calories...

    Go to youtube and search for specific exercises to help you with your goal... Good luck and I'm sure you are already beautiful or your friend would not have wanted you in her wedding!!! smile

  • Hi megan lyne,

    I've found a kind of exercise band with handles thing from Targ*t. It comes with 3 bands and I use the red one (middle one) for my arms, and have seen some noticeable improvement. Also swimming is good for the arms. I know what it feels like to be self conscious about arms... it's hard to tell if they really look as bad as they seem to in the mirror, LOL! Anyway, I'd recommend toning, and not risking your health to crash diet. If at all possible accept where you are right now, knowing that the raw lifestyle will help with weight issues for the long haul.

    wish you the best and an enjoyable participation in the wedding.--- osoniye

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Well, you're talking about just over 2 pounds a week, so that's do-able.

    I have read that excercise is much less important than diet if you're talking primarily about dropping pounds, which I have seen to be true based on anecdotal evidence.

    Are you still having success on the raw front? If so, certainly keep that up! If you're not, definitely avoid dairy and meat.

    Do you drink water? Drink massive quantities. Stop drinking all other beverages - no alcohol, no sodas, cut down and then eliminate coffee, etc.

    I'll keep thinking...

  • Being someone who lost 70 lbs. prior to discovering raw with the original goal of losing 20 lbs in 2 months, your goal seems very possible, although don't beat yourself up if you don't manage to quite achieve it. Keep in mind that anything is amazing.

    I second was Suasoria said about diet being much more important in immediate weight loss than exercise. Not than exercise isn't incredibly good for you, causes a more toned look, and can help with very gradual weight loss, I have found that it helps more with maintaing weight.

    For diet, are you raw? If so losing wight shouldn't be a problem, although I have personally not lost much weight being raw (I don't have much to lose) the first few weeks I dropped about 5 lbs.

    If you are not raw, either consider going 100% for the next few months (It is easier with the warmer weather), or what I did to lose the weight was went on a very low fat, healthy, cooked diet. I limited myself to 20g of fat per day (you can check the fat content of all kinds of foods on www.calorie-counter.com as well as on the packaging of any packaged foods). I also tried to eat as healthily as possible (by my non-raw, previously SAD standards). After a while (about 2 months) I started watching calories as well as I started to become obsessive, but I think it is a lot better and healthier to not bother about that. The whole basis of the low fat diet is to incorporate lots of fruits/vegetables, as they contain practically no fat, so while you are restricting your consumption of rich foods, you can eat unlimited quantities of the healthy stuff. Also, avoid any processed sugar.

    I have to say though, that if at all possible I would go with raw, as previous to finding the raw food diet I became quite anorexic and had a terrible relationship with food and my body. Now that is completely gone, but when I stray off the raw path, it comes back to bite me immediately.

    Just my two cents, and I wish you the best of luck.

    Oh, and I agree with whoever said to just not worry about it. Everyone will be thinking how beautiful everything is, the ceremony, you, and of course, the blushing bride, so just forget about it and have fun.

  • Oh, and just to add, I've found that if you try to do a strict, new exercise plan and a strict, new diet, it is very easy to get discouraged and drop both. So I would recommend really focusing on diet for the next few months, (or at least 1 month, for it takes about that long to truly adapt to a new way of eating) then when you are more comfortable with your new diet or at your ideal weight, you can start an exercise plan to tone up and for maximum health.

    Good Luck! :)

  • Thanks guys :]

    Well I've known about living raw for about 6 weeks now. I've slowly transitioned myself. I drink a green smoothie every morning. But to be honest i have 1-2 slip ups a day. Not that i will go cook myself something, but i'll end up eating a vegetable sandwich, or a yogurt, ect & I feel really guilty lol. The first two weeks I did 100% raw and lost 12 pounds...then i started messing up.

    I havent exercised really since I was 17, (I;m 20 now) but i have been working out moderatly about 3 times a week for about 3 months now. I ABSOLUTELY want to tone up more. not just loose weight.

    I dunno...It's just reallllllly hard for me to break old habbits. When i get hungry, i tend to not be aware of what im putting in my mouth. haha The things i have not had at all (and really do not want to) is meat, & dairy products. (except yogurt)

  • Oh & I also ONLY drink water, except for my fresh juice in the mornings.

    and sometimes i'll have a cup of organic herbal tea.

  • i think you should just do cardio to slim down in general. in my experience, weights make you bulk up a little rather than tone. for gentle toning, yoga is a good idea. you could do cardio 2-3x a week and yoga once :)

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Yoga ! I was able to cultivate muscles in my arms in one month's time. Go on youtube and find some yoga routines you like.

    Sun salutations everyday is good, plank, side plank, and other stuff are good for arms.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Kayaking and biking are my favorite exercises. I do all my errands on my bike so it's easy to get exercise without even realizing it. I love running, too. Try a walk to run program (found on google). I also run 2-3 days a week for 3-4 miles. Raw food helps me to eat when i'm hungry instead of binging on food. I used to eat loads of comfort food like cheesy casseroles and cooked pies. Now, I eat when i'm hungry, and i only eat raw food (rarely a few bites of cooked food). It's not about denial, you can tell yourself 'i can eat whatever i want. now, what would be the most satisfying for my health, my emotions, my healing, and my mind? what gives me energy, vitality, and vigor?' Raw food is the answer to that question 99% of the time for me. Occasionally i'll have a spoonful of cooked food to quell the cravings, because i realize that it doesn't taste great and i don't care about it - and go right back to eating raw food, no problemo.

  • I'm going to have to wait on the yoga. I have a couple dvd's for beginners but im just so out of shape and over weight its too hard for me to do most of it. which is sad but true.

    Im actually doing much better today. i was really down in the dumps lately and was putting myself down but talking to you guys really helped. I woke up this morning very positive. :)

    I did my 25 minute exercise ball video and had fresh vegetable juice this morning.

    Then i took the pulp and mixed some

    extra virgin olive oil

    himilayin salt, pepper

    garlic clove

    oats and flax seeds in it.

    & oregano.

    i formed them into 4 pattys and me & my husband will share them tonight for dinner with a salad. :]

    I also went a 3 mile walk last night. plus by eating healthy yesturday, i woke up this morning to find i have lost 3 pounds since last time i weighed myself. (3 days ago)


  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    You are just beautiful and can be so proud of your efforts! Please don't say you are 'so out of shape and overweight'. Even to yourself. The girl I see doesn't deserve that!!! =)

  • Congrats, that is so great!!!

    it is very difficult to stay positive on on track and you seem to be doing an amazing job.

    Best of luck

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    megan lyne~

    My first suggestion (and probably most important suggestion) is to throw out the scale. The scale is not your friend and will only mess with your head (one day up a pound, next day down a pound... ). The best way to measure if what you are doing is effective and healthy is to:

    1) See how you feel. If you are not feeling energetic and vibrant, your slimming plan needs tobe tweeked until you do start feeling that way. Feeling run down and lethargic is an indication of a method that is not healthy.

    2) Use either a measuring tape or a pair of pants you want to fit into as your "results" measurer. If you are releasing fat and gaining muscle, which is the healthiest and most sustainable approach, you will gain leanness (smaller size).

    I work with people who are utilizing a new peptide technology that targets fat release while building healthy lean muscle mass. If you are interested, email me (see my profile).

    To your wellness...

  • gratefultobe awwwwwwwww thats so nice. That really means a lot. I even spoke to my mom over the phone today and her encouragment helped a lot too.

    It's just I have always had terrible self esteem, that..ultimatly led to me gaining more weight. I would be my own worst enemy. Call myself names, tell myself i didn't deserve to be happy ect....

    Basically I didn't love myself there for punished myself. It wasn't even a issue of food be comforting, i knew what unhealthy food was doing to me and i told myself i deserved it.

    I'm only 20 and only recently have i been learning that I deserve to be happy. Although hating myself since i was 12 is a hard habit to break. which is why i will get into slumps where i start beating myself up again...

  • Bluedolfin.

    Thank you for the advice about the scale. However I love the scale. I don't gain weight unless i eat something unhealthy. If it's raw I will maintain or lose weight. I like to keep myself in check. I weigh myself once every couple days. If i gain a pound or two i tell myself "OK megan, work harder!"

    & about the jeans thing, actually yesterday i got myself a really cute dress. I can fit it over my body but it DOES NOT look flattering lol. This morning i put it on right before exercising, took a look at myself in my head to toe mirror and told myself, THIS is my goal for now.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Sure, it can be just one mean spirited(girls) or just thoughtless(guys) comment when we are young and there you have it, we repeat it to ourselves for years. Been there. But they were all wrong and most likely just trying to make themselves feel superior which is pathetic.

    That's one of the reasons I like raw so much. It (for me) has a power to brake old habits. Food can become what it should be...delicious fuel. Not our comfort or our slavery to industries who make us crave more of their product with addictive substances. Grrr!

    Rock on!

  • OMFG! guys. I had those vegetable pulp patties i spoke about. SO FREAKIN' GOOD! My husband was really craving a bun to go with it but to me it was really satisfying.

    the pulp was of red cabbage, kale, collard greens, celery and carrot. i mixed it with some extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano, oats & flax seeds. Then formed them into patties, and put them in the deydrator. It was only in there for a few hours so it was still moist & stuff just crispy on the outside.

    I put it on a bed of mixed greens.

    Topped the patties with a TINY bit of "follow your heart grape seed vegenaise , expeller pressed & organic"

    then added 1/2 of an avocado mussed & mixed with lime juice & cumin

    sliced red onion and lots of alfalfa sprouts.

    For desert i have a slice of fresh guava. yummmm :]

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    megan lyne~ Another suggestion... Surround yourself with positive, inspiring images and other resources. :)

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Sounds like someone came up w/ a recipe! More then I can say. Throw a name on it and get it posted before a few days gos by and no one can find it again. lol congrats!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I second Gratefultobe's suggestion. Your first recipe sounds delicious and so simple . . . just using the pulp you have on hand and "dressing" it up a bit . . . no special ingredients to go buy. The easy ideas always seem to be the best to me. When (or is it IF?) I retire, I might find time to do some of the fancier dishes, but right now this one really fits the bill. Please do post the recipe.

  • Done and done. lol

    It is titled "vegetable pulp patties" lol

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Don't try to fit standards, ridiculous standartds set by our society! You don't need to wear tight clothes. You don't need to have your body judged and looked at by practical strangers that don't care about you, really.

    I, thin or not, it's not your business, ONLY wear very looses clothing. Long skirts and long elegant blouses.

    I am not there to be in competition with superficial women or to be ogled by men.

    I am there to learn, to study, to go to the grocery store, and heck, if I go to a wedding I am not there to display myself either.

    Just something to think about.

    (but I'm sure if you are a bridesmaid you have to "fit in". My sister kicked me out of her wedding because I refused to wear immodest clothing).

  • Blessings Megan Lyne,

    I think you should be concerned first with otherall health, and then weight loss will follow.

    I eat mostly raw, although I steam veggies sometimes.

    To clean yourself out, and also loose weight (as that seems to be your focus) I recommend doing a juice feast, and even mixing smoothies into the juicing is fine. You will cleanse yourself, feel good, your skin will glow, and you'll loose weight. Or even just eating fruits and veggies, I do this for weeks and feel great. Cut out nuts, dried fruits etc. and you can cleanse by just eating fruits and veggies (some bragg's and seasonings too) also sprouts, you can get really creative with this.

    Excercise is amazing, you'll wonder why you've spent sooo much time sitting on your rear end, by sweating you loose toxins, loose calories, gain muscle, improve circulation, improve your lungs, work things that haven't been moved in awhile.

    Also, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism is. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn just sitting and also while your sleeping. I once heard somewhere that your tricep is like 2/3 of your arm muscle, so if you target your tricep in weight lifting, its a sure way to tone your arms. I think someone wrote doing weights 5 days a week, you need to let the muscle rest, so i would recommend ever other day instead, and increase the weights slowly each time.

    Focus on being good to your body and loving your body. "Dieting" doesn't really work. Focus on cleansing and only putting pure things into your temple.

  • Carnap

    I am not fooled by the unrealistic woman on tv & in magazines. In fact 99.9% of people in magazines are digitally edited & airbrushed. I used to think that is what a real woman look like when I was younger but not anymore. I hold my weight very well so i don't look like i am as big as i am. I personally want to be around 150-170. I really like how that looks. :]

    Me personally, I have a lot of interest in clothes & fashion. It gives me self confidence and makes me feel good about myself. Although being over weight i can't wear these clothes because i can't find them in my size lol

    I am not being forced to wear something I do not want to wear for the wedding. and I'm sure my soon to be sister in law will pick something out very appropriate for the occasion. I do not have a dress yet, I just want be healthier, with much more self esteem as I do now. So I MYSELF can have a good time and have less anxiety. :]

  • Rosezion.

    I tried juice fasting a couple weeks ago. I had a lot of trouble finding exact information on HOW to do it. So I just juiced (mostly vegetable) for 3 days. To be honest i felt pure crap. Turned out i was supposed to be drinking AT LEAST a gallon of juice a day...i was only drinking about 38 oz. The next day I drank an entire gallon of juice. Unfortunalty, with all the greens and stuff i used, it probably took $30 to make that gallon. and I can not afford that every day. I would of probably of gotten more juice out of my vegetable if i had a better juicer but i don't really have the money for that right now either. I do still have fresh juice every morning.

    I do care about my health. :] Weight loss is absolutely is not the only reason i am interested in the raw food lifestyle. I really want to live raw for the rest of my life. I see so many people so sick, and depressed, over weight, only to get cancer, diabetes, ect. I don't want that. It's frightening especially how many woman get breast cancer now. I switched to 100% natural hygiene products. really, the only thing i use that has chemicals in it is eye makeup. and thats only people chemical free eye makeup is VERY expensive. but im slowly working toward it.

    I know what you mean about how exercise makes you feel. I hattttttttttte it while im working out but as soon as im done i feel awesome. it even gives me more self esteem.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i think you are on the right track. even with raw diet and exercise, the weight loss with be gradual. but LASTING. and that's the important thing, right? i think if you are eating healthy and exercising, you will look good and continue to look better. maybe seeing a therapist, trainer, or having someone for support will help you reach your goals.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I was just reading somewhere that in order to lose 2 pounds per week, you need to burn 500 calories per day. I'm not sure how true this is, but since reading it, i've tried to push myself to do just that on the days where i'm at the gym. So far, in the past 2 weeks, i've lost 7 pounds. So, i guess something is working! I had a few months of slip ups... I didn't think it was anything major, a few sprouted corn tortilla's - i thought it would be fine since it was sprouted... some oven roasted potatoes. Nothing major... but i had gained 15 pounds back between the holidays. Yuck. So, now that i've realized how much i put back on just by those minor slip-up's, i've really been watching what i'm eating and working out extra hard. For toning of the arms, i would second those bands... they really do work! I would use free weights instead of weight machines - this gives you more of a workout (in my opinion). Pilates and Yoga are great for overall toning. I really do doubt that you are too overweight for Yoga - just watch the DVD's and do a simple version of each exercise. That should atleast get you going. I hope you find the success that you are looking for! Try to say one positive thing about yourself each day. Repeat that thing over and over and over throughout the day :) Trust me, this does help!!!

  • So how is your weight loss and toning coming? Update us on how you are doing! :-)

  • HelloMiss MeganLyne...makes me so mad & sad that such a beautiful YOUNG lady is having low self esteem issues. It's like a never-ending dilemma in our society. My dear you are perfect---right now exactly how you are NOW!! You need to love yourself and change those negative thoughts...I know easier said then done...been there--done that. I wish I would have gotten the proverbial light bulb above my head moment in my 20's hahahha. I know most of us females do get caught up in our own mind's insecurities meanwhile the things we think people will see or judge us on, are so distorted, that no one ever sees it because it is a lie and really not a reality to anyone but ourselves.

    Ok all that being said...it doesn't change fact that you want to change what you consider larger than you want parts of your body...ok fine. Let me say I am not a PRO or a doctor but I speak from experience so here we go....You are young so you got that working to your advantage!!! Reality is, if you cut your calories your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto everything INCLUDING fat...period. This will in turn, cause your system to stress producing the "fight or flight" hormones that will also trigger fat storage. I wouldn't worry about calorie counting if you are mainly raw. Your body needs healthy fats to release fat so as contrary as it may sound, if you are not currently consuming avocados, coconut or almonds--START eating them daily!!! I'm not saying scarf a whole bag but handful here or there. half an avo with salad or in a smoothie etc.

    Your body needs HIGH amounts of water to flush fat out as you exercise and burn calories. The larger muscle groups burn the most calories so legs and glutes need to be used alot. There is NO spot reducing. You can tone and strengthen muscles but body fat is burned from everywhere NOT specific parts. Cardio revs up the metabolism but for ultimate fat burning you need to do extended time at a lower exertion level--brisk walking for an hour is great but MORE time will achieve faster results. Personally, I would highly recommend doing 100 jumping jacks a day first thing in the morning before consuming anything. Face forward do 25, turn to left 25 more, to back 25 and to right 25. Takes very little time but you will see a huge difference in a short amount of time if done daily for a few weeks. When I do mine I do them a little differently as I don't jump with legs spread away from each other side ways like most people have learned them, but rather front and back like a lunge type movement--it's a double whammy hahaha. You can incorporate both styles but my way uses more muscles to do them thus using more calories=weight loss.

    Obviously muscle uses more energy. . .Speaking from old bodybuilding days I guarantee you will NOT bulk up from doing weights in a couple of months!! Don't buy the hype muscle weighs more than fat. A POUND is a pound regardless of muscle or fat helloOO it's still a pound. Muscle is DENSER than fat I wish people would get that straight it's like a dang pet peeve of mine sheeeesh!!! You should def do weight lifting for your arms...nothing heavy maybe 10-20 lb dumbbells. Bicep curls in front and at sides, tri-cep extensions overhead and kick-backs, shoulder press ups [I do a squat as I lower weights toward my shoulders and stand up as I press weight toward ceiling] again double whammy! Deltoid work is a necessity...with palm toward floor, arm straight, lift weight in front of you to chest level...same thing but to side of body to shoulder height--feel the burn baby!!! Use lighter weights if you have to. Do minimum of 12 reps but not more than 15 for each set.

    Detoxing is great way to get rid of old toxins accumulated in colon...that can easily be 5-20lbs depending on your previous eating habits. Sweating is best way to detox...skin is your body's largest organ!! Again stress will cause your body to react adversely to fat loss. So a sauna is a relaxing non stress producing way to really sweat.

    Best of luck luv. Try those jumping jacks and when you finish them each day give yourself a big hug and go look in the mirror and tell yourself "I am beautiful, I am loved and I have the power to do anything I set my mind to".

    Peace always and let me know how you are progressing


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