fermenting veggies help please

Hey hiya ...I have a ques/problem... I just did a gallon jar of fermented veggies(cabbage,onion,apple beet,carrot) stored for one week getting all super yummy and now time to get them out of their bath...can I transfer them to small plastics to refrigerate or should I keep them in glass...??? TIA for any help :) (it is my first time with this ((fermenting)) and also my first post here but I have "been around" awhile :)...really need advice and have no one to ask...so again Thanks for any attention...


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Always keep your food (especially fermented food) in glass. Enjoy!

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    yes - always in glass .

    check this thing out - i love it!!!


    i've been making pickles, sourkraut, pickled pears, all this good stuff. and the cool thing - it takes only 4 days!!

  • Thanks guys...my instincts were telling me glass just needed to hear another voice- had a small moment of panic and self doubt...


    so cool...the batch came out really good and the nicest color

    thanks for the link I will ck. it out when I am finished with my messing here

    appreciate the help ;)

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