diet and epigenomes

Hi! I just saw a show on this tonight. Here is a link and a part of the article. It is fastinating scientific evidence about the effect of diet not only on us but on future generations.

“they did not display their parents


  • Thanks for posting this.

  • Thanks for reading Avo Cado! It really is amazing. There are about 600 references if you google it and studies have been done on twins to find out why one of them gets cancer and one doesn’t. One idea is that exposure to pesticides can reverse health much more dramatically than anyone could ever imagine (on the DNA level).

    There is a guy I know who applied psticides as a job after college. It may affect his off sping or his grand children children. Also there are a lot of Mexican farm workers who have been exposed. I wonder if they are going to be dramatically affected.

    I have always had a theory that we are de-evolving as a result of our exposure to environmental toxins. Particularily in regards to people who eat conventional fruits like strawberries that are like sponges for pesticides.

    Those of us who eat the best but who have to eat conventionally because of our busy schedules, location too far from a decent store, or just lack of knowledge can be hurt the most.

    The solution is to grow as much of our own as possible, and really get into sprouting! I know I am preaching to those here who pretty much know this stuff- but it is sooo important!

  • Completely agree with you W.E. It’s a mystery to me why people raise such a big stink about second hand smoke but not pesticides. or heavy metals. air pollution. all of those wretched things.

    I would guess (hope) by the time those farm workers grandchildren are around we will have some advanced dna repair tools.

    couple of recent environmental news stories you’ll probably like (well maybe ‘like’ isn’t quite the right word)—

    quarter of new yorkers have elevated mercury

    auto exhaust and heart disease

    Off topic, but any progress on your stomach pain? Is it only after eating fatty foods?

  • Hi Avocado! Thanks for the extra info. “I think the general idea is now that everybody will accept that air pollution is an independent risk factor of cardiovascular disease,” says Nel, chief of nanomedicine at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

    This is amazing- I didn’t know this was being persued! Nanotechnology is going to prove a lot of correlations that have been overlooked. I am really sick and tired of the medical community saying that there aren’t natural solutions to health problems. I hope nanotechnology can prove this.

    One theory for the end of Rome is lead poisoning in their wine from the storage containers. Maybe the same thing will or is happening now.

    Water treatment plants treat bacteria with chlorine but don’t test for or treat all of the other things that end up in the water like prescription drugs.

    When I was growing up I took some canoe trips that crossed Lake Pepin in the BWCA. Later in highschool I wwas at the library and noticed a headline on the EPA journal that said that Lake Pepin was dead- couldn’t support life! I have been out there and it seems like nothing is out there- Where is it coming from! The lake is 3×5 miles wide! So it had to be a lot of what ever it was- acid rain, illegal dumping, and worst- legal effluent- the stuff we know about but don’t do anything about!

    What is really horrible to me is that combined with junk food, environmental toxins, and basic brain pollution people are becoming like crazed, brain-dead zombies from what they are exposed to. Who can complain if they have no brain? It’s like we’re becoming a society of autistics- locked in our own world- unable to communicate- or do anything about it.

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