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Searching for the Perfect Juice Extractor

Okay, so I am on the market for a great juice extractor that juices everything (including wheat grass), is quiet and not crazy expensive. What is everyone using and what do you recommend? Thanks!!


  • Hi sorry for interfering but I have a similar question and I thought I could post it here also if that's okay? :)

    So I was wondering what kinds of juicers can be used for making ice cream too? I read from raw chefs blog that after you freeze your ice cream you can put it trough a juicer and the result will be similar to that done by ice cream maker.

    I just can't afford both juicer and an ice cream maker at the same time (I'm a student after all!) so this information would be really helpfull. Thank you.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie


    I do not own one but have been researching for a while and have found that the greenstar is the best for both of your needs. It can juice anything greens wheat grass etc and also make ice cream nut pates check it out the only downside is I have heard its a pain to clean but I have a friend who has one and its really not that bad but if your the type who will leave the parts in a bowl of h20 all day and ruin them then keep looking. It is very spendy but if you want one machine with attachments for diff uses it is the one.


  • MishimooMishimoo Raw Newbie

    The Omega 8006 for sure!!! Ice creams, nut butters, wheat grass, you name it! After months of looking for one that had everything I needed at a reasonable price I am sooo happy with mine now. Easy to clean too!!!



  • We love our Greenstar!

    It is simple to keep clean and love the masticating twin gears. We really feel like we have chosen one of the best juicers for juicing our produce. We have made ice cream/frozen fruit sorbets with our green star too! You can see a demo of the Greenstar where they are doing this. The only downfall we found...just our personal perference... when using it to juice our wheatgrass we found that we got 1/2 a glass of juice and 1/2 a glass of foam.

    So from our experience we found the truly best way to get the most out of your wheatgrass is through a manual juicer. We purchased a Back to Basics manual wheatgrass juicer. Love it! For us it is all juice, no foam.

  • GlitterGirlGlitterGirl Raw Newbie

    I did a lot of research before buying a juicer and, no matter what brand you get, you have to get a masticating juicer! The nutrition is better, the juice more bioavailable and less oxidized and heated...

    I have an Omega 8005 and I LOVE it! I've also used a Champion and that's good too but here's my pros and cons list:

    OMEGA: Doesn't juice apples well (makes more of an apple sauce) , Doesn't heat up at all, Juicing is slower, Super easy to clean (no blades!) , As

    lightweight as they come, A beautiful shape and chrome color

    Champion: Doesn't juice celery well (gets stuck in the blade so you have to stop and clean it , in the middle of juicing), Heats the juice a bit, Juicing is very

    fast, Hard to clean the little teeth on the blade, Heavier than Omega, but not by much, Eh, not as cute : )

    I've heard the Greenstar is the best but it's, like, double the price of either of the above. If you call Omega to order they will probably give you a discount and free shipping - for a total of about $240.00... So worth it!

  • Awesome! You guys are great!!

    Has anyone ever used a Breville?


  • SoloStar II juicer

    Anyone have experience with the SoloStar II juicer? It's made by the same company that makes the Green Star (Tribest), but it's a single auger and about half the price. I was planning on buying a Champion because I can't afford the high priced Green Star. The SoloStar is about the same price, so I'm wondering if this would be a better buy for the same money.

  • I've looked at the Champion juicer. It's used a lot "with the solid plate" (i.e. for processing nut butters and ice creams and stuff, so the solid plate keeps solid matter/pulp from being separated from the liquid) in Gabriel Cousens' recipes. It's also not as expensive as the Green Star, though that one looks great.

    Any other opinions on the Champion?

    Plus, any opinions on ease of cleaning in any of the juicers?

    (Great thread idea!)

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    My mom and I have a Breville and we love it!

    I use it every single day - its easy to clean and quick to use.

    You can juice whole apples at once with out cutting them up or anything.

    It also doesnt heat up the juice like other juciers we tried.

    : )


  • Mikfizzle! How is the Breville with Wheat Grass?

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    I have actually never tried it with wheat grass - but I can see if we can get some next time were out and ill try it out for you : )


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