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Best Places To Live?

Hi everyone! Any opinions on where the best places to live and why?



  • KinaBolinaKinaBolina Raw Newbie

    I moved to Washington last July and love it here! However, I went from having a wide range of vega/raw restaurants surround me (Carlsbad, CA area) to having one quasi raw joint in downtown seattle (20 minute drive) and it doesn't even have a full raw menu. BUMMER! I have learned to hone my own uncooking skills though, which is great.

    The weather is so much nicer than people make out...at least I love how schitzophrenic it is. Bright and sunshiney one day and drizzly (perfect for a fireside chat) the next. The people are so laid back and kind, it's a fantastic community of genuinely caring and open individuals with a different way of approaching the world. It is very easy to be connected to the seasons and one's food here...I have met many people with their own mini-farms and others who work at larger, commercial organic farms. The entertainment is also wonderful (though I don't get out much), and the state parks are well maintained and affordable to visit/camp.

  • I am a military brat and have been around the world (cali, texas, missouri, germany, italy...ect) not counting all the places I have visited... but currently live in washington state (for four years) and love it! The pacific northwest has stole my heart and I plan to live here either in wa, oregon, or montana for the rest of my life. The beauty of nature here is surreal. So many beautiful spots, trails, beach front hangouts. Lots of great farmers markets in downtown tacoma to seattle and beyond. amazing in season fruit and veggies. the weather is isn't ideal for someone who can't get wet. yes the rain comes and goes and more often stays but it wouldn't be washington without it. the people here are generally laid back specially in the sea-tac area. lots of amazing herb as well!! prices won't be so friendly though if you are used to mid-west, southwest swag. I have never been to the places KinaBolina have been too in california with all the amazing raw food eateries. there are not so many of the raw places here but I make do. There are a couple health food stores that I get my supplys from in tacoma and then there is whole foods up north. I get things online too. nothing beats the evergreen state in my opinion. just dont consider moving here currently if your not sure about your current job state. the job market sucks with a capital S right now. and the traffic from seattle to portland can be horendous!!! more than new york on a current satistic. but you have to take the good with the bad. onelove

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    Ive heard portland is the most vegan friendly place in the US. I live in cleveland- I dont recommend it. You tell someone 'Im vegan' and they respond, 'how did you catch that?'

  • KinaBolinaKinaBolina Raw Newbie

    ^^^ Hahaha! Burrrrn...

    I once ordered a vegetarian entree at formal dinner party/gala and someone at the table actually said, "Oh GAWD, you aren't a vegetarian are you?!?" The disgust in their voice was unbelievable. People can be so bizarre...

  • Wow,thanks for all the info everyone. KinaBolina, how did you like California? I live in NJ, close to a great beach. Thats my favorite part of this place. We have one veg. restaraunt about 25min. away, a small health food store in town, and a whole foods about 50 min. away. The summer is great here, I love to be outside as much as possible. But winter is to long and to cold for me to handle any more. I would love to live somwhere with shorter winters (if any) and even thought nj is the garden state, some where with a better veriety of fresh organic fruits and vegies.

  • My favorite place has to be New Jersey --it is my home state. I have been in the mid-west for the past few years and the responses I get when I don't order meat or cheese at a restaurant are hilarious. I miss being close to the shore and the city. I think any place that is close to a big city is always nice because city-people tend to be a little more tolerant of differences. And of course, there are amazing restaurants in New York. I am hoping to be back in NJ or NY by this time next year. Oh how I miss it.

    And speaking of the Pacific Northwest. I am dying to get back out there again. I have been to Seattle and fell in love. What is Portland like? I am thinking of taking a trip this fall out there.

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Australia...Big country, small population, fantastic landscapes and animals, lots of sunshine, friendly people, low crime rate, free health care...the list just goes on and on and on and on :-)

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    OH I SO WANT TO MOVE TO AUSTRALIA!!! I'm so serious about it. I'm a teacher, and live in Canada, and I would love to go teach in Australia. I'm sure that they have amazing fruits and vegetables too :)

  • Whitney23, what part of New Jersey?

  • Cares, are you from Australia? What is their poduce situation like there?

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Yeah...I'm an Aussie :-)

    Never got a problem with fruit, vegies & organic supplies etc.

    Good weather for growing your own food as well; which is what I try to do mostly.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    What do you value? Access to nature, year-round gardening weather, restaurants and retailers that cater to your lifestyle, like-minded people?

    I'm partial to L.A. since I feel it has everything on that list, but there are challenges so it's a trade-off!

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    If Vermont had a vegan population (or a bigger one) and shorter winters, I'd say it would be perfect for us. But in spite of the long winters and few vegans, it's still a beautiful and unspoiled place to live. And it does have good food co-ops, a local food scene and lots of outdoor activities.

  • Chanie - I grew up in central Jersey. Somerset county. I went to college in Indiana and now live in Kentucky (after being in Tennessee for a year!) Growing up, I never thought that I would live in the midwest/south but it happened. I always assumed that I would end up in the city. I want to get back there since a majority of my family lives in North Jersey. Where are you living in NJ?

  • Whitney23, I am in southern nj , Ocean County, I grew up in Burlington county

  • Wow, Austraila sounds great

  • Suasoria, All of the above :)

  • Cares, what part of Australia would you recomend?

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I lived in Australia for a year and it's an amazing country, but I would seriously avoid Darwin. I lived their for 3 months and couldn't believe the narrow mindedness of certain people. I lived with a guy who held such distaste for vegetarians. He constantly dissed my BF for not eating meat at every meal...apparently he wasn't a 'real man' if he didnt eat meat. I found it draining being around these type of people.

    Having said that, not all Darwinians are like that...I just happened to be unfortunate enough to live with a prize jerk!

    The Ozzies do tend to be into the healthy lifestyle and there is so much fresh fruit too!

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Chanie...I'm in the middle New South Wales near the coast (well about 45 mins drive) on 270 acres.

    I think the coastal areas of NSW are the best as it is not to hot, cold, dry, wet it is

    just like goldie locks porridge...Just Right :-)

    Hey sv3...I would pretty much agree with you on Darwin, whilst they are not all like it, it is Beer and Beef mentality up there.

  • Cares... WOW, 270 acres! Thats amazing. I can't even imagine. My back yard is just big enouph for my garden and a couple storage sheds. So do you farm alot of that land?

    sv3...thanks for the tip

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Chanie...Cattle on most of it but I am working towards organics with Avo's, blueberries, currants and some citrus.

    My garden area, which I greedily told my hubby that he wasn't allowed to put cattle in, or slash it - he has slashed a few of my small fruit trees in the past (then sheepishly fessed up to me), is about 4-5 acres.

    Which consists of an orchard with figs, passionfruit, apples, mulberries, plums, apricots etc.

    It still gets a little bit cold here in winter for mangoes so I am going to plant some up on the hills out of the frost line and cross my fingers.

    I have started building a web site, not much there at present but you can see how I had my 'formal type english vege garden' built. It covers all the extra flat area available now so is about twice the size as in the pictures.


  • another vote for Washington here..I love it!!!! I have been here for 10 years now and would never move back to Florida where I was born and raised.There is a growing raw community here and I just joined a group in my area that has potlucks all the time.Not to mention as Kina mentioned..the weather isn't as tragic as people make it out to be and there is just so much to do here in the Seattle area....from museums and zoos to tons of outdoor activities.

  • I live in NJ also, Monmouth County. I have 4 amazing health food stores close by all that carry lots of raw foods and great organic fruits and veggies and lots of vegetarian restaurants near me. Plus there's Wegmans that has a huge organic selection. I live across the street from the ocean and live in a town with lots of big music venues and festivals and there's always something going on. NY City is less than 2 hours away, Atlantic City is 2 hours and the Poconos is nearby. There's a little of almost everything a short distance away. The weather can sometimes be too humid but I do love living in New Jersey.

  • Thorne, what are the names of some ot these places? I'm not too far (ocean county) would love to check them out

  • Cares.... Beautiful, amazing garden! I had to show my co-workers the pics.

  • I live in Miami, Florida...but I'm not sure if I would recommend it although I do love the fact that there is no scarcity for those on a raw, vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. There are tons of health-conscious people in this city (after all, they boast of the most beautiful people in the US lol) and quite a few raw food bars and restaurants although most of them are in central to northern Miami. I live in South Miami, so my neighborhood is mostly latin-based, and I've found that they eat a lot of white rice, meat and beans. Not too many veggies unless they're used for seasoning.

    I have to admit, the influx of raw fruit is UNBELIEVABLE! Mangos grow wild here (there's a tree about two blocks down, you can pick as many as you want because nobody technically owns it), fresh huge avocados, pineapples, guava, papaya, peaches, nectarines, strawberries and grapes...ugh I could go on! :) If you like fruit, you'll love Miami!


    p.s I almost forgot to mention bananas, plantains, coconuts of all kinds and roots!! They love roots here...

  • Misty, I'm so jelous! All those fresh local fruits!

  • Chanie, Dean's Health Food Stores carry raw foods, He's in Ocean Twp & Shewsbury. Also Natures Corner in Spring Lake which would be closer to you. I only eat raw so I haven't gone here in years but Kayas Kitchen in Belmar is a great vegetarian restaurant if you're not 100%. I heard there's a raw restaurant opening in Asbury Park, but I will let you know when that happens. Were you looking for vegetarian or only raw restaurants?

  • I'm quite sure it's Hawaii. I've lived everywhere, and each place has it's pluses and negatives, but I'm quite sure Hawaii is the place for raw foodies. Big Island is filled with organic farms and is very affordable to live on. Oahu has Honolulu, which provides your city fix. The people in HNL aren't the most vegan-tolerant, but certainly not the least. Sometimes the lack of care for the environment made me sad in such a beautiful place, and Oahu and Maui can be expensive - but if you love fresh fruit and the beach, you are in heaven.

    For the record I've lived in NYC, SF, LA, London, and Berlin. If I had to live in the continental USA, I would live in SF. Portland, Seattle, and Ashland are all extremely charming, but I love SanFran. London was nearly impossible to eat in, but I was willing to go all over town for farmer's markets. To call vegan life tough in Berlin would be an understatement, but I otherwise love my life here in Germany. Organics and natural remedies are common place in Berlin which is very nice, even if there aren't too many vegetables.

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