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  • hello I am from texas. I was raw for 6 months but fell off the wagon and now am hopping back on!

    I have a recipe for raw cin. rolls so I will make some soon and upload the recipe!

  • Just wanted to say hi. I'm about 2 days into raw eating. I've been interested for about a year, when I read Carol Alt's book and purchased Juliano's cook book. I recently read The Cure by Timothy Brantley and decided that there is no time like the present to change your life.

  • Hi! I just joined last week but have finally found the time to cruise around the site and I love it. I am from Florida and am only about 60+% raw right now for almost a month. I have a cooked, processed snack once a day or so, and maybe a cooked dinner 2-3 times a week. When I do heat a processed food item, already I can actually feel the difference. I do not digest it as easily and I just don't feel good after eating it. I've lost a couple of pounds, but pounds of yuckiness I'm sure! I've always chosen healthy foods I thought but now see how poor most of these factory processed foods are for us. I mean, they're processed to the point where they aren't food anymore. I am so excited about the benefits I've already seen and look forward to more. Thank you for this site! :)

  • Hello Everyone, I started as a vegan years back, then went to being a flexitarian but i never eat an overly huge amount of red meat, from then i became a vegan and now I'm very happy to say I am 100% raw and loving it from the movement i first said "that sounds like it would be better for me". I have been raw now for 3weeks and counting. The reason why I choice to eat a raw vegan diet, obiviously for the health benefits, but the biggest reason is for the environmental help that vegans have on the earth, Did you know that a meat based diet needs approx. 7 times more land then a plant based diet. Also if little to no natural gas can be used for cooking thats even better. I feel amazing having no preservatives in my body, I also can't get over the fact that I can actually "just know" what foods are good and which are a big "no no". I also found that before i use to have a huge sweet tooth and i am surprised that I really have had no cravings. I have not ripped in the benefits of weight loss yet, but i think thats beacuse I have been eatting nuts like theres no tomorrow. I spoke to my Doctor today and he congradulated me on the choice (which i will pass off to the rest of us vegans and raw vegans as well) and told me that he would help monitor my health to make sure that i have no need for a "hot meal". My next appointment is in a couple of weeks to see if the weight loss has started yet. (sometimes it takes a while for the ketone's to activate). best With everthing. I must say I love this site, it's been on my fav. list for a while now.

  • Hi I

  • Hi, I'm Jenn and I've been about 90% raw since January 6th of this year after having read Victoria Boutenko's "12 Steps to Raw Foods" over the holidays. I'm just coming off a 10 day master cleanse and I feel amazing. I live in Oakland, California where it's very easy to find raw food, in fact, Cafe Gratitude just opened their raw restaurant right inside our local (beautiful, design award winning) Whole Foods! BTW, Oakland is truly beautiful and the Bay Area's best kept secret. We've got a horrible crime problem but it is pretty isolated. I feel very safe and happy here.

    I've always been some version of vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian. I am excited to move forward raw since my recent cleanse, as I feel like I have reset my body. Day 10 was two days ago, so I am still reintroducing foods and have only had fruit so far. Tonight I'll have vegetable broth from simmered veggies and water.

    My husband is dabbling in raw a bit now, and I am really happy to see the meat and pizza giving way to the fruit, vegetables and especially avocados. The UK magazine "Get Fresh" has been a great resource to us both.

    We have two little girls who are allowed to mostly eat what they want, but we are working on gearing them to what we now know are the right choices. They know I am raw and I talk to them about it but I do want them to make their own choices. That's important to me.

    I've lost 17 pounds so far, about 1/2 from the master cleanse I'd love to lose another 7-12 more pounds. I've done the master cleanse in the past and gained the weight back very quickly, so I am curious to see if eating mostly fruit and veggies during the day and raw vegan meals at dinner will help the weight loss to continue until I stabilize. I'm using Natalia Rose's book as a guide right now and would love to hear how this has or hasn't worked for others.

  • Hello,

    I was RAW a long time ago, but it didn't take very well with me. I am back again and I need this diet or I am going to be very ill and possibly die. I am diabetic and my blood sugar is always through the roof (I actually hit (751) about a month ago. With the sugar still up in the stratosphere, no matter what diet I am on (South Beach, Vegetarian, Vegan), I just can not get the sugar down (Without a massive amount of insulin, which has it's own problems). Glad to be back, and I hope I can count on your support to get me well.

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    Good day.... my name is Shuanna (like shawna) and am currently residing in Seattle,WA. Let me first say how amazing this is to have a support system. When I first went Raw about 2.5 years ago...I couldn't find much of anything on the web except some occasional websites. I could really stay in contact with a lot of people and find out what's working for them and such. In my 30 years...I was vegetarian for 9 years and then became Vegan for 7. About 2.5 years ago I tried the whole raw food lifestyle and it worked great for me. For the first time I was able to lose some of the weight gained during my pregnancy (6 years previous) and look as good if not better as I did in high school or my early 20's. But a bad injury left me broken for a good while and I stopped running and started eating cooked food again. I gained back 30 pounds due to a more sedentary lifestyle and depression. I am a emotional eater and when I had to stop running it killed me inside.

    So I am back and trying my hardest to stay motivated enough to where this becomes a natural way of life with me. I am hoping this website helps me out a lot and keeps me accountable. I am again to the point where I cant run which I'm struggling with. I got diagnosed with Hip Brusitis about 2 weeks ago. I got it from my job and as soon as I noticed my hip pain I put my two weeks in. Unfortunately for me it really kicked in about 4 days before I quit and now I have something that will NEVER go away. I am hoping with a Raw lifestyle I'll be able to repair the damages and get back on track. I cant even think about spending the rest of my life without running. It is my Sanity!

    I am eating 99.9% raw because I still consume coffee and always will. It is my life and was my career until I just had to quit. I don't put cream or sugar in it but it is still apart of my morning ritual. Though I will say, the longer I am Raw, the less I need it in the morning. My other weakness is Wine. Wine is something that is the ONE thing that my boyfriend and I can Share TOGETHER. I think its so important to have something that can still be shared with your friends and loved ones.

    So I have been back on the Raw food path for about a month (give or take a couple cheats). For the last week however I have been perfect. Making some great dishes and hoping this website act's as a personal trainer if you will. So I thought I would introduce myself in a decent amount of detail. It seems there are many of us that have been raw before and are wanting to jump on board again. Maybe this time with this support we can make it happen!


    p.s I am unemployed now so have ALOT of time to spend in the kitchen, if I make some kick ass things I will share recipes!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Welcome iliveyourdream~

    First, I want to offer you that if the body is given what it needs, it can repair itself. If damage (dysfunction) has occurred, for whatever reason, the body can build towards wellness. If it does not "appear" that this is "true," it simple is that the "missing" piece (resource) has not been found... yet. What you need is patience and to be in action exploring different options/resources until you find the one (or combination of ones) that works for you in addition to giving the body adequate time (a resource) to do the repair/regeneration work. Again, be patient and loving with yourself. There is no wagon, cheating, etc... There is only choice!

    If you are interested in looking at an option that may benefit you both physically and financially, feel free to contact me. My email addy is in my profile.

    To your wellness...

  • Hello, everyone. I am Diana from Ohio and I am just starting to change my diet. My motivation is for better health. I am 60 pounds overweight and am changing what I put into my body, increasing my activity level, but most important I am changing my awareness about myself. I just started meditation and what I would call heightened self awareness. I listened to "the Power of Now" on CD and the voice finally spoke to me. I finally get it.

    Also I am a nurse practitioner and have taken care of women fighting breast cancer and now work with the older adult in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I have a great deal of empathy for others, but put myself on the back burner until now.

    I joined at the recommendation of a friend who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. I am convinced (finally) that lifestyle is the way to go to make positive changes for good. I am not certain that I will go 100% raw, but I am going to try to be 85 to 95% raw. Doubt that I will ever convince my dear husband to go raw, but we will see.

    Thanks for being here and being available for free on the web. I am glad to be part of this group.

  • Hello raw.atheist, I'm glad to hear your back. I want you to know that no matter what, you'll have support and positive energy to help you along the way. The best way to deal with anything is through a healthy and positive approach. my thoughts are with you and i'm here to talk whenever you need. best of luck.

  • raw.atheist, are you aware of the book by Gabriel Cousens "There is a Cure for Diabetes? He talks mainly about Type 2's who went on his Tree of Life program. One of them was actually type 1 and his diabetes was cured and still holding after 2 years. I'm sure that you can at the very least get your sugars down to a much more manageable level by following Dr. Cousens guidelines. Another interesting book is by Robert Young, "The pH miracle for diabetes : the revolutionary diet plan for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes". Hope this helps and I wish you success in your RAW journey--it can be very difficult but if you stick with it I'm sure you'll see good results.

  • Hi everyone, My name is Cara and I'm a very unhealthy 30 year old woman who has been trying all of the wrong things for the last 10 years to reach that "highschool" weight. I started nursing school about a year ago and since have had many eye opening experiences that caused me to look at my overall health.

    In trying to better myself, I began a Master Cleanse about 3 weeks ago and had such severe detox symptoms I could not function at work or school, and had to stop. I realized 2 things...It doesn't always pay to jump straight into something, and I have a lot of crap to get rid off inside this body. I immediatly began researching a raw diet. The past 2 weeks I have done more research, gotten to about 70% raw, and eliminated cigarettes, caffiene, and processed foods. My detox symptoms have been much more bearable and I plan on doing my Master Cleanse as soon as school is out. (1 more week)

    I just want to thank everyone who shares and contributes to this site. It has been a life saver and made my change so informative and easier than I ever would have thought.


  • Hello all!

    I'm Cecile, mom of 3 great kids living in beautiful Olympia in WA : )

    I have been vegetarian for the past 10 or 11 years (lost count) and have been working on transitioning to a 90% raw diet since the past couple of weeks.

    I have always loved eating raw veggies and fruits, as well as nuts and dried fruits, but I am kicking up a bit : )

    I am nursing my 2 months old, so I am doing it gradually as to not release too much toxins at once into the milk as I am getting healthier : )

    I love all the great recipes in this site! They are making it easier to prepare meals that are varied and so flavorful!

    My husband is not as health conscious as I am, and eat way too much junk food : ( Maybe he'll change one day!

    My kids are omnivores, but I make mostly vegetarian meals, sometimes meat or fish, and they eat a lot of the raw food I prepare as well : )

    I will let them make their own food choices : )

    That's my short story : )

    I am going to raw food to simply be healthier and give my body what it needs, and less (that's the 10% non raw food) of what it doesn't need : )

    I know a lot of you are very much into the 100% raw diet, but I hope I can be accepted even if I don't join the exclusive 100% raw food : )

  • Hello ... been vegetarian for 10 years. Incorporated more raw foods in my diet in January. I'm probably at 85% raw right now.

  • Hi,

    I'm Denise and my husband and I have been 100% raw since the beginning of February. Although we both have been healthy (we thought) eaters for years, I decided to become vegetarian in January, including dairy and fish. Then I saw a program on Planet Green where they cut open a freshly caught fish on a commercial fishing vessel and showed the viewers the plastic the fish are ingesting. That was it. The next day I was completely vegan. Then research on the web led me to raw and my husband just followed. I'm loving it and wouldn't consider eating animal protein again. Here's to a healthy life!

  • Hi! I have been raw for almost 2 yrs. Lately I have been having problems staying raw. I have seen first hand what a great healer the raw diet is. My problem is that I stopped loosing weight and now I am discouraged. I went from 342 to 238 the first 18 mos and have gained and lost back and forth for the past 6 mos. I am now back up to 250. I am going to restart by rereading my books and starting back at day one. I had such great results. I went cold turkey May 30, 2007 and in just 6 short weeks my blood work went from awful to normal ( hemaglobin A1C from 12 to 6, Cholesteral from 210 to 150, Good cholesteral from 17 to 65 and I lost 32 lbs). Then everything slowed down to a snails pace then stopped altogether last Nov. 2008. I have been eating nuts (a lot of cashews) and using a lot of salad dressing that I make with all raw items but to much cold pressed olive oil. Well here is to starting over. Any ideas????

  • I am also a diabetic. I was diagnosed when I was 5, 54 yrs ago. When I went 100% raw on May 30, 2007 my doctors gave me less than 5 yrs to live. I was 342 lbs, on oxygen and using a scooter to get around. I dropped my A1C from 12 to 6 in just 6 weeks. I had to watch my fruit intake and stick to low calorie veggies, no corn or startchy ones. I used the recipes in the book, "EATING WITHOUT HEATING". I also read every book by Victoria Batanko and her family. I am now having to restart my diet because I have let to many of my old habits slip into my eating. I have been skiping meals and then binging or eating continually all evening. I have put back on 22 lbs in the past 6 mos. I am having problems with swelling feet because I used soy sauce in a recipe. There is just so much we have to watch for when our health goes bad. I am now 248 lbs, no longer use a scooter and I have been off oxygen and other breathing treatments for 18 mos now. I have had several (6) surgeries for arterial blockages including heart bypass. My doctors are all thrilled and in Jan. my vascular surgeon's office did my yearly artreial pressures etc and discovered my vascular conditions is getting better. My eye doctor saw no cateracts or retinopathy this year when last year there was a start of both. We can get healthier and even reverse some of the damage if we really work hard and just keep going. Good luck, You can do it!

  • Hi,

    I also want to take the chance to introduce myself. My name is Bella and I am 31 years old. Currently I am living in LA (love the weather here :-)). I have been looking for a while to find a forum about raw food and fortunately now I have found it. I am very interested in this topic and I hope that I can gather useful information in this forum.

  • Hi everyone.

    I've been a vegetarian for almost four years, and within the last month, I've tried veganism without too many problems. Cheated only a couple times.. ha.

    I really want to try being raw, but I have a feeling its going to be wicked hard. I have a friend who is, thankfully, going to do it with me.

    Has anyone read 12 Steps to Raw Foods: How to End Your Addiction to Cooked Food by Victoria Boutenko?

    Phenomenal book. I think it's going to help a lot.

  • What do you think about "copying and pasting" these very interesting posts onto your profile???

    Our profiles show, who we are and/or were, most informative for those of us trying to learn where you are coming from when you ask questions or offer advice...

    Hope you agree and follow through...

    To your raw journey and great health... smile

  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Julia and I'm in the process of converting to an all raw vegan diet after being a vegan with some vegetarian (read cheese) days ;) for over a year.

    Going raw just seems the next logical step to further improve my health and well-being.

    Just ordered a vita-mix blender and am looking into food processors and possibly a dehydrator (to make crackers and breads as that is the hardest to give up for me).

    Can't wait to 'meet' everyone here and learn lots more about being raw.

    See you around :)

  • First off, I am in Central Cali. Now, on to all these labels and percentages... sheesh! I have no idea what percentage of raw my diet is - I had fish for dinner yesterday, but have eaten all raw today, and who knows what will pass my lips tomorrow? I am not new to raw - 6 or 7 years ago I took a raw class on a whim with a friend, but lost my recipe booklet/raw food guide that same day at a market - not one of my brighter moments! Consequently, I left a serious pursuit of raw food consumption on the shelf until I started paying more attention to my diet, which has been over the last few weeks.

    I have been thin all my life, high metabolism, which led me into the false security of believing I could eat any and all I want. I am learning that isn't the best idea, or in my best interest of my health. I cook well, love almost all foods, drink wine, (quite smoking 10 years ago) but felt I was developing some bad eating habits. Not wanting to get all caught up in "food games" like many people do, I started playing around in my kitchen and challenging myself to drop the dairy (CHEEEESE!) and meat. I am trying to keep it simple, and learn to really savor the basic flavor of veggies without dumping heavy dressing or parmesan cheese all over it. So far, I am doing ok, at least I believe I am doing ok, but I'm sure there are those out there who adhere to a much stricter definition of being a raw foodist... I am not here to please those people!

    SO, my goal here is to learn as much as I can, ask many questions, try many things, but mostly to pay attention - keen attention - to what works best for me, regardless of other's opinions or "rules"...

    I feel I might be turning a corner in my life - a new awareness of myself, my capabilities, my choices. I am learning to care for myself in a whole new way, and look forward to meeting other like-minded people whom I can be inspired by and hopefully inspire in return...

    Love and Light - Sara Tonin

  • Hello Everyone!!

    I recently found this site and decided to join today. I have been 80% raw a little over a year now and I'm loving it. I'm 24 yrs old, live in Norwalk, CT and have a wonderful fiancee who follows the same lifestyle (and makes me the best smoothies every morning!! ).

    Looking forward to sharing ideas, receipes etc with everyone!!


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Hello Happy and welcome! How great to have someone close to you who supports and practices your diet. :)



  • Hi,

    I'm Carole, 69 and I live in Fort Collins, CO which is a very health concious community, so many products are available for the Paelo diet or raw. I was never an exerciser and I have been on every diet and lost/gained, rarely more than 20 lbs here and there. I figured I've probably lost and gained over 400 lbs by now. Then my DIL' s sister was diagnosed with MS and was on drugs, theraphy and overweight for her size.

    She started the Paelo diet and lost 25 lbs and is off her meds. That inspired me and suddenly that's how I wanted to ea, it felt like a way of life I'd always flirted around the edges of.

    I gave up smoking after 45 years, so I know I can give up sugar, dairy and carbs from wheat!!

    . I am transitiong into raw, but mainly I am saying it's OK to cook for myself. Somehow I thought being a single person meant I didn't have to cook, but I see it's not true. reparing and cooking or inventing new dishes, is now exciting for me. So I am happy to be joining you and learned more about this way of eating.


  • Hi!

    My name is Kelly, and I am in Prescott, Arizona. I have never had a raw diet, but after a conversation with my aunt, I am more than intrigued and decided that I wanted to learn more and hopefully embark on a new change in the way I am eating. I have been a little worried because there is not a huge organic store in my area. When I lived in Rhode Island, I was a massive devotee of Whole Foods and Bread and Circus. These stores gave me all the great organic foods I could handle. Where I am in Prescott, Arizona there is one natural store, and I don't really like the look of the produce there, but I figure I can first learn, and then figure out where to buy what I need. I am so looking forward to this journey!!!!

    As far as the reason I began looking into eating raw. I have had a wonderful metabolism most of my life. Recently I found out that I was hypothyroid. And I think now more than ever it is vital that I learn how to eat right.

    Kelly :)

  • Hello fellow raw foodies!!

    I am VERY new to the raw food movement. I have been eating 50-70% raw for the last 2 weeks and I am feeling GREAT!!!

    I was initially inspired to go raw after spending 4 weeks on a school program abroad whose living conditions did not allow me to make any of my own food decisions. I literally had to eat what was given to me or go hungry which really wasn't an option when we were hiking 4 to 6 miles a day. So after a month of eating NO whole grains, very very little vegetable, and GOD FORBID prepackaged food and pork products daily (which I have sworn off for the past year) I felt that I really needed to detox myself once I got back in the states.

    I originally decided to go on an enzyme detox that I had read about in a magazine which recommended eating 70-75% raw for 3 weeks. However after starting, I LOVE it! I feel so good and so energized. I am ready to make this a permanent change in my life and would love any tips on the transitioning process. And I would love any cheap and fast meal ideas anyone has. I'm a poor, fulltime college student whose currently working 3 jobs, so fast and cheap are my top priorities right now.

    Thank you to all of you! You are such an inspiration!

  • Hi, all! I'm *jen, and I'm proud to say I've been 90%+ Raw for 11 days (lost 11 lbs!). I'm pleased with the weightloss, but that's not my main reason for going raw . I have 2 little girls (Ara is 3, Lulu is 4 months) and I want to be healthy an energetic for them. I want to be a good role model for them, too, so they make good food choices as they grow into big folk.

    I enjoy how I'm eating and excited to learn more!

  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Julia and I am just starting to get into raw food. I have never had any trouble with vegges and fruit. I have also never had trouble with tofu. I'm usually the type that isn't afraid of change and I feel this could really benefit my life. Not just for weight loss and to be able to feel better from taking meds like muscle relaxers and nerve medication if I can but just overall balance. I am a massage therapist but cannot do them cause of back issues that have been plaguing me since I was 16. i'm 24 now and am ready for a change. I love animals also and if one animal is saved cause of me it is all worth it. I'm hopeing by coming here I can get some support for I really don't seem to get any here besides my mom and a few good recipes to get me started. I am very interested in changing my life for the better so thanks for reading and I hope the best for everyone!!..


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