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Mucus is RUINING my sleep! help + I'm going crazy



  • I just had the best watermelon cleanse of my entire raw food life!!! I didn't get a headache or stomach problems. It makes me wonder if something went wrong. I was not hungry and only ate 1 20lbs. watermelon in the 4 days of the "fast". well I hope to try again and see what happens.

  • mine wasnt certified organic but i got it from a local farmer that doesnt use pesticides or herbicides.

  • nancyk. You only ate one 20IB watermelon in 4 days? hmm. i was under the impression you were supposed to eat large amounts. (At least thats what i was reading everywhere) I ate a 15-20 pound each day.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    We also consumed 20lbs of watermelon each day. Me and my boy were just saying how we're craving watermelon now.. its so yummy.....

  • I know that I should have eaten more but my body just wouldn't let me. All I could do was the one that is why I think I need to do it again and figure out why I wasn't hungry.

  • bwhahaha

    yeah seriously.

    i completely SWORE OFF watermelon from my life because i was so sick of it, but recently i've been craving it. haha

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    "Thank you raw Jules. I think i'll go to the book store tonight & check it out. I know for sure my digestive track is messed up. I try very hard to correct it & it never stabilizes. I have a feeling my immune system isn't so hot either. The only sugars I am eating is from honey & fruit. Should I cut out fruit too? I tend to have absolutely no energy without it. "

    Fruit is what builds your lymph system. Carbs are needed to fuel every single cell in your body to do it's job. What you need to do is increase your fruit consumption.

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    Silly, I eat that much watermelon a day followed up by 15 bananas, maybe 10 dates, and some unsweet fruits for dinner.

  • I believe panic attacks/anxiety to be caused by two things: a lack of amino acids and a lack of minerals. If you are eating too many oxalates, they may be binding with your minerals. Try a Vit C source at the same time so to it will bind with the oxalates.

    You might want to look into ionic minerals as well.

    Mary Kay

  • HI,

    The night before last, I experienced something so frightening... so I know what you feel. I've never been pregnant and I'm not pregnant, and this never happened before but I noticed clear liquid in both cups of my bra.. and I noticed they were leaking this on their own for no reason at all.. it stopped now, but the only thing I've been doing differently when it happened was taking ginger and vitamin c supplements and some digestive enzymes. So I blame it on that since I stopped taking them and this has stopped for now...

    But scary things can happen I guess, when our body goes through changes... so Don't worry. You're trying to be healthy, and maybe you just have an allergy to something you've been eating more of lately! I found out that I'm allergic (or can't digest) carrots and watermelon and tomatoes which I've been eating for years... i'm 26 years old now.. and the holistic healer told me these foods are what were causing my eczema and back problems.

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