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Does anyone know a good NUT-FREE cookie recipe?


I am trying to find a nut-free cookie recipe. Are these usually made with seeds instead? I wanted something that is not as heavy and thick as the nut based cookies we usually see.

Thanks everyone!


  • magpie89magpie89 Raw Newbie

    you could use some kind of powder. like spiralina, chia seeds & flax seeds formed together with some kind of base? Maybe mixed with some raw cacoa powder or carob powder ...

    crap..that sounds good lol.

    *runs to kitchen*

  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    hey lily loo: i've been making raw cookies using buckwheat for a long time...absolutely no nuts. .and funny you should ask, i finally found the ingredient to perfect the recipe. takes like 3 minutes!


    buckwheat sprouts (use 4/5's for processing with ingredients, and add 1/5 after to keep more 'body' in the cookie)

    honey/agave (you could use dates too, but i usually eat them before i can make anything!)

    coconut oil * optional but really makes it taste 'baked'


    1 banana (this is the ingredient i wasn't adding. it made the cookies taste moist and much more like baked cookies, like if you used eggs or things like that)

    ground flaxseed * optional

    add: cocoa powder or cinnamon or whatever flavor you are in the mood for.

    process in food processor.

    add remaining amount of buckwheat sprouts, mix.

    roll 'chunky' like a drop cookie (not too flat) for best results. if you want a crisper cookie, then DO roll flat!

    i don't always dehydrate mine for too long, they are taste best just dried out on the edges and i usually can't wait it out that long!!! add more honey/agave if drying out longer...

    have fun!

  • Amber: that sounds amazing. I'm going to have to try it the first chance I get.

  • delalunadelaluna Raw Newbie

    amberablue - this does sound delish~ how long did you dehydrate it for?

  • alexa.alexa. Raw Newbie

    Rawaholic, I do the exact same thing, minus the apricots. And it's delicious. :D

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Def going to make those buckwheat cookies - thanks for sharing!

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I've made one that uses oak grouts, raisins and some other ingredients. I will have to try and find the recipe for you and post it. All I know is I remember it being VERY good. Could hardly believe the cookies were raw.

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