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Traveling Raw

Hey everyone!! I need YOUR help! :D

Okay so I am getting certified as a scuba diver this coming weekend in belmoura texas haha.. it is literally in the middle of NO WHERE. We have to go there because it is a natural deep fresh water spring. It will be freeeezing, but I am excited about getting to see the gorgeous davis mountains! I am staying at a bed and breakfast place on the state parks site in belmoura and was wondering what all of you do when you travel... here are some of my questoins...

What do you do when you travel and are raw vegan?

What are your necessities you HAVE To take with you?

Do you take equipment.. juicer? blender? (I am not opposed to blending on the floor of my hotel room haha)

Do you take a cooler full of produce?

I am going with my class from college so I feel that the more I am prepared the better off I will be and maybe most of them will ignore my eating habits and lifestyle haha. This is my first time to travel and I want to strictly be raw vegan with no slip ups due to not being prepared. SO PLEEASSSE give me all the help you can :D

I hope you all have a great day.


  • hey I am just commenting on this so it will get comented on more since it will show up on the recent commented list on the home page. I really need some advice here. Thanks guys :D

  • I'm not all raw but I always travel with raw granola or other dehydrated things. You can almost always find a market for fresh produce so I tend to save the room in my luggage and eat easy dishes that don't require a lot of prep. I bring a fork with me so I don't have to use plastic, too. : ). I'm excited to hear what everyone else has to say!

  • that's a good idea, I am def going to bring a fork and a glass jar :D and maybe a plate. It's only a four hour trip so I won't be flying and can pack a lot. There is not a fresh market there with organic produce. EVERYONE GIVE ME ADVICE :D love you all!!

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    Avocados hold up well without a fridge- I've taken them on trips before.

    I make a dip with one avocado (use a very ripe one so it's nice and soft), raw corn when it's in season, sea salt, a little bit of onion and a dash of olive oil. It tastes great and you can bring carrots, cucumber or raw crackers to dip in it.

    Once the dip is made, though, it doesn't preserve well without a fridge, so only make as much as you think you'll eat at once. One avocado with the veggies is a filling meal for me.

    I also take bananas, apples, pears- all stuff that doesn't need refrigerated- and almonds. Have fun :-)

  • I go camping a lot and have to take all my own food for up to 5 days without equipment or a fridge.

    Here's what I do:

    First, get yourself a good quality cooler, spend money on it, cheap ones will only keep ice for two days, one if its warm, a good one will keep ice for 4-5 days.

    When packing your cooler, put everything in ziplock plastic bags (yes, this is not very sustainable, but the food needs to be out of the water/ice or its degenerates faster - glass is way too bulky, you wont fit anything in. I buy a box of 30 about once a year, and I wash and dry them so I can re-use them all the time.)

    Don't worry about equipment unless you want a blender for smoothies.

    I take a grater, sharp knife and small chopping board.

    In your cooler:

    - pack veges and fruits that need to be kept cold.

    - Don't pack plain lettuce or celery, I love them, but theyre too bulky and not calorie dense enough.

    - I try to take more calorie dense veges if I'm going to be very active - grated raw pumpkin and parsnip with orange juice, cilantro and parsley is delicious, energy rich and the veges keep well.

    - Pre-remove all the bits you would normally throw out from veges - carrot/beet tops etc so they pack down better.

    - Pre-made raw dressings for salads.

    - Pre-made 'pasta' sauces

    - Pre-made raw dips.

    - Raw chocolate/desert bars

    (Replace the ice as often as you can and drain excess water twice a day to keep everything as fresh as possible.)

    In another bag (padded freezer bags are great because they protect your fruit a bit, if you chuck a zip lock bag of ice or a frozen block thingy in it'll keep everything from sweating) I take:

    - Fresh Fruit (take so many bananas.)

    - Tons of nuts and seeds and dried fruit - its the best space/calorie dense/shelf life combo. You're going to need tons of energy diving.

    - Veges that don't need refrigeration (carrots, root veges.)

    - flax crackers

    - I take dark german bread and rye wraps as well, which isnt raw, but it's especially good for when we go on day-long hikes and I need to take lunch that packs down small and light.

    If you're in a hotel though - you might have a bar-fridge (which means you dont have to worry about having a great cooler) and you'll have power for a blender if you want one - give the hotel a call, more than likely, if you ask, they'll either make your smoothies for you or let you come in and use their blender - depends on the hotel of course, but ask to speak to the kitchen staff, they'll be more helpful.

  • wow thanks so much grapefruit fanatic and jaimie!! these are great ideas! I am staying at a bed and breakfast so I am not sure if they will have a fridge in the room, but the staff is pretty cool from what I hear so they will probably let me make my own food in their kitchen. My dive instructors are vegitarian and they said that they are really helpful when preparing breakfast for them. You guys gave me some GREAT ideas! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. The next weekend I am heading to houston for a wedding. There is this raw vegan rest. its called yaya's raw kitchen? anyone heard of it or been there? I am so excited!! Thanks for this tips! :D

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    You are only going to be gone for the weekend? Then you can easily bring all the food you need with you.

    I traveled for 4 days this past summer with my family and I carried everything I needed with me - several bunches of bananas, a couple of flats of peaches and nectarines, a flat of tomatoes, a few cucumbers, lettuce.

    Super easy and I didn't have to go shopping for anything or even need a kitchen to prepare anything. :)

    I also did a little video a couple days after I came back from this trip with 4 tips for traveling raw. Check it out if you're interested:





  • Yes I will be gone this weekend friday thru sunday (scuba diving), and next weekend friday thru sunday (houston, wedding), then jan 3-8 I will be traveling to colorado for a school lectureship summit thing. I WILL HAVE TO PREPARE FOR THIS ONE BIG TIME! Food is included, but you all know a school function thing will only serve like pop tarts for breakfast, pizza for lunch .. and pizza for dinner for the whole damn week. & THE EXPECT US TO FUNCTION PROPERLY AND TAKE IN THE INFORMATION TO THE MAX? no .. i think not. not with that mental fog created from processed foods.. okay, I appologize hehe.

    I will keep it simple like you said Swayze! I can't wait to watch your video & your website!! Thanks so much for the tips everyone! I am so happy to have this place!

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    when I leave for a few days, I bring nuts and raisins, a knife if I need one, avocado, and mostly fruit. Apples, bananas, oranges, cucumbers and tomatoes. make up a mix of your favorite seasoning to use on the avocado, cucumbers and tomatoes.

    Also, I'll make a HUGE blender full of smoothie, and put it in a container and drink off of that for a day and a half.

  • Oh that is a great idea!! I can make like 8 cups of smoothie then put them in a cooler, then once I get to the bed and breakfast put my smoothies in their fridge there!!


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Oh, I didn't even notice that you were going scuba diving...how cool! I barely feel comfortable in a shallow pool so I can't even imagine going deep underwater. That is so awesome! :D



  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    You know, since you brought up the topic BrunetteKet, I have a question of my own...

    I frequently travel to other countries, and I bring a lot of healthy food with me, such as nuts, cereal bars, etc. I was wondering if the food that goes through the security sreenings at the airport is really safe, since it gets frequenlty radiated.

    Most of us will frown aobut irradiated almonds, but what about irradiated carry on food? Does anyone has any thoughts about this? Thanks.

  • Hi there, I'm new to this site and absolutely love it! Ironically, I just got back from traveling and took some raw items with me... Keep in mind anything dehydrated keeps well. Since you're going scuba diving, what I would do is google the closest store to your location and purchase fresh fruit and veggies there. You're probably not going to find anything really interesting in a small town in TX, but google it and it's worth a try and surely you'll find some produce somewhere. Otherwise, what I do is try to bring a lot of raw trail mix with me wherever I go. I keep some in my luggage and what I carry on the plane as well.

    Rawlizard: in response to your question about traveling with certain foods, you should know. Sadly, most of our food is already irradiated. Last year our wonderful (there is sarcasm there) USDA quietly allowed some type of legislation for food to be irradiated officially. Lettuce was the the official legal beginning due to the huge e coli scare a few years ago, but it's gone further. Many farmers have quietly used radiation to keep both fresh produce and other items fresher longer for many years. Unfortunately, this is the way the world works these days. So nuts or trail mix going through airport xrays shouldn't be a big problem- considering they are not very powerful or germ killing. However, be extremely careful about bringing certain foods into certain countries too. I know that some countries don't allow fresh fruits and veggies to be brought in or taken out due to health scares. TSA changes it's policies daily also. I once heard a TSA agent explain to a woman how icing from a cinnamon roll could not be brought on the plane since it was a liquid or gel but smothered on the cinnamon roll, it could be brought on and transported since it was possible it was more than 3 ounces. Since I'm 99% raw, I cringed, but those are the policies they have. Lol. And I'm sure the policies of other countries are the same. Just odd, in general, so, if I were you, do your homework when it comes to bringing foods into certain countries (I do this as well). I know Australia is particularly strict, but so are a few others.

    One of my favorite things to bring on trips is tea- all kinds. It's light and keeps well in luggage. Lemons/limes are good too. They are really sturdy and keep well. I guess tea isn't truly a raw food since hot water is added but the infusions that I make from tea are amazing. :)

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    Thank you Gotblush for your comment. I wonder what are the repercussions of radiating our food on the long term. It seems that the only way of bypassing this crazyness is by growing your own.

  • You're welcome. Yes and I agree that really the only way to know for sure that your food hasn't been radiated, poisoned or processed to some degree is growing our own. I have a few herb plants that I grow but since I live in Texas, it's a bit hard to sustain a garden, although I've tried. :)

  • Hey gotblush I live in Texas too!! What herbs do you have growing? I've got basil, rosemary, dill, and mint.. my mint isn't doing well though. What area of texas do you live in? I am in west!


  • Everyone thanks for all the great tips on traveling raw....

    I have:




    flax cracher

    ginger snaps

    cinnamon rolls I MADE raw :D

    trail mix



    and probably loads more!

    I wil let you all know if I make it from scuba diving hehe.

    check out my blog ive uploaded new recipes and I will blog some great photos of the beautiful davis mountains!


    Love you all!!


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