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  • Low income raw living?

    Hi! I am glad you mentioned this.... It can be very expensive with all of these extravagant recipes. I only buy organic when I can afford it. I stick to eating a lot of bananas because they are cheap. I get a lot of my fresh produce in bulk from costco  (a typical costco run includes huge bags of kale, broccoli, spinach, 6 pack of avocado, flax/chia seeds, celery and around 60 bananas). Berries, apples and oranges etc are only purchased when they are on sale... With costco there is a membership fee but they send you the money back at the end of the year if you spend a certain amount of money in the store. I eat all of the food I have already bought before buying more (even if im not in the mood to eat it). I only buy nuts/seeds when they are on sale because otherwise I wouldnt be able to afford it. I am currently raw vegan and my husband and son are just vegan. We stick to very plain recipes. I originally went vegan when I was on government assistance and couldnt work. I cant afford to buy 100% organic and I dont make a big fuss about it. Non organic raw food is much better than eating animal products or other processed foods. wink

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  • Nauseous

    Thank you! The nausea went away but now I've had a sore throat for 3 days. I've been raw for 24 days... I guess I'll have to deal with the detox symptoms for now.