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  • Thank you! The nausea went away but now I've had a sore throat for 3 days. I've been raw for 24 days... I guess I'll have to deal with the detox symptoms for now.
    in Nauseous Comment by Rondreka
  • Coconut oil on your body immediately after a shower... African shea butter is also great and contains a natural spf
  • I consumed fenugreek supplements and drank mother's milk tea while breastfeeding. There was a dramatic increase in my supply. I did not have any side effects.
  • I never counted calories I ate as much as I wanted to... The first time I went raw, I lost 14 pounds in 21 days and I was eating all day.... and I was not over weight to begin with....
  • I'm on day 9 and I am not a happy camper. I literally quit my job that I had for over a year yesterday (I decided I couldnt take it anymore and walked out)... Im sure my detoxing had something to do with it. I am on edge. Im usually a very nice pers…
  • Hi! I am glad you mentioned this.... It can be very expensive with all of these extravagant recipes. I only buy organic when I can afford it. I stick to eating a lot of bananas because they are cheap. I get a lot of my fresh produce in bulk from cos…
  • I workout in a fasted state. I use food as a motivation to workout lol after I workout I have a fresh fruit smoothie. I've always worked out in a fasted state ... But it isn't for everyone...