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  • Anyone not do so swell eating raw ?

    I’m not an expertand I started eating raw just some months ago, but here it goes what i think: if you have been eating SAD and then you have a lot to detox I think there raw food that can make detox too hard. I say that because the first time I ate zucchini pasta i feel well eating it and after, but some time later I was sick: increable headache and increable diarrhea. The SAD eaters which ate the same recipe didn’t feel anything extrange. (I had a similar experience once more but don’t remember what it was… a wrap with something in…)

    I want to introduce wheatgrass in my diet and reading about how to do it i have find that it is better to go slowly because it is a very potent detoxing item, and you can feel nauseous and diarrheic.

    So MY conclusion is that there can be some raw foods that have a too quickly/strong effect in our bodies. (Of course, I refer to SAD bodies becoming raw, NOT to someone that has been eating raw for long time)

    I don’t know what you ate being raw and if you previous diet was very healthy or unhealthy… I would suggest one way to go raw: start eating those things that you would eat raw in a SAD diet. And then slowly introduce more “adventurous” foods.