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  • There are things that can be grown indoors anytime anywhere, such as sprouts and small greens. Perhaps we can’t live on those but they can be a good base for both eating 100% raw and eating as much raw as you can in winter (or other circumstances th…
  • wow! awesome!! I don’t know if it s typical but I didn’t lose that weight in a week. I lose very slowly.
  • thans emtpdmom, i think i’ll start using alfalfa for gazpacho style soups, and then i’ll try more adventurous combs.
  • emtpdmom you’re welcome. Which sprouts do you use with fruits? I’ve never mix sprouts and fruit (with the exception of tomato and avocado) and it seems an interesting combination.
  • Hello! Sorry no advice about books, just to tell you that you can check http://www.sproutpeople.com/cookery.html there are raw and cooked recipes using sprouts. If you finally find/get a book please let me know your opinion, I’m interested too.
  • You can go to the member’s profile and choose “view all posts”. You will see ALL posts of that member, so if s/he has a lot… (they are arranged by date, I think).
  • Hippocrates Institute helps people fight cancer following a raw diet, you might google it: “hippocrates institute”, “dr. clement”, “ann wigmore”... Best wishes!
    in Raw Food Facts Comment by anngoingraw
  • dreasraw, I agree with you, whole-fresh-raw food should be in everybody diet. I meant just that sometimes doctors surprise me with their advices. angie, good pint that of salad dressing to have in mind ;) EDIT: I mean: “good point”
  • dreasraw – Doctors recomend not eating raw for a lot of circumstances, the best I know is people with stomachal issues, they have been adviced to eat eveything well cooked, to avoid fibre and whole foods!!
  • The julienne peeler works grate for me and it was cheap.
    in spiralizer Comment by anngoingraw
  • I couldn’t live without them!! Are they a green?! Didn’t know!
    in AVOCADOS Comment by anngoingraw
  • Finally i used an olive oil based dressing with fenugreek & mustard seed (ground of course!). I wanted some basil but didn’ find any when shopping. It came out delicious, here it goes: 1 part coconut, grated 1 part carrots, grated 1 part caulifl…
  • wow! thank you everybody! I didn’t know what to make and now I don’t know what to choose!! :))
  • I wasn’t 100% raw when I ate some cooked food again but I my body just said: I don’t like it cooked. (Well, it let me know that with the usual methods: all physical inconvenients came back (ie allergy).
  • Where I live there are not young coconuts so i only it the brown ones. There is no problem with them. I suppose that young coconuts would be lighter.
  • Welcome back!! Be positive. After 2 months eating high raw I ate SAD foods again for some days, that was all right!! Because I saw clearly enough wich is the difference for me between raw and cooked (+ not so helathy): my body prefers it raw!! So ta…
  • Me too!! It is a great place for the info, advice, recipes etc and it has a great atmosphere too.
    in Help Comment by anngoingraw
  • I’m not an expertand I started eating raw just some months ago, but here it goes what i think: if you have been eating SAD and then you have a lot to detox I think there raw food that can make detox too hard. I say that because the first time I ate …
  • I’ve to try banana ice cream it is supposed to be just frozen bananas blended, isn’t it?
  • wow! we’re all differents!! I love sprouts, didn’t know that they could produce constipation since they work well for me. In the other hand, i’m not a fruit fan, i love berries for example, but i can’t go with melon. In general i prefer not very rip…
  • I think it could be interesting to make much more analysis to 100% raw fodies following diferent types of raw diets, for example: fruitarians, those who follow hippocrates, those who follow their body, those who follow Gabriel Cousens etc. I mean, m…
  • finally I tried to make it with rejuvelac, but it was horrible, something went wrong or with the rejuvelac or later while fermentation :(
  • thanks for sharing! I have copied your recipe. I have an electrical oven in which temperature can be controled (don’t know if it is very accurate). I’ll try to dehydrate something easy in smal quantity and see if it comes out well. EDIT: I have not …
  • Have you eat some???? I’m thinking that perhaps I could make this with rejuvelac. By the way, you use your oven for dehydrate? It comes out well? I’ve not a dehydrator and the oven could be an option.
  • Yippee!!! Tell us how it come out!
  • :) I like that point of view! Basil sounds a good idea too (i’ve only know one kind of basil… and don’t know if it is greek or lemon…) and for Rosemary and Thyme I agree, maybe they are too strong too. o-re-ga-no! o-re-ga-no! :))
  • Sometines, like now, it seems to me that I’m a little crazy…
  • I would use oregano. I have never do raw vegan sourdough, but i was just dreaming with the taste of your experiment while reading the thread, and when you have ask about what to put in it, i have thought inmediately A LOT OF OREGANO!
  • Cool!! The project “westminster bridge road” (at the end of the page) it’s so nice!
  • hi there, this is just my experience, not an advice, but if it helps you in any way, great…: I was taking for months echinacea, probiotics and another things to improve my immune system in order to improve my allergy (sneeze, itching, running nose e…