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  • Hi Lostinspace,I believe that problems with adrenals sometimes are because of liver stones. it is very easy to do a liver stone cleanse. Andreas Morritz have a great book “The amazing liver and gallbladder stone” that I highly recommend. Emotions ar…
    in I need advice. Comment by Lucy
  • Enemas are very good for you,and also colonics.Check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD1QzlKkz_s
  • I do my liver/gallbladder cleanse and kidney tea cleanse from the book “The amazing liver and gallbladder cleanse” from Andreas Morritz. Excellent in my oppinion.
  • Hi Audrey – your body needs seaweed and it is asking for it,so go forward,have as much as you can..It is going to be good for you.I remember 4 years ago when I got crazy about almond butter and had 2 glasses of it in 2 days.I needed that so much. As…
    in Seaweed Comment by Lucy
  • The food and water intake “rules” are basically for cooked food people. If you are on a raw lifestyle you have a different kind of rules. If you drink green juices,smoothies,eat salad,fruits you have pleanty of water already,you don’t have to drink …
  • I’ve heard that when you crave some food it is because you are detoxing it.Also we have the emotional craving that is the most difficult to get over,or sometimes we sabotage our success because of fear.There are many things about cravings,it is not …
    in Help please!!! Comment by Lucy
  • I joined Feb 2007,I don’t know my number but many things happening for me.This site helped sooooo much,umbelievable!!!
  • Hi Queenfluff, sorry about your problem.I have a friend that is an animal(dog,cat,fish…) sitter and the job is going very well.She really likes it. Also,why don’t you talk with Matt Monarch from (www.rawfoodworld.com) about your raw hair products?Ma…
  • Maybe you are not letting them drying long enough in the dehydrator.
  • Thanks a lot SarahJ and Andie.I’ve never sprouted quinoa before,just soaked it and ate with bananas and dates like a “raw oatmeal style”.
  • Tonya Zavasta’s products are excellent!! I really like them,and they do an amazing job on my skin.
    in beauty products Comment by Lucy
  • Seaweed is the best food for your hair.
    in Reversing gray hair? Comment by Lucy
  • Thanks Raw_Chocoholic,I want the natural ones.I am freeing my life of toxic things.
  • Thanks 123. I really want to use some nail polish just for fun. For my hair,no,I don’t need anything for my hair. Me,mom,my uncle and my grandfather are the only ones in the family that still have the same color hair.
  • The best thing to do is to have a darker container that doesn’t show anything,and when you have food,also in a darker container,or even try to eat alone.I do this a lot,I’m always eating alone at work.It is better and it puts me in a meditative stat…
  • Hi Rawclaire,there is a book called Healthy Highways(the traveler’s guide to healthy eating) by Nikki & David Goldbeck.Very interesting,and you will find many restaurants,markets and natural,organic and raw places to go in US.
  • I even wash my hair with epson salt.It is magnesium and it is good for you,and also calms you down.
    in castor oil cleanse Comment by Lucy
  • You could do a simple 6oz water + 1 Tablespoon of epson salt. Do it twice a day.It is very efficient.
    in castor oil cleanse Comment by Lucy
  • Hi JKMN,what is it? I have never heard about it.Could you explain what’s it?
  • Victoria Boutenko,Tonya Zavasta,Gabriel Cousens,Ann Wigmore,Sherie Sorya,David Wolfe,Alissa Cohen,Elaina Love,Shazzie,and many others.
  • It is true,but even hot food is not good for the body either.The best is food on the room temperature.When you are doing the liver cleanse it is very important to eat food in the room temperatura,and normally if you can it is better to have food on …
  • Hi Jgagnon and Modhina,I am juicing broccolli latelly and it is sooooooo goooood. Try it.
    in Eye Whites Comment by Lucy
  • Hi Raven,my husband doesn’t eat raw and latelly I’m making him fruit juice (apple,orange,pear…)every day,so he is getting in a huge mood to raw food.Every morning he waits for his fruit juice like a little boy.I am trying to make him veggie juices b…
    in I need support Comment by Lucy
  • It was expensive?I find that raw food restaurants are very expensive.
    in grezzo!! Comment by Lucy
  • Hi Lady Le Harle,the Brazilian Mate that you are talking about is Mate Leao? I love this tea,and used to drink it every day.
  • I drink peppermint and camomile tea for my liver.It is very good to soften the liver stones
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pssR-NL_LNE Gary Null has an amazing video about “drugging the childreen with vaccine”.
  • It is very difficult to cope with people that don’t agree with this lifestyle.Sometimes we have to go on and do what’s right for us. My husband doesn’t eat raw and that’s ok.He supports me a lot though on my raw/living foods lifestyle.I do the food…
  • It is free of parabens,gmo’s,synthetic colors and fragrances,harsh chemicals,synthetic preservatives and also free of animal cruelties. It looks good,feels good and it is cheap. Very good deal I believe. I bought it in Florida on a farmacy there,w…
  • Hi Harmonylia,thanks. I’m using it too and liking it a lot.The best thing is that it is cheap.I was planning to buy mineral cosmetics,but everything is so expensive,and I am very happy to find it on the farmacy. Raw-Mama,I believe that you are going…