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  • Hello There! I was experiencing the tingling, what felt like pulsing of a vein/artery in the bottom of the right foot, shedding of hair, heart racing after about 3 to 4 months into no-grains, mostly raw food and green smoothies diet. I was really fr…
  • Hi Dan: Thanks for your reply. I think I do have some vitmin deficiency because my hair has been falling off a lot more than normal in the last 3 weeks. I mean I can sit and have dinner and i would find my hairs in my salad, on the dinning table and…
    in DanCharming Comment by hungry girl
  • I had a soymilk maker and I gave it away because it ’s a waste of money and time to use it. First of all, it was for soy mike, so the darn thing would boil the milk in it, even if you drink soy milk, it takes so long to make it and the pulp gets int…
  • thank you for sharing your lifestyle and experience!!!!
  • Rawmen. I’m so sorry about your granddad. Even more sorry about what the preacher said. It actually makes me mad. Did the preacher even know your granddad?
    in A very sad day Comment by hungry girl
  • Could the lemony herb you bought be lemon grass??
  • I don’t count calories. I ‘ll make sure that I have some fat in my diet everyday; I’ll have one or two of the following everyday…an avocado, a young coconut and some humus or a handful or two of sprouted nuts. I eat when I’m hungry. I don’t want to …
  • Chris, thanks for sharing your secret! I love soap, too!! Yesterday, I had a smoothie with hemp seeds, oranges and dandelion, green juice with beet, carrot, cucumber and beet’s green, some strawberries, half a water melon, half a cup of hummus with …
  • Just bought all of their ebooks and the DVD for $25. I love it because I like their unpretentious approach to raw food. All ebooks came with a list of recipes at the end (almost the same list of recipes). All the recipes are simple and with a only f…
  • I sprout a batch of sunflower seeds every week. They are just the regular raw, organic, shelled seeds. They show their tails in 2 days.
  • Writeeternity: The rawvioli recipe by Alissa Cohen said to put the finished product in the frige for the turnip to soften by the sauce. i guess the dehydrator dries up the turnip and made it tough instead.
  • How about a raw song?=
    in Raw Poems? Comment by hungry girl
  • I am reading ” Harvest for Hope, A guide to mindful eating” by Jane Goodall. It talks about different things regarding our food, maybe you would find something that would interest your students. Click here to see table of content provided by amazon.…
  • I think I’ll make sunflower milk as almond milk is too expensive. So, Lucy, you said you eat the pulp with the milk? Thanks for sharing.
    in Sunflower milk Comment by hungry girl
  • Lucy, I got this from fitday.com. Nutrition Facts Amount Per 0.5 cup, hulled sunflower seed, unroasted Calories 410.4 Calories from Fat 321.21 % Daily Value Total Fat 35.69g 55% Saturated Fat 3.74g 19% Polyunsaturated Fat 23.57g Monounsatur…
    in Sunflower milk Comment by hungry girl
  • Rhawk: How is your mom doing now? Give us her updates.
  • Congratulations, DoubleDlittleZ!!!! You should document/blog how you feel/eat on raw while being pregnant. Ray and Kandace, now I understand why you guys haven’t been “seen” here as often, you guys were busy for this weekend. Congratulations!!!!
  • You mean inviting a guru to “appear” at goneraw.com? That’s a great idea. I think I like Storm better.
  • SocaL, Toby is on BARF, in fact he has been a raw diet way before I did. I started him on that when he was 9 months and he just turned 5 yo. I should’ve started with him if I had known about raw food for human. SocaL, I’m interested to know what you…
  • SocaL: Do you eat sun-dried tomato or sun-dried fruit at all?
  • When I used to work in a fast food restaurant,I saw many parents ordering diet soda for their young children—I’m talking about 7, 8 years old. Diet Soda is the worst of all SAD food, in my opinion. The parents think they’re saving the kids from exce…
  • I’ve got her book. Many of her recipes are prepared using the dehydrator. Personally, I think a lot of the recipes in her book are similar to the recipes in other raw books or in recipes you find here (like the cinnamon rolls). If you’ve got other r…
  • I’ve read that you get coconut milk by blended the juice and the meat of a young coconut together.
    in Coconuts Comment by hungry girl
  • Lucy: I AM!! I’m not as lazy as before now. And Iuvmangos, thank you for the great link!
    in Skin Brushing Comment by hungry girl
  • I read a book on skin brushing about 9 years ago, I was brushing for a while but I stopped because of laziness. I do remember my skin being softer. The brushing really stimulate and exfoliate the skin. Thank you for sharing your beauty secret.
    in Skin Brushing Comment by hungry girl
  • Congratulations!! I was really excited too when I saw the tails from the sprouted chickpeas. The Salad spinner sounds like a great idea.
  • What is the propose of your soaking nuts with probiotic? I wouldn’t use the nuts that had been sitting in slimy liquid.
  • Ray and Juleskess: Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out.
  • Ray: How do you do lymphatic stretches?
  • Can I juice wheatgraww with my juicerman Jr.?
    in wheatgrass Comment by hungry girl