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  • Read my raw vegan chocolate recipe in my profile for tips. You grate the chocolate. Then you can melt chocolate in a sealed bowl in a dehydrator, on top of a dehydrator or in a bowl over some warm water like coconut oil, I think.. People used to use…
  • HI treeOfLife, one thing i can tell you, eat with youre instinct. When you eat a meal, eat until you satisfy. IN that meal, put a lot of greens, some nuts or avocado. During the day, eat a lot of fruits or smoothies as heyenglish said. If you feel t…
  • Hello, yesterday, i made a juice with apples and bananas. I add some flax oil and it was delicious. I am sure that with coconut oil, that will be better. Of course! add it to you’re shakes, it will give a great tropical taste(if you use the first co…
  • Wow! what a nice family! i have no family, so nobody to make a dinner! ;) But i just want to tell you that you a brave woman and it’s a part a my dream to have a big happy family . Karine
  • it is mostly fruits?
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  • The enzyme inhibitors in potatoes are only in the eye and it is insignificant, i feel, because we eat nuts and seeds with enzyme inhibitors by not soaking them and they are still better for us than roasted, i feel. Get them organic, though for bette…
  • cancer sun gemini moon
  • add vanilla. check my chocolate recipe.
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  • i’m thinking flax seeds and wheat groats ground fine as the base, maybe some yeast to allow it to rise and other regular pretzel ingredients.
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  • I like vegagitator’s suggestion. If i was making raw oatmeal, i’d get raw rolled oats and just soak it like a normal oatmeal recipes. I know Alissa Cohen sells them. I think her site is www.alissacohen.com.
  • There should be a scab running down the fruit. Dig into it with your fingers and split the durian open. easy! i never buy split open durian or any fruit for that matter. Doctor Douglas Graham taught me this method himself at a durian party her threw…
  • Thanks! :)
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  • Hey Bluejett, I’ve only used dehydrator fruit roll sheets. But, i’ve seen a lot of suggestions on raw recipe boards to use wax paper and i would try it in an emergency.
  • wax paper
  • Haha! Ah! I thought you had a question about the diet and adapting it to raw! I don’t know much about the diet or the destination. :)
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  • www.naturalzing.com cheap prices and fresh.
  • Hey, reverse osmosis water is boiled so it is not raw, i think. Read my raw water recipe by clicking on my picture, I think. That’s what I do. To answer your questions, I think: - yes - yes. To juice fast, all you need to do is blend and strain the …
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  • Nah- I am 5 7 and i’ve met David Wolfe in person and he was significantly taller than me. He either barely makes 6 feet (like i do 5 7- but i am technically 5 7- and i never try to stay tall at the doctor’s just straight because i like accuracy.) or…
  • Hi Sweetpea, yes, I agree with you and Debbietook that it’s best to do what you’re comfortable with. I would have to experiment myself to see if that temperature on food would give me a cooked food reaction. But, I am inclined to keep it safe. It’s …
  • 145 degrees is technically not raw. I usually dehydrate at 95 degrees. I look at it this way. Our human body temperature is naturally close to 95 degrees. When we are 105 degrees we are usually sick.
  • I agree. coconut oil should work very well.
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  • Hi Simply Raw :) Thanks for the link! It was a very easy to understand overview of the what comprises healthy water. I knew about some of that stuff because of research I did before i bought a Jupiter Melody Ionizer. The ionizer was great and even h…
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  • Check out my recipe under raw water. Click my picture to get to it. I think water ionizers and distillers are great improvements to tap water, however.
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  • I have not made any recipes, yet, but the recipe i want to make the most is the cinammon roll recipe. My second favorite is the cheesecake recipe.
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  • I am apart of his message board. I had a fitness blog. I want to go back to posting about my exercise, it was fun having the support.
  • Haha! I luv u too! Beautiful baby! :)
  • Here’s some plans for a solar powered dehydrator. I like this one the best: http://www.motherearthnews.com/Do-It-Yourself/2… This second best: http://tonyakay.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=369 There might be an even simpler way to do one which i will th…
  • like ardesmond says, store any raw juice you want to preserve in an airtight glass mason jar. Like a salsa jar or a spaghetti jar. To make sure it is airtight, fill it up to the top and put the lid on and if some spills over, you know you have an ai…
  • Hi ardesmond2! Where can i purchase flour sacks?
  • Haha- harmonylia! You have to shake a lot of cooked juices, like orange juice and soy milk so I can do that with raw nut milk. :)