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  • Awesome. Thanks. I kind of feel like I was misdiagnosed (I hate doctors, lol) Its not red and its not dry...but I guess it doesn't have to be? I'll try all that. It started out small, then grew to about an inch and smaller patches close by, so I was…
    in eczema Comment by teade
  • I agree with the Vitamin C big time. I've been really big into herbs this coming cold time. I actually got sick recently and I'll tell you, I've been taking chopped raw garlic like pills (swallowing with water) and they work like antibiotics because…
    in flu-like symptoms Comment by teade
  • So I'm completely disappointed! Not with the cleanse, but with myself more so. I was going through the first day really well. I could really see being able to complete the cleanse, but I caught a cold from a lady I work with and I just couldn't deal…
  • I'm going to attempt the master cleanse starting tomorrow! I'm excited to see if it helps! If it does, I'm going to be utterly amazed and praising the cleanse like nothing else. lol. But everyone has inspired me, so here's hoping.
  • Still no period. but I'm starting to get a few more pimples than normal (could this mean the pill is leaving?) lol. I had a question about the master cleanse.... should I buy the book or is it safe to assume I can do the lemonade mixture, 6-12 glass…
  • I've definitely considered it. Problem is I don't have a juicer... too pricey for me. I do have a blender, but don't know how I feel about chunks, and straining... especially when I'm pressed for time.
  • Congrats Carrie! I'm so happy for you!... and contemplating the Master Cleanse for myself... was it difficult?
  • This is definitely helpful and reassuring!! Tealight, it looks like we are in the same boat... I stopped in October too! And it looks like we both haven't gotten it yet. It'd be pretty awesome if we ended up starting again at the same time!! haha. I…
  • Yea, I'm definitely going to check out the book, and buy a thermometer lol. I'm definitely a normal weight, so I don't think that' it... it is just the hormones, so I'm trying to drink up on teas that are good for women...
  • I'm definitely looking forward to hearing your results! How long has it been for you? I honestly don't know what could work... I tried looking it up but there's really no detailed information on what the pill does to you... I read something about fo…
  • Well, I will say my bottom lip healed fine, but right after my top started to chap. Its healing now, very very nicely. I've been applying coconut oil before bed, and on days I have to go out for a long time (work) I might apply some lip balm... toda…
    in Lip Balm Comment by teade
  • I eat quite a few nuts. and lots of greens. I've been using the coconut oil and the crack that was bleeding has closed and is fading! yay! I'm actually starting to FEEL my lips again.. so I think I'm going to continue with the coconut oil, but I do …
    in Lip Balm Comment by teade
  • I actually use Merry Hempster's lip balm stuff.. I know my oils aren't right because they are dry now, and they used to not be (if I can remember to then) I usually apply it in the morning and before I go to bed, but want to break the habit enough s…
    in Lip Balm Comment by teade
  • I agree here completely. I tried hard to transition, then I read that people don't get the benefit until they go 100%. then I read that its different for everyone. then I read its not different. I just don't listen anymore and go on how I feel. I'm …
    in Gone off raw Comment by teade
  • Well, I stopped using the topical cream and am only applying the GSE and the tea tree oil... it appears to be fading VERY slowly. I figure the skin takes a good month to renew itself. I get insurance again in March, so if it isn't almost gone by the…
    in Anti-fungal Comment by teade
  • Just wanted to update. I've been using the Grapefruit seed extract and some tanactin on the 'fungus?' and its started to fade, I believe... Once the tanactin is gone, I'm going to continue with only GSE, tea tree oil, and the ACV. It's only been 2 w…
    in Anti-fungal Comment by teade
  • Okay, I bought some grapefruit seed extract from the store ($12) I was wondering if I should apply this diluted or full strength?... It says to avoid contact with eye and sensitive skin..
    in Anti-fungal Comment by teade
  • Oh yea, and does anyone know what foods besides sugar I should avoid?... Like mushrooms or something like that?
    in Anti-fungal Comment by teade
  • Thanks so much for your suggestions. I have both coconut oil and acv in stock... I'll definitely check out the grapefruit seed extract and Borax. They sound very interesting!
    in Anti-fungal Comment by teade
  • I had a bit of a mouse problem with mine…
    in Dehydrator & bugs? Comment by teade
  • I agree with aspire. I am for learning and this is stuff I had not heard before. Please everyone, keep up the information because I do enjoy being further educated and less blind to the world around me.
    in Obama Supports GMO Comment by teade
  • I’ve actually do the vegan unprocessed a good bit. The only thing I eat is tofu and occassionally rice milk. Other than that I’d cook my own bread, or my own granola. Generally I feel pretty good. When I’m more raw, I generally feel hungry or bloate…
  • I have struggled alot with overeating… your body becomes so used to feeling starved that when you sit to eat, you overindulge because you fear being starved again (at least this idea has helped me, I can’t really speak for you.) Now, I get by on a l…
  • I’ve been on the pill for two years, mostly because of the fear of getting pregnant. I can agree with not being able to abstain during those 6 days (for temp control, etc). lol. It also really helped the length and flow, which was too heavy (but pr…
    in Birth Control? Comment by teade
  • Mine was lentils with some curry powder… almost anything with lentils.. I keep trying to find something to help the taste!
  • I know its not raw, but always considered that indian tribes do alot of tattoo-ing and piercings as well.. so… for me, its not just for the punk rocker scene. lol
  • I went vegetarian when I was eleven (though I ate stuff like marshmellows cause I wasn’t aware of gelatin at the time) because of my love for animals. I actually really wanted to be one alot from reading the Babysitter’s Club.. and the one girl was …
    in Vegetarian/Vegan Comment by teade
  • I agree with adding more greens to your diet. I can’t do the green smoothies, so I just do salads.. You really have to make yourself do it at first, then it gets easier. I usually don’t crave the sugar anymore, but if I happen to taste a bit, I wa…
    in Insane sweet tooth Comment by teade
  • As long as you enjoy the taste, I don’t see why it couldn’t be used just like ground flax… in smoothies, puddings, over salad, etc.
  • Thank goodness! lol, elizabethh just turned me on to trying buckwheat sprouts, and I LOVE them! haha. thanks by the way!