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  • When I eat something beneficial that I haven't had in a long time, I feel a pleasant feeling in my body. This has happened for cucumber, ginger, carrots, goji berries and I've even experienced happiness after eating oranges after I had been craving …
  • the make some fantastic ones with red mustard seeds at an asian shop nearby i'm going to try to make something like that i'll post the recipe if it turns out well got some squash since it's in season and cheap right now so i might try that first and…
  • hmm never thought about freezing... cauliflower seems like it would be too crunchy.... mashed might be good though. i've never had jicama. should try it.
  • i think buckwheat might not taste very good in a samosa...
  • mmm that might be good
  • avocado + salt usually i like my avacados by themselves without anything... but every now and then you get one that doesn't taste so great... for those i put on some salt and maybe a little hot sauce usually i use himilayan salt... the pink stuff, e…
    in salty snacks Comment by mewmewmint
  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll try eating more fruit. And yes there were flax seeds in some of the crackers.
  • rawkidchef: i'd like to know your recipe for that ginger honey lemon juice... sounds like it would be good
  • no way am i doing that needles... so gross
  • what i do is fill the blender with leafy greens, usually spinach because i don't have to clean it and it's cheap.... add water, blend it, pour it through a mesh bag and squeeze it... it's so much cheaper and easier than a juicer... blenders are like…
  • i picked mine up at a store we have in canada called liquidation world cheap... think it was like $20 liquidation world sells inventory from stores that have gone out of business
    in Blender help! Comment by mewmewmint
  • really? wowwww i didn't know soy was so bad for you... ?? i thought it was like one of the healthier non raw things you could eat...
  • I need to clarify, by day 2 I mean day 2 of the lemonade stage.
  • Pineapple is great for you. It has a digestive enzyme called bromelaine that helps speed up metabolism. Usually I can only eat 1 half of a pineapple before my lips and tongue start to hurt.
  • i haven't actually made this recipe but a raw cafe nearby makes raw lasagna with the cheese made from peeled almonds it is soooo delicious i'd say it's better or just as good as regular cheese lasagna
  • well, i don't have a sweet tooth, i only crave savory things, so for me becoming raw is very difficult since there aren't a lot of raw nuts that i can afford to eat on a regular basis... and i can't think of a lot of favorites... sunflower seeds are…
  • I hate the sticky crap they sell. I wish they would make a powdery one like they do for the non-natural. I was able to get some orange scented lotion that was made locally that worked great. It wasn't made for a deodorant, it was just a hand lotion.
  • i read that nuts and seeds are more a part of the fats family of food than the proteins leafy greens are proteins (though tell that to any meat eater and they'll say "that's not enough protein!")
  • sorry for the late reply, i don't have the intornet at home any more and i only can check it from work. i'll try the rawfoodtalk recipe, it uses irish moss instead of the seaweed but it seems pretty similar so it should be good. i couldn't find the …
  • this message brought to you by the kelloggs corporation...
  • ugh i don't know how people can stand to eat raw garlic by itself also i tried to blend it up and drink it and it gave me an awful stomach ache the reason why i wanted to eat more is because i've been having acne breakouts recently (maybe i'm detoxi…
  • yah they're available at my grocery stores in little red boxes
    in too many dates? Comment by mewmewmint
  • You know what you should try? Tamarinds! They're sweet and tangy and much cheaper than dates. The taste is something like a fruit rollup.
    in too many dates? Comment by mewmewmint
  • i can eat things with garlic in them with no problem but if i take a clove of garlic and chew it up and swallow it really fast, or if i crush it in the food processor and swallow it, i get very sick for a few minutes… it feels like i have to throw u…
  • if you were to eat a raw clove of garlic would that make you feel sick?
  • soaking deactivates acids and enzyme inhibitors, which would make them more towards alkaline … but to be truly alkaline you would have to sprout them if it tastes better dry, make it dry soaked is a bit healthier, sprouted is even more healthier
  • TheRawDance: no he just said salt in general
    in Salt Comment by mewmewmint
  • Karuna: nice to meet you yes it helps. what kind of mono meals did you eat? what do you mean by mono meals? also: now that you’re off salt, if you made one of the recipes on here that used salt and left out the salt, do you think it would taste good…
    in Salt Comment by mewmewmint
  • MOTH: Would you notice anything if you ate too much salt? Did the flavours of foods improve after three months of no salt?
    in Salt Comment by mewmewmint