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  • Your bp is also influensed by stress and anxiety. The more you worry about it, the more it will influence your bp. Take it easy. I would recommend measuring your bp 1 a month or every 14 days instead and follow the develpment.
  • @ junglegirl. I find it quite funny that the ones who promote nonijuice are all new users. Hmmm. Btw Ive been to Poland a lot and Ive never seen nonijuice anywhere. Just buying organic is a hassle.
  • People in poland use the juice of an exotic and expensive fruit that you can't even buy fresh in Europe?? @dogsuponhotcats. I think the above mentioned is a salestrick, but Im afaraid I dont have suggestion to your question.
  • -> Chris. Keep it up Chris, You may have stepped on someones toes, but I think it says more about them than you.
  • My two cents: A rawfodist eats raw, not 60, 70 or 99% raw. I dont care who made that definition and that people, for some reason, hang on to it. How can you call yourself raw if 30% of your diet is cooked? I call my self high raw, not raw, because I…
  • I have been doing the no poo for a year and a half and I have never haid hair as nice as this. I can only recommend it!!
    in hair Comment by lushpapaya
  • Maybe you need to talk to someone about it? Food shouldnt be linked with feelings like guilt and disgust. It seems to me, that maybe youve been caught up in the “pure” feeling. I think it takes a couple of years with cleanses and raw food, to get to…
  • Msg and Msg acid is to different things. I know im being nerdy here but it doesnt mean that citric acid always contain/turn into msg acid. Citric acid is an organic or natural acid found fx in lemons. Ok nerdery aside. ACV is a bit harsh to put on y…
  • @Chicory Citric acid is Msg? Citric acids chemical name is : 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid Msg is:Sodium (2S)-2-amino-5-hydroxy-5-oxo-pentanoate Its to very different chemicals, one is a sodium and the other is an acid. I havent heard of…
  • I think its well written but theres two things 1: proteins doesnt “cook” out, but their bio avalability drops to almost nothing. 2: There is a protein deficiency disease: kwashiorkor( One of the symptons is a svollen belly, and its very noticable in…
  • I thought Chris Jongeward won that.
  • If one can call it a democracy at all.
  • Ok, sucking isnt the right word. My point is, that the majority is going to vote for the two primary and most known candidates. The lesser known may be able to get some voters, but that isnt going to change a lot. Somehow I think that the most impor…
  • Just one problem. Voting for a candidate, that is independent isnt going to change anything, I think. Ralph Nader isnt going to be the next president, hes just going to “suck” votes from Obama
  • @ Bellasera. The raw vegan couple fed their kid applejuice only, not breastmilk as breastmilk wasnt vegan(in their point of vieuw). I guess theres unimformed raw vegans too. They were sentensed to life for manslaughter I think.
  • @ superfood. Well Im glad that you feel so superior. Must be a very nice feeling being so judgmental and negative. Namaste
  • I use maca and He Shou Wu. The latter is also called foo-ti. Its a chinese herb used for centuries. Its quite similar to ginseng. I find that it enhances the effect of the maca(it could be in my head only though) while giving lots of energy.
  • Most water bottles leach. In the bottom of the bottle is a triangle and a number inside it. The number indicates if its for continual use. A 1 is single use only and if there isnt a number then its also single use. I read somewhere that the only bot…
  • Hej Malene. Du er ikke den eneste dansker p
  • I thnk the key word is balance. You need your green veggie juice when juice fasting otherwise your bloodsugar will yoyo. I wouldnt recommend the MC its basically a water and processed sugar fast.
  • I actually bought my dehydrator in Germany but am using it in Denmark. I think a travel converter will do just fine. You should be able to buy in at hardware store.
  • “Hey, I am only the messenger. These statements are totally true. You can all do as you like. I would not state anything that a) I did not do extensive research on, b) I did not personally try myself, and c) doesn
    in Vinegar Comment by lushpapaya
  • 2 minds, same thought elizabethh
    in Weight Gain! Comment by lushpapaya
  • Try green smoothies. That way you get your greens and a fruity taste, and the good thing with green smmothies is that they diminishe your cravings
    in Weight Gain! Comment by lushpapaya
  • If your cat suddenly starts to loose weight and is hungry all the time, it could be diabetes. I had a cat that suffered from that.
  • Congratulations on your healing. You are on the way to a happy and healthy life! I know I couldnt live without raw food.
  • I think it can be eaten without cookng, its not poisinous. It just doesnt taste very well without it, very tart/bitter but maybe you can figure something out.
    in The Quince Comment by lushpapaya
  • Lot of good points in all the previous posts! Actually I dont feel like I have a new body, just an optimized healthy one. The biggest change is mentally. Ive learned not to be so hard on myself and just relax and enjoy life. When I started I also ha…
  • Hi desenchantee. Ive lost about 100 lb in a year or so being raw. This diet truly works but the thing is not to fokus so much on weight but health. When I read your post you seem very fixated on your weight and the exact number. Why do you want to l…
  • Oil is unsustainable because of the massive pollution it creates, not because we can’t produce it fast enough.
    in 100% Vegan? Comment by lushpapaya