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  • you can soak quinoa and eat that. it is really good, low fat and high in protein.
    in Starch? Comment by hannahmarie
  • 80/10/10 is basically a diet that you get 80% of your calories from carbs, 10 from fat, and another 10% from protein. the things that i read about it basically said to eat fruit ost of the day and have a loaded salad at night.
    in Food Combining Comment by hannahmarie
  • hey noff, that is awesome that you lived in slo as well. did you go to school here? maybe i will find some at the grocery stores, i think i go there every day. mulberryrose, as i said in my earlier post i JUST went raw, and in order to make it less …
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by hannahmarie
  • i’m nearly 22, but i am still going to say i fit into the ‘younger’ category. I actually just went 100% 6 days ago and it is hard! i already didn’t eat with my friends too much because i was vegan but being raw everyone is very confused by it and sk…
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by hannahmarie
  • i’ve also heard banana peel works. my brother tried it years ago, i can’t remember whether it worked for him. :/
  • i just brush on a little baking soda. no recipe needed.
    in Deodorant Comment by hannahmarie
  • my parents live in san diego, and i visit them sometimes. does that count?
  • i am wondering if you guys came from a SAD diet or vegan/vegetarian? i am a little over a week 100% and i haven’t been through much detoxing or difference yet and i am attributing it to the fact that i came from a pretty healthy vegan diet to begin …
  • san luis obispo, ca