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  • marantz, Have you read the book "the 80/10/10 diet", yet? If you are going for a low fat approach (which I do myself and highly recommend, you should read it. It's very informative about what you need to eat in order to get in enough calories and ke…
  • i think smoothies are better. how could you argue with whole foods? i'm not convinced that all of the nutrients are still in the juice, plus the fiber helps regulate blood sugar.
  • one of the biggest things is eating enough calories. to do that you are going to have to up your fruit intake like mad. veggies don't have enough calories and it's not good for you to up your fat in excess. what is a typical day for you (before you …
    in Need Help Comment by hannahmarie
  • i agree. 80/10/10.
  • i agree, superfood2, i believe that evolutionarily we did eat a lot of the same thing at once, etc., BUT if you ate the same thing every single day i do not think that that would necessarily be a good thing (not definitely a bad thing, either, it de…
  • oh i'm sorry, i must have missed the spinach when i was looking at it! sorry. ok, so you do eat things other than that? i support 80/10/10 and enjoyed doing that when i first tried out raw and think i will make my way back that way, but many people …
  • any greens? i think you should include greens in your salad. if you are planning on eating the same thing every day you might want a little more variety.
  • i don't think so. a dehydrator is pretty much temperature and "climate" controlled so it shouldn't matter what the outside is like.
    in Dehydrator Comment by hannahmarie
  • 1: What country are you from? USA 2: What's your occupation? I just work to pay the bills. I occupy myself in the kitchen, reading, biking, and hanging out with my dude, mostly. 3: How long have you been Raw? I'm not 100%, but I have been experiment…
  • i think carob is gross. not a replacement for cacao.
  • i also get mine from a local farm. i just found them at my farmer's market and asked if they pasteurized their almonds and they said nope :) yay!
    in Almonds??? Comment by hannahmarie
  • i'm not even close to 100%, but i really really love and can't seem to substitute: beans/lentils plain old chocolate. they seem to have some at a local HFS, but it's about 10$ for 1 or 2 oz. ummm no. actually, just cheap things (mostly sweets), in g…
  • maybe it's the way you combined foods.
  • i was always thirsty when i was 100% raw. i attributed it to not getting added salt (so that i would retain the water for longer).
    in Thirsty Comment by hannahmarie
  • caleb - i am sure there is a way around it because even when i was in college a few years ago and they tried to get me to get a vaccine i just signed something saying it's against my spiritual/religious beliefs or something.
  • what?! my mom used to get diotomaceous earth (aka DE) for the pool. The filter or something. I am going to read about it, but that just doesn't sound like something i would want to put in my body. :-/ what are you planning on taking it for?
  • does your oven have that low of a temperature on it? if it does.. go for it! if it doesn't, is it gas? the pilot light usually keeps things pretty warm and you can stick a thermometer in there to see what temp. it is constantly at. mine works for de…
  • i have always lived pretty simply, but i know what you mean about the correlation of eating and other things. when i was 100% raw i often felt like i saw life from a different perspective, it was awesome!
    in Living Simply Comment by hannahmarie
  • i don't know anything about it but i will say: have you heard about how it works scientifically and does that make sense? are there studies done/research on how effective they are? ..when it come to something like birth control, i'd be really carefu…
  • yesterday: 9 C grapes 2 persimmons 5 bananas 8 medjool dates 11 cups spinach
  • mt trader joe’s carries california almonds..
  • i would get a book on juice fasting or look at blogs of people who have done it.
    in Wisdom Teeth Comment by hannahmarie
  • you need roughly somewhere in between (very rough, everyones body is different) 500-600 mg/day in order to maintain an appropriate electrolyte balance. you should be able to JUST get that if you don’t supplement with sea salt or what-not.
  • i clicked on this because i thought maybe it would be this question (which i have been wondering recently): is non cooked rice i buy at the store raw? could i soak that and make a milk out of it and it be raw? or is it already heat-processed?
    in Rice Milk Comment by hannahmarie
  • i was going to say hillcrest farmers market.\ also, there is a place that sells some raw stuff in pacific beach. i can’t remember the name. synergy, perhaps?
    in San Diego --- Comment by hannahmarie
  • RKC- is your acidophilous vegan and raw? if so what brand is it?
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by hannahmarie
  • coconut water is the water inside the coconut (what you get when you drain he coconut) coconut milk is NOT WORTH IT to make a raw version. so hard to do. i just did it a couple of days ago and it took me forever to open the coconut (it has to be mat…
  • i will probably just learn to live without… i barely have enough patience to wait for the sesame seeds to turn into butter, much less turn it off and have another go later. and i really like it smooth and with the oil expelled, though i have done th…
    in annoyed Comment by hannahmarie
  • ok, in that case i would say it doesn’t look like something i would do. vegetables make me feel healthy and i don’t feel like they are hard to digest, personally. they are super nutrient packed.
    in The Wai Diet Comment by hannahmarie