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  • Hello and welcome,lots of good info on here for you.
  • This is an Aussie site. http://raw-pleasure.com.au/
    in Other raw foods forums Comment by ajc
  • Good advise Deadly Steve.
    in Cheating... Comment by ajc
  • Food is not politics nor religion. It is joy! /Karolina Words so true,thanks for posting them,The Raw Dessert .
  • I was taking a tetracycline drug for my rosacea for many years and it never really cured it,just controlled it. Since being mostly raw it has improved greatly but sometimes if I slip up it flares up again but can control it now with a lotion I use,s…
  • ""Be the change you wish to see in the world."" I going to remember this,I love it! Good on you tabbycats and thanks DeborahBee
  • U for ugli fruit An Ugly fruit (pronounced /???li/) is a Jamaican tangelo, a citrus fruit created by hybridizing a grapefruit (or pomelo according to some sources), an orange and a tangerine.*[1] Its species is Citrus reticulata
    in Fruit Game :) Comment by ajc
  • Quince The quince (pronounced /?kw?ns/), or Cydonia oblonga, is the sole member of the genus Cydonia and native to warm-temperate southwest Asia in the Caucasus region. It is a small deciduous tree, growing 5
    in Fruit Game :) Comment by ajc
  • I suppose I was agreeing with some of your posts powerlifter. The gall stones I saw I thought would be too big to pass and they did not look like they would float. Don't understand your comment.
    in Gallstones? Comment by ajc
  • My Mum and sister both had their gall bladders removed and the stones were kept to show them. I could not believe the size of some of them and they looked like stones.Also their was not a lot of them maybe 8 at the most,but the size I would think wa…
    in Gallstones? Comment by ajc
  • This is something I read which might be worth thinking about. I would not want to lose family over my way eating,they are the most important people in the world . "'Food should sustain you and nourish you, rather than rule your life. If food rules y…
    in kind of dreading it... Comment by ajc
  • Excellent post powerlifer.
  • From my experience with juice fasting,if you can run 5k,you deserve a medal!
  • I was only drinking about 32oz per day a mix of fruit and vegetable juice. Carrots,tomato,celery,spinach and a 1/4 lemon or orange, strawberry and ginger to name a couple. Seems that could have been the problem,not drinking enough. I thought you wer…
    in JUICE FAST!!! Comment by ajc
  • I could not do day 3. My headache was so bad and I felt dizzy. Maybe has something to do with my age being 59?. I'm not on any medication,so that was not a problem.Can't say I felt any better for 2 days of doing it,maybe juice fasting is not for ev…
    in JUICE FAST!!! Comment by ajc
  • Now into day two and feeling ok.I had a very bad headache when I woke up and also a restless night,but that is ok from what you folks have said. Just taking one day at a time,but feel more confident this time. I'm not so scared,think I was worried I…
    in JUICE FAST!!! Comment by ajc
  • Thanks for the encouragement iluvlife. It is Wednesday here about 8.30 am and am going to give it another go. Off to make apple and celery juice.
    in JUICE FAST!!! Comment by ajc
  • I only lasted a day :( How are you other people going?
    in JUICE FAST!!! Comment by ajc
  • I had a look at your blogspot iluvlife,and the beautiful photo of a woman hugging a tree,is that you.? I will have a go,but will have to start mine tomorrow,Monday.
    in JUICE FAST!!! Comment by ajc
  • emtpdmom......."There are about 50 recipes in your saved list. From your profile, click on the word "Recipes" (below "My Favorites"). You have 3 pages of listings. To access any threads you chose to watch, click on "Forum topics" Thanks emtpdmom,I f…
  • I have other folks recipes and none of the ones I saved from before the big changes,but not to worry. I did print out the ones I used the most,early on. One of my favourites being the Chocolate Cherry Icecream!
  • I put a rockmelon in a brown paper bag for a couple of days, just on the bench,and it was so yummy . I think this is a great way of ripening.
    in Avocados Comment by ajc
  • Hi,glad you have been keeping ok.
    in I Missed You Ali... Comment by ajc
  • When you fall off the wagon,you can always gets back on. If an old girl like me can keep climbing back on,I know you can,Alyssia.!
  • What a great post Suasoria,thankyou,helped me ever so much with my issues at the moment.
  • I drink more water. Sometimes my urine burns and I know that I need to.
    in detox rash Comment by ajc
  • Carnap....... ""I just was trying to have a good hearted laugh at the human tendency to want to go into the tomb looking like a top model."" ajc,chuckles!
  • I have had my Samson 6-in-one, eight years and it is still going stong.It even does wheat grass! Makes nut butters,and if you use the mincing cone and just the drum cap,no nozzle you can make delicious banana icecream,I chop the frozen banana and pu…
    in Best Juicer? Comment by ajc
  • I don't think I would worry too much about an empty bowel......Gosh we need to fart! Sorry in a silly mood.
    in Juicing Relief Comment by ajc
  • An excellent reply Suasoria. But I just don't think some people suffered slitting an animals throat,they enjoyed it. Just look at what most of the serial killers did for their living and sorry to say "enjoyment".