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  • I’m actually surfing the net to figure how to replace my usual Christmas menu. The cake I already know, but the rest? huh. The menu is more or less the same every year, it’s an honour to my paternal grandparents. Winesoup (hot wine boiled with egg y…
  • Hi, I met a woman in her mid-thirties at one of our raw potlucks, she is going to dialysis for almost 20 years and if I remember correctly one of her kidneys is transplanted. She did the cleansing at the Hippocrates Institute and she’s 100% raw for …
    in Kidney Failure Comment by Springfairy
  • Does anyone know a company that ships to Europe (Hungary, Belgium)? I’d hate to give it up. Also if anyone knows where to order probiotics to make coconut kefir I’d welcome that too.
  • As far as I understand Gabriel Cousens stopped using young coconuts for the reasons you stated (after this treatment process you’re taking in toxins). There may be some sanitary rules on importing exotic fruits to America and Europe. On the other ha…
  • Eszter, sorry I can’t see any contact detail at your profile, please let me know your availability some way. Many thanks for the info, supposedly there’s a shop in Ninove with raw food ingredients that I found on Groenedag.
    in raw in Belgium Comment by Springfairy
  • hi, is there any other raw fooder on this forum from Bruxelles? I just moved here and I’m a bit lost where to find ingredients and also would be very nice to get to know other raw foodists.
    in raw in Belgium Comment by Springfairy
  • I submitted the thread “Vitamix, a toxic blender” from this site to my friend who works at the European Plastic Manufacturers’ Association and I’m waiting for an answer very much because I still haven’t decided which blender to buy. Mind you, the Vi…
    in Vita-Mix?? Comment by Springfairy
  • I’d say try to get a system that uses reverse osmosis (RO) and then energetizes the water. Also, make sure that the dissolved content of the water (minerals, chemicals, particles etc.) is below 50mg/l. GE Water Technologies makes the GE Osmonics mem…
  • I lost 2 sizes on raw, although I’m not fully raw yet, going from size 38 to size 34. My raw food teacher told me that one can gain weight from eating lots of nuts or badly combined food. She’s been raw for over a decade and told me that after a yea…
  • I just bought mine on Ebay for about 40% of what it normally costs, only used for 3 weeks because the guy decided juicing is not for him. Mine is the Hippocrates GreenPower juicer, it guarantees no oxidyzing for 72 hours. I was so happy because afte…
    in juicer help Comment by Springfairy
  • stibizi, thanks, i think it’s sallow thorn. :) I love it as juice and i love the taste of the powder as well.
  • I have no falling out hair problem on raw diet and my results are fine. However, I also experience a bit of dry hair although I keep using the same products as before. So I asked my raw teacher and she told me that some sort of seaweed should be in …
  • wow, a Hungarian on this website, I’m so happy, since I’m also a Hungarian. I live in Budapest and work in Belgrade< Serbia that soon will hopefully change to Brussels, Belgium. It’s currently 3.36pm