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  • Hey, I’m from Georgia but I live in California now. There is a big raw community in Atlanta. The biggest Raw food restaurant in the United States is near atlanta. Also in the GA mountains there is a raw food community and they grow their own organic…
  • No one on here is a colon hydrotherapist??
  • TheRawDance. What Forum is this topic on? I watched that ABC episode and it was crazy and I want to know what peoples views were.
  • I Love Coffee colonics! I have drank coffee in the past and always got the shakes. Coffee colonic is waaaaay different. I felt calm but energized AND it smells good! :)
  • Langston. I think you have to be 18 to volunteer. I’m not sure though, try calling them. Oh and we are leaving Tuesday Morning! Day after TOMORROW!!!!
  • Lagston: I have a lil group going to the Raw Spirit Festival. We are leaving from Santa Cruz.
  • Thanks for the advice. I will try that Winona.
    in watermelon Comment by steamboatkatie
  • I LOVE Cosmic Kale Crunchies from www.superherosnacks.com it’s a nice snack have around the house or when I go to meetings. They are such a cute little company and they seem like they put lots of energy into their product. I also go to the local far…
  • Hey, from Santa Cruz
    in California Comment by steamboatkatie
  • I drink tea everyday. Some peppermint with chamomile and stinging nettles mixed and I add ho shu wu and reishi mushroom. Delicious!
  • ugh.. skip whole foods.. look for a local market. Support the community not the…ALL POWERFUL WHOLEFOODS… they are not about community. They are coming in my town and ruining the local scene!
  • 23 here
  • jeshuabrown. I’m doing a juice feast. I’m on day 10. What is in your smoothie in the morning? I found that when I had apples I was so wired and so hungry soon after. Now I just do green juice until the early evening then I will add some fruit to a j…
  • sunfood nutrition by david wolfe it’s a great book.
  • I went vegan because I had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. After reading A LOT of books most of them suggested a vegitarian lifestyle to help with the pre-cancerous cells. I didn’t want to die young so I turned vegan the next day.. 3 years later v…
  • does your health food store carry the actual horseradish root? That might be good blended and merged together with the mayo recipe on here. Kind of like a creamy horseradish sauce.
  • I used to. Until I started eating cacao and it slowly went away. Now I can only have a little sweets at a time.. I used to go through every cabinets looking for something sugary! Thank Goodness for Cacao!
  • mham.. you can add anything to the mixture. It’s still good with no agave in it. use it how you normally drink your coffee. Or make something like an iced coffee with hemp milk or almond milk and vanilla.
  • Well I work at a health food store that sells it. So maybe check one near you… start there and if not I’m sure you can find it online..
  • have you tried cold pressed coffee. You can still have your coffee and eat it raw too! add Cold pressed coffee to coconut water, cacao, agave, yummy. it’s like a mocha!
  • I have an orange tree in my front yard and a lemon tree in the neighbor’s yard. On the tree The oranges turn orange and the lemons turn yellow. No chemicals..
  • My sister showed me how to make this.. in cacao juice I take 1/4 cup hemp seeds. 1/4 cup cashews. with 2 3/4 cup water. Blend for awhile until no chunks. while it’s blending I add I vanilla bean (seeds) , spoonful of coconut butter, 1 tbs spoon agav…
  • Hey Techelet. Today is my day 6. I have some of that senna tea so I might try that. But I did get the enema kit and I have done 2 of them. So yeah, it was weird but refreashing.. I’ve done the sea salt drink in the past when I was doing the master c…
  • today is my 3rd day. It was the hardest. The first day was the easiest. Luckily tomorrow is my friday so after my 3 day hump I’ll be able to rest and relax at home!
  • I was thinking 14 days then see how I feel. I want to do the 92 day juice feast. I keep putting it off because something comes up like a company party and they are going out of their way to buy me raw food so I have to eat it. Or My best friend from…
  • Hi RawKarate Girl.. i’ll do it with you. i actually started today though.. it wasn’t so bad. what are you having for breakfast?
  • My mom at first used more then a tsp and she had indigestion but then she cut it back to half a tsp and worked her way up. other then that no bad side effects..
    in MSM? Comment by steamboatkatie
  • I love MSM. Ever since I’ve been taking it my hair and nails grow like crazy and my skin is so clear!.. I take a tablespoon in my lemon water first thing in the morning. I sent some to my parents and they went ballistic over it. Now my whole family …
    in MSM? Comment by steamboatkatie
  • I can’t eat bananas either. I get the shakes when I eat them. Instead of using frozen bananas for smoothies I use frozen pineapple. They are in season right now too! It taste better then banana.
  • Kellygoneraw. I used sunflower seeds for that spicy taco meat recipe. It tasted awesome!
    in Walnuts Comment by steamboatkatie