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  • woohoo, other people :D great to see people wish to join in – I find support is helpful during such things, good to ensure we don’t give up! I believe maple syrup is used because of it’s high vitamin/mineral volume in it. I am unsure of raw-alternat…
  • Ha! I am not the only one who can’t eat bananas, nice to know!
  • I managed to lose 30kg (66 lbs) on a vegetarian diet over a year, however I still have about 8kg to lose and wish to see how I manage losing this on a raw diet. I have been adding raw food into my diet for a couple of months and am starting a MC on …
    in Weight Loss Comment by evildarkvirus
  • It is easy to make cheese from left over pulp, mix in a few flavours (herbs, lemon juice etc.. to taste) and place in a nut-milk bag or mesh fabric. Apply pressure to squeeze out excess moisture. Place in fridge. This should make cheese :) You can a…
  • Water boils at 100 deg C, not F. It is about 212deg F. Just so you know.
  • Hey Sara, Welcome to Gone Raw. I’m not from the USA but I live in England and it is tricky to get my hands on any really raw produce here. Grrr.
  • This is really interesting. What about A type blood (Me!)? lol would be interesting to learn more!!
  • I use miso in my garlic miso salad dressing, under my recipes :) Puts a kick in your salad.
    in Miso? Comment by evildarkvirus
  • I got a dehydrator recently and it is fabulous, except I had to order some sheets for it. I recommend it, but only if you think you can’t do without it. You can use radiators or warm rooms to do the work for you ;) It’s up to you!
  • Mmmm chips.. sorry was distracted :P welcome to non-lurkness :P
    in Done lurking Comment by evildarkvirus
  • Aw man! I don’t know if I should weep or laugh. I haven’t had any bad moments YET I have only been considering raw for a couple of months now. But I am sure I will be having plenty of disasters in the future :D (should I grin.. really? lol)
  • Heya :) I just picked up a copy of RAWvolution and the recipes in the book range from 1 (easy) to 3 (a bit more complicated) I totally recommend it, I read it cover to cover last night and most of the recipes are simple ones! I am so looking forward…
  • I know what you mean about an idiots guide needed! How awesome would it be if there was actually one of those things! Check out all the recipes on the site and find something you feel comfortable tackling :) smoothies and juices are easy (if you hav…
  • Welcome to gone raw :)
    in Hi Just Me Comment by evildarkvirus
  • I have been told that all melons should be eaten on their own when considering food combinations.
  • Welcome CJ :)
    in Hi everyone! Comment by evildarkvirus
  • Lol, that is a great point ;)
  • A raw buddy! what a great idea. I am still learning about raw and a buddy would be a great idea!
  • Hey! Welcome to Gone Raw :)
  • Hey Rabbit, Welcome to Gone Raw. I recommend starting out with a Master Cleanse to cleanse your system of your past diet. Then start with green smoothies! An easy way to get into raw food. Investigate all the fabulous recipes here on gone raw :)
  • Hey Erin! Welcome :) Great to hear that raw foods helps you. Hope to see more posts from you soon!
  • Hey Kelly. Welcome :) I am also just starting out raw, I just started a Master Cleanse yday. I am still learning and love to learn new things about nutrition, the human body and raw foods! Good luck!
    in Brand new Comment by evildarkvirus
  • I might start to freeze my greens – I also find it hard to get through big bags of greens on my own without them starting to turn nasty. This is a good idea!
  • what a great idea Angie!
  • My carrots started sprouting today! I can just see tiny shoots appearing :D
  • I noticed this morning that my lettuce seeds are growing little shoots :D So excited!
  • Robyn! A girl after my own heart! I posted a suggestion about having a gardening forum :) My garden doesn’t look much now, but I have started with some vegetable seeds and plan to dig up a section of my garden to make a fabulous plot. It is going to…
  • Good to see other people having the same doubts as me! I was very anxious but really it wasn’t that bad. Just stay near a toilet and don’t have plans for a few hours lol. It felt good after, I felt light and empty and healthier! It really did make a…
  • Heya, it took about an hour to affect me and then another hour to work it’s ‘magic’ so I agree with Green Girl, about 2 hours over all.
  • Lol!! It’s alright for some :P