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  • i second the e-mail notification suggestion!
  • thanks, queenfluff for sharing the info! no, i’m in LA but up in the bay area regularly. cafe soulstice is the one at the equinox, no? i wish there were more raw restaurants where you can have a nice, formal “dining experience.” sometimes i’m not in…
  • I believe some of their bars made with cacao/chocolate say they are organic, but ironically, those particular ones are not 100% raw … so you have to decide whether you want organic or raw. And, I assume the nuts are pasteurized. Can’t help with the …
  • I’m a fan! (1) It’s a lovely restaurant with a thoughtful menu including a few vegan items for your nonraw friends. (2) raviolis. (3) Chocolate fudge cake. (4) They will make hot drinks “raw” by request. My fave is the yummy hot choco. (5) Chorizo s…
  • Mandelicious, is Cafe Soulstice in San Mateo?
  • noted: cafe gratitude & alive! ... everything listed sounds yum. can’t wait to indulge. thank you
  • i’m eating some of david’s cacao nibs as i type this … my contribution to the discussion. carry on.
  • He’s speaking at Rawvolution in Santa Monica next Friday.
    in David Wolfe!! Comment by sproutness
  • Anyone?
  • Thanks, makes sense and duly noted! That said, do you guys have a favorite brand/online source?
  • The most clever analogy I read was someone likening it to cars. If you’re an automatic transmission person, then BlendTec; if you like driving a manual trans, then Vitamix. Cute, and sounds right.
  • It’s unanimous so far … Interesting responses! Mham in thinking about your question, I guess the situation arises mostly involving dried fruits, nuts and some snack bars (which are made of dried fruits & nuts) which are either raw or organic, bu…
  • Thanks mham & flybaby! But to clarify, I was more interested in responses and perspective as a general concept, and not specific to almond butter.
  • Sorry if someone else already posted this, I didn’t read every post … . But a coconut lovin’ raw friend of mine e-mailed me this link last night. http://www.basilandspice.com/journal/matt-amsde…