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  • I agree with Luna Blu, Moth. Not only do I feel better when I eat every two to three hours, I get downright pissy if I don’t! :) I usually start the morning with a heavy duty green smoothie and add hemp seed for extra protein. Then have maybe a sala…
  • I think I Love You. Thank you for your wonderful creations. You are definately bookmarked!
    in Cheflandria Comment by Oliveroblong
  • How awesome! I order from her online store http://wwww.oneluckyduck.com, NOTHING like actually getting to got the pad though! I live in Prescott, Az. I’m waiting for the book to come in the mail. I love their rosemary quackers. Good stuff! And nice …
  • Jenergy, there are a few different techniques, but this is how I feel comfortable opening mine. Although I don’t peel the outer skin. Using the heel of the knife really does the trick for me! You’ll be a pro in no time~ :)  
  • Done. Ugggghhh….Awful. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  • How funny rawclaire…I just got my vice cream book today! Here is one that I plan on making soon, and it seems so simple! Happy Birthday to you darlin! Pecan Pie 1 Vanilla Bean 1 cup chopped organic pecans 3 cups pecan milk 1 cup packed organic pi…
  • You might want to consider the possibility that you are experiencing some detox symptoms. I run as well and I recall about a week into my raw transition, I went on a normal trail run and experienced some dizziness and stictches….I’ve never gotten st…
  • Yes, Debbietook, that was mentioned above. Some folks aren’t quite 100% Raw yet. :) (I checked out your website by the way, it’s very well done!)
    in Miso? Comment by Oliveroblong
  • I have an unpasteurized black bean miso, though it’s still not fully raw, I thin it out to a workable paste and put it on my nori rolls. It gives a really nice flavor and compliments the avocado well. yum.
    in Miso? Comment by Oliveroblong
  • Fickle Pickle, coryncopia, fruitloop, that’s one hairy berry. (this is too much fun!) What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry? How’d we get in this jam?? haaaaaaaaaa.
  • Man! This is impressive. I’m definately printing this page out. Thanks for passin on the encouragement! Y’all RAWK
  • My apologies Luna Blu. I looked up my receipt for accuracy. It is in fact a 7 year warranty (still great!) And here is the cost breakdown: SKU: 1317/1244 Name: Factory Reconditioned Vita-Mix 5000 (White) Product Subtotal: $349.00 Tax Total: $31.23 S…
    in Vitamix!! Comment by Oliveroblong
  • I purchased mine from the Vitamix website. You can get them refurbished AND an inclusive 10 year warranty for about $350.00. You really can’t get cheaper than that and have the benefit of a warranty. It’s hands down the best appliance I have ever pu…
    in Vitamix!! Comment by Oliveroblong
  • I did make strawberry ice cream in the vitamix and it rocked! I was definately looking for a “chocoholic” route and both of these ideas sound wonderful! Thank you so much for the input…the bananas are going in the freezer right now! Cyber Hugs all a…
  • I went directly to the Excalibur site to get mine. It’s on it’s way and I can’t wait!! :) I also agree with Humnananimal, Amazon Rocks!! AND if you buy something used, they have seller ratings! Izhpt! Your funny! I am curious to see how the dehydrat…
  • lalala, Firstly, be kind to yourself. You have many events going on. A lot of us have emotional issues around food and use it to soothe ourselves. For most of us RAW is not an over night achievement. So, pick your self up, dust your self off, and st…
  • Wooooo Hooooooo! I LOVE Raw Superheros! :) I could use your advice: What is your favorite SuperHero Smoothie? I need brain power to help me study for midterms. (I should start by getting off the computer, silly me!)
    in Hi! I'm new Comment by Oliveroblong
  • Angie, THANK YOU for this great info!
  • Hiya Willow, Just wanted to check in and see if you are incorporating green smoothies? They are so nutrient dense and filling. If not, maybe you could add that to your staple foods? I also have hypothyroidism and have to take medication, and even th…
  • I found this information for the company Asia Exotic. My local Health Food store New Frontiers in Prescott, Az, carries this brand: Asia exotic corporation ltd. A subsidiary of boonmee international co. Ltd. Was founded in 1983. We have been accept…
  • Prescott, Arizona! Mountain Time Yes…it’s in the mountains….Between Sedona & Flagstaff. It actually SNOWED here yesterday. Can’t wait for Raw Spirit Festival!!! haaaa. :)
  • http://www.myspace.com/oliveroblong :)
    in Myspace Comment by Oliveroblong