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  • Going raw saved my life. My ED almost killed me. Being raw has finally allowed me to be at peace with food. To know my story just click on the link below. http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/1-year8month-811rv-anniversary I aslo have a blog wh…
  • Use mango and spinach with some water. It turns out really smoothi and creamy! :-)  
  • I've been 100% 80/10/10 for the past 5 months. I swim, run, take karate, weights, and go biking all the time, and I just finished running my first half-marathon. I found that eating LOTS of fresh fruit (for me right now, oranges, melon, bananas, dat…
  • Eat enough fruit,get in some green leafy veggies, keep the overt fats to MAX of 10%, and keep exercising like you are and you will lose fat weight and gain muscle weight. fat loss + muscle gain = gorgeous bod Good luck! ;-)  
    in Fear of fruit... Comment by Rawaholic
  • Yesterday: Breakfast #1- 2 medium Honeydew Melons Breakfast #2 - 6 bananas blended with coconut water, 4 medjool dates, & a handful fresh mint + 1 C. strawberries Lunch - 6 bananas blended with coconut water, 4 medjool dates, and a handful of…
    in Ate today. Comment by Rawaholic
  • Picking a favorite for me is tricky. I have more than one favorite. I guess the best for me to be as selective as possible would be that if I could only pick a select few fruits to live on the rest of my life it would be Atfaulo Mango, Fuyu Persimmo…
  • Look up Amanda Berg. My pic shows me stretched out horizontally across the bridge. I defy gravity in that picture!! :-) Feel free to add me!
  • Personally I don't believe in labels like these. I just tell people that I eat a raw plant based diet (with the exception of raw honey). But if someone calls themselves a raw foodist, raw vegan, or raw vegetarian, this is rough definition of what ea…
  • Fresh fruit, dried fruit (like yummy medjool dates!), green stevia (which is the raw, unbleached, and has NO aftertaste), and raw honey.
    in Sweeteners Comment by Rawaholic
  • AVL, I know exactly what you mean! I'm quite slender and it just blows my mind that I can eat so much food and still stay so tiny!! LOL. I think it's because by the next day your stomach has completely digested and eliminated all the food from the d…
    in ha-hem.... Comment by Rawaholic
  • Leafy greens are the one food that can be combined with anything, fruits included. All other vegetables are a no no when it comes to green smoothies, they are not good on the food combining charts.
    in Green smoothies Comment by Rawaholic
  • yup! The only sweet stuff I can handle now is fruit, yacon, and raw honey. Anything else (even agave) is just WAY to sweet for me.
    in Raw rocks! Comment by Rawaholic
  • WhiteApple, Atlanta is pretty cool I guess. We've got some pretty good Health stores and Whole Foods around. Lots of gyms, pools, and yoga places. Bookstores and malls, the Fernbank Museum (for history and science), movie theaters, parks, and one ra…
  • I refuse to conform to labels such as veganism, vegetarianism, raw foodist, simple because these words end with -ism and -ist, which represents a form of "religion". I don't believe that food, raw or not, is a religion. Food is a way to maintain you…
    in How Raw Are You? Comment by Rawaholic
  • Doing well so far! :D It's harder near the end of the end of the day to stay away from to much fat during the winter time when it's really cold out here. I use the CRON-o-Meter to keep track of my calories, nutrient, and carb/protein/fat ratio. It h…
  • I'm in! November and December have been my trial run/warm up for eating this way and I feel great!! Want to d othis for 2010, my body likes it.
  • I LOVE this one: http://bananaislandgetaway.blogspot.com/2007/10/new-kind-of-sandwich.html
    in Lunch Box ideas? Comment by Rawaholic
  • I think it all depends on where you are at in your raw journey. When I first started "dabbling" with raw food I was very much into gourmet raw and I LOVED the Raw Revolution bars. After finally going 100% raw for a while I found that I was able to r…
  • Some of them are 100%. Others rage from 90%-98.4%. If you look on the back of the package where the ingredients are listed, right underneath there it tells you how raw it it is. Their Spirulina Agave Cashew bars are 100%. I think the Agave and Cashe…
  • Welcome to the forums! Glad to have a new member and I hope you gain many positive insights here. I love your profile pic by the way. :D So cute!!  
    in LA Here! Comment by Rawaholic
  • http://twitter.com/Rawaholic now that I'm getting the hang of twitter, I see now why everyone loves it so! :D Peace everybody!
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  • I let my fruits and vegetables soak in a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide (h202) for a couple of minutes, rinse them off, spray them with apple cider vinegar, and then rinse them off. Never had any parasite or bacterial problems since using th…
  • I either use Pine Nuts or Hemp Seed when substituting for cashews in a savory dish. When I sweeter recipe calls for cashews and I want to substitute it with something else I usually use either mac nuts or almonds (occasionally dried coconut).
  • Mangos! All summer long I have eating so many Organic Mangos that the man at my local Ingles who gets stocks them knows me by name. I go through anywhere between 3-6 a day.
  • Happy Birthday AVL! You are so lucky to be able to enjoy a raw meal at raw restaurant (by the way, what was it called?). I hope you had a beautiful time!
  • Thanks lunamama for that very positive post. I think it relieved my concern over the digestibility of raw goats milk. I've been vegan since I was six years old and didn't try dairy again until I was 16 and I got real sick! dreamwithin, that was a gr…
  • I made it. Woohoo!! 31 days and 100% raw. Doing a victory dance! Day 31 (the finale): Breakfast: 2 cups red globe grapes and 2 medium mangos Lunch: Salad (chard, romaine, 2 cups bruschetta, and 1 cup soaked beans) 30 minute power walk Dinner: Smooth…
  • Great day! Lot's of sun, water, fresh air, energy, exercise, and raw food! :D I went raw cacao crazy today. 20 minute speed walk meal - 1.5 cups pineapple + 2 blood oranges meal 2 - smoothie (2 cups frozen banana, cacao powder, vanilla, 3 medjool da…
  • joannabanana, I take American Karate which takes all the strengths of others martial arts (i.e. Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Jujutsu, Judo, etc.) and combining it together to make a new martial art a.k.a. American Karate. Day 28: 70 Jumping Jack…
  • Hey Everybody. Something really strange had been happening me for the last three days. All of a sudden I started feeling heavy, I lost most of my appetite, and I broke out pretty badly on my left cheek. Today was the same way until about half an hou…