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  • to answer your question; yes. I did the 'ultimate cleanse' i believe its called here in New Zealand which is supposedly better and ate 70% raw and 100% vegan. all my eczema went away nicely.
    in eczema! Comment by miss souffle
  • Ive started using Almond oil on my body after having a shower. I also like using olive oil all over my body and then washing it off with soap! it makes my skin clean yet moisturized without being oily. (^_^) Pimples: I used vitamin A capsules on the…
  • i can think of a few things like bring with you like avocardo and whatknot to make guacamole and pack some carrots and celery to go with ((^_^)) making your own granola-type bars, im sure there are recipes here dried fruit and nuts or making a yummy…
  • oh i loove guacamole. i was thinking of making some because its been awhile and adding avocardo, green bell pepper, lime juice, himalian salt , garlic and a herb! hmph ive read a book on salt, a big book and its history and i've also read about peop…
    in Craving Salt Comment by miss souffle
  • ohh lets see.. and this is not in order!!! 1. guacamole 2. black cherries 3. almond milk 4. raw fudge 5. yummy salads 6. apple and lime juice (with lime rind too (^_^)) 7. Cheese with Spring Onions (zoe's recipe) 8. honey 9. fresh figs 10. drinking …
  • LOL that's so funny. im so sure id have to figure out afew words going to america as well hehe im from new zealand though and i have heard of a 'spotted dick' but ive never tried that because its more english then new zealand!
  • OMG Americans don't call them biscuits?? HAHAHAHA BUT i can't help sowwy... i have however seen recipes for "biscuits" where the auther has said that they were crunchy after dehydrating them...... you'd have to really look tho. cheer cheer
  • Oh yes~~ I DO LOVE Raw RECIPES designed for children :)
  • mm yes.. what food are you eating :-) and for how long? and how long has this been going on for? my sister usually doesn't eat the healthiest and said that when she does start eating pretty healthy her skin gets pimples LOL so i think its a detox si…
  • lolz thanks. i do love the taste
  • oh okay.. so its a flower! are they okay to eat in big amounts raw?
  • does sodium have anything todowith it??
    in Sunken eyes Comment by miss souffle
  • yay i live in new zealnd and i was wondering if our almonds were raw.. now i know they are because when i soak them they get the white tip at the top. sweet
  • beany-that is really inspiration and wise words
  • 1.smoothies 2.coffee & raw chocolate 3.tomatos, avocardo, rocket, apples and dates
  • fruit really helps me! i found one time when i was super tired and had afew oranges i had energy again.
    in Low energy Comment by miss souffle
  • belikeyeshua- uh, how on earth is water toxic? haha awesome great thread btw. i don’t eat garlic and i do agree that its not good for us but is good for us at the same time, depends on circumstance i think!
  • i have been drinking coffee for a long time and every high school morning i would have a coffee and peanut butter on vogals. i love everything about it apart from the mood swings, they suck bad and my skin gets dry from coffee and tea :( im looking …
  • heya. omg i just found this thread again lol my email addy is miss_souffle@hotmail.com if you wanna send me an email that wud be really super cool. my rawness is close to nil at the moment but im getting back into it slowly, life is kinda tough righ…
  • mm how do you get the hulls off pumpkin seeds. i can’t even find it on google! anyone know?
  • hi. i havent actually read what anyone else wrote because im too lazy to read it hahah buutt um i found it does help with bulimia, personally anyways ;-) good hunting!
  • update: still cant change photo! hehe
  • still not working! please someone fix this!! lol
  • aww tanx. its cute, right! i wanted a picture of me (haha vain) so people can see who i am when im writing stuff (like this) i just tried it again and no luck :-(
  • omg i can’t upload a new profile picture either. ugh sucks
  • omg i can’t upload a new profile picture either. ugh sucks
  • hey im not sure but if you find out let us know :-)
  • http://www.vitalessence.co.nz/YoungDrinkingCoconuts/tabid/1034/Default.aspx they sell fresh young coconuts and deliver anywhere in new zealand i think! vicky- i havent found any rawfood restaurants in nz. only vegan or places that do juice & smo…
  • okaY i hope all you guys are coming back to this post.. im in auckLand and have the most important question: where do i buy young coconuts?? lol ANYONE KNOW!!!?!
  • heya! so cool to see other new zealanders! im from auckland too and im just starting out although i have been thinking about this for awhile lol good hunting with you all!