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  • how about Raw is the new Green
  • eat raw
  • I called the date people and the really low GI dates they are out of until the fall...bahri are low but khalas are lower one of the lowest I tried another company in California that produced dates...they said they had one that was low but could not …
  • Thank you for such good information...I am curious since I have never tried these dates..are they as sweet as other dates ..in other words, just because they are lower in GI, does it decrease the sweet flavor of the date?
  • See, I can't find them anywhere..I read about them in a medical journal for GI but I do not know where to buy them in the US...most places sell California or a couple other varieties that are high in GI.. I just didn't know if someone on here knew o…
  • You know, one idea is to list it on ebay so you may have a little bidding war going on to get the most money you can for it..just a thought
  • I like the green bags but my favorite are these vegetable keepers I bought..they have a divider you can use that separates food in them and the storage container allows for air circulation so NONE of my fruits are now going bad..here is a link but I…
  • I just began using a dehydrator and am having NO luck whatsoever..I tried potato chips...not crispy...just tried bananas for 12 hours..not done...I am not sure what I am doing.. one question, if I want to warm soup, can I put it safely in a plastic …
  • I spent hours on the cosmetic database above and the only powder that had no concerns was from coastal classic creations...bare minerals got horrible ratings for safety....I am surprised more people in the raw world don't go mostly chemical free...a…
    in Mineral makeup? Comment by dearbella
  • I just joined this website, am a Believer, and love this website..I am in Northern Virginia and glad to see others on here are in this area as well. I can't wait until summer when all the farms in our area start having fresh veggies and fruits ..so …